Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 10 Filipino Funeral Songs

A popular list of Paalam songs or pamamaalam songs, awit para sa patay- songs saying goodbye to our dear departed. In the Philippines, they are played through the final walk or funeral procession to the cemetery. The traditional marching band is now replaced by a CD player in the hearse and the funeraria gives the family a playlist to choose from.

As tradition, we either play our loved ones favorite love song or the often played funeral staple prepared by the funeraria (funeral service). The hearse will be blaring these songs loudly on a megaphone/speakers while relatives weep away.

1. Hindi Kita Malilimutan by Basil Valdez
(I Will Never Forget You)

Basil Valdez is the true Original Pilipino Music (OPM) king, but likewise he is also the Pinoy King of Funeral Marches. I have yet to attend a funeral that didn't have this on their playlist. 

Choice lyrics:
Hindi kita malilimutan
Hindi kita pababayaan
Nakaukit magpakailanman
Sa 'king palad ang 'yong pangalan

Malilimutan ba ng ina
Ang anak na galing sa kanya
Sanggol sa kanyang sinapupunan
Paano niyang matatalikdan
Ngunit kahit na malimutan
Ng ina ang anak niyang tangan

English Translation:
I will never forget you
I will never abandon you
Your name is forever
written on my plam

Can a mother ever possibly
forget the baby that came from her?
How can she ever forsake
the child that came from her womb
Even if the mother forgets the child she once held...
I will never forget you
I will never abandon you

2. Kung Akoy iiwan Mo by Basil Valdez
(If You Leave Me)

You could get the wailing and weeping of women blast up a notch by playing this Basil Valdez classic.

3. Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan by Didith Reyes
(Till the End of Eternity)

Though there is a similar rendition by Basil Valdez. Didith Reyes, a tragic figure herself only sung such sad, yet sexy ballads during her life. This amazing Filipina singer of the 70s spiralled into depression, and in one of her drunken binges got hit by a car. She died in a very poor state abandoned and living in a shanty. Her songs much like this one will be played at pinoy funerals forever.

Choice lyrics:
Hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan
Hanggang matapos ang kailan pa man
Ikaw ang siyang mamahalin at lagi nang sasambahin
Manalig kang di ka na luluha giliw

English Translation:
Till the End of Eternity
Until forever ends,
You are the only one I love and the only one I worship
Believe me, you will never shed a tear, my love

4. Paglisan by Color It Redd (Your Passing /The Passing)
The ultimate Funeral Theme song for Pinoys who die young, often played for teenagers. Cookie Chua's haunting voice speaks about the melancholia of a passing loved one.

Choice lyrics:
Kung ang lahat ay may katapusan
Itong paglalakbay ay makakarating din sa paroroonan
At sa `yong paglisan Ang tanging pabaon ko
Ay pag-ibig

English Translation:
If everything has an end
This journey will finally reach its destination
and in your passing, I only have my love to give

5. Magpakailanman by Wency Cornejo (Forever and Ever)
A contemporary song by a 90s Filipino rockband frontman- Wency Cornejo. Like Paglisan, it is often played for those who die very young.

6. Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin – Rodel Naval (Even If You Leave Me)
An 80s Ballad by an accomplished Filipino artist, Rodel Naval died in his prime. He wrote the song Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin at the sadness he felt at the death of his mother.

7. Pangako by Ogie Alcasid (Promise)
Ironically, this song is also a popular Filipino Wedding Song, but because of its lyrics and the promise of undying love, Pangako is also a highly requested song at funerals.

8. Maala-ala mo kaya (Do You Remember?)
A traditonal Filipino song or kundiman (love songs sung at serenades). It is often played for beloved grandparents as the song evokes to remember the best time of their lives.

Choice lyrics:
Maala-ala mo kaya
Ang sumpa mo sa akin
Na ang pag-ibig mo ay
Sadyang di magmamaliw

Di ka kaya magbago
Sa 'yong pagmamahal
Hinding-hindi giliw ko
Hanggang sa libingan

English Translation:
Do you remember
your promise to me
That your love will
never fade

I hope your love for me
never changes,
No, it never will, my love
Until death

9. Malayo Pa Ang Umaga by Rey Valera
(Morning is so Far Away)

A classic 70s love song and TV theme song for Ula, Batang Gubat (Ula, Jungle Child) written and sung by Rey Valera.

Choice lyrics:
Malayo pa ang umaga,
kahit sa dilim naghihintay pa rin
umaasang bukas ay may liwanang
sa aking buhay umaga ko'y aking hinihintay

English Translation:
Morning is so Far Away
Even in the dark I wait,
Hoping tomorrow may bring light
into my life, waiting for my morning to come

10. Kanlungan (Pana-Panahon) by Noel Cabangon
(Refuge or In Time)

A touching song about growing up together and the memories shared with the one you loved most.

Choice lyrics:
Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon
Maibabalik ba ang kahapon?

English Translation:
Opportunities come in time,
but can we bring back yesterday?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where to Pawn, Buy, Sell your Designer Handbag in the Philippines?

Bagaholic is locally known as "Sanglaan ng Bag" or the Pawnshops for Designer Bags. Bagaholic is a shop where you can pawn, buy, sell or trade your luxury bags. 

If you have a high-end bag that's just gathering dust in the closet of which you no longer want or need. You can bring your pre-owned bags to Luxury Bags Manila (Bagaholic) for an assessment of its value.

Unlike jewelry, the pricing estimate will be classified based on the designer brand, how long you've owned the bag, the demand and supply, and more importantly, the condition of the bag. If you take really good care of your bag this shouldn't be a problem. To add value and to prove the authenticity of your designer purses or handbags- it would great if you have your original receipt, certificates of purchase, boxes, hatboxes and dust bags. 

To separate the fake handbags or designer knockoffs from the real designer handbags. Your bag will be inspected for a serial number found on the bag, a stamp on its leather, materials and signature stitching used on the bag. 

Balikbayans or tourists looking for a bargain might find the store a treasure trove of designer goodies. The bags are well-cared for, documented and properly stored. These bags cost 30% to 70% lower than the brand new price at luxury flagship stores. Prices maybe be still too steep for the average pinay shopper, but if you know your LVs and talk Prada, this store is a Godsend for the urban fashionista.

Visit Bagaholic
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Shop Location:
Streetside Renaissance Hotel (formerly New World)
Makati Ave. corner Pasay Road
Makati City, Metro Manila
Tel. Nos. (632) 8672325
Cel. No. (63) 9178141967

Click Map to Enlarge Map to Bagaholic Bag Pawnshop @ Renaissance Hotel Makati/ New World Hotel

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