Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Open Letter About my Father, Celso Ad Castillo by Christopher Ad Castillo

A touching letter by the son of Celso Ad Castillo, one of the Philippine's greatest filmmakers known as the "Messiah of Philippine movies" who died recently. Taken from Facebook:


As soon as I received the news that my father had passed, I sat there not knowing what to do. I didn't cry. I couldn't. So I did the only thing my father loved doing the most - I went to the movies. I watched Lincoln. The little kid in him had always admired Spielberg. They had met before and he was going to direct a movie for him at one point.

And inside the dark theater, I cried.

As the images flickered on the screen, as Lincoln fought for the future of humanity, I saw my father fighting all his life for his vision, his morals, his values. He was going to make the films he wanted to make. No matter the personal cost. He was The Kid, The Messiah, the Philippine's first truly independent and renegade filmmaker. The man who was larger than life. Fitting.

I am the first born son of Celso Ad Castillo. Growing up on film sets, I was destined to follow in his footsteps. Never to eclipse him but to be the best that I can be in using the gifts he gave me. My path had always been set. As my mother always said, I am my father's son.

We had spoken recently about some exciting things that the future was going to bring. My project with producer Alemberg Ang was short listed in the upcoming Cinemalaya 2013 and after I finished my interview with the selection committee, it dawned on me the excitement that I might have a chance to work with my father once again. But this time with with me in the director's chair and he as an actor. Our last talk was about the long awaited and much anticipated "Ang Lalaking Nangarap Na Maging Nora Aunor" which was going to be his FDC film. It would be his swan song, a tribute to his love for Philippine Cinema. He would be Salvatore in Cinema Paradiso. I was going to write it for him.

As I sit here and pen this missive, not just for me but for everyone that admired and was influenced by him, I always think back to a night in San Francisco over two decades ago that truly defined who he was. When for the first time, he explained to me the reason why our family broke apart. We were living in Las Vegas at that time when he came to join us for good but decided to leave after a couple of months back to the Philippines. He told me that he made the hardest decision of his life. He had to choose between his art and his family and he chose his art. And from that decision came some of the greatest films cinema has ever seen. I have never begrudged my father for what he did. I have never questioned his love for us. I have always understood him and felt sadness that he was put in that situation. No one should ever have to make those kinds of decisions. But all of us in his life have always competed with the characters in his head and stories in his mind.

Film was his family. Film was his life. And we are all the better for it.

We will celebrate the man and his films. We will honor him with words and tributes. But let us not forget the greatest gift my father gave us. The strength and courage to be an original, to be rebellious without fear, to dig deeper into ourselves and embrace the madness within us, to question art and mold it to our own perception, to test people's comfort zones, to force the audience to watch what is uncomfortable in their own lives.

So to those filmmakers influenced by him, continue the fight to make the films you truly want to make and extend the path that he paved and pass along the gift that he gave to you to the next generation of filmmakers. It would be the only thing he would ask any of you. I wish all of you would have met hm. Then you would see the true man behind the legend. A man of wit, wisdom, and a huge sense of humor.

To some people, he was the greatest filmmaker of his generation. To me, he was simply a wonderful father. I will truly miss him until I see him again.

- Christopher Ad. Castillo

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

George Anikow Murder Suspects Photos Released by Philippine Police

UPDATE on the George Anikow Murder Case as of November 27, 2012:

The 4 suspects have refused a drug test. Their lawyers were adamant about it. Makati Police have finally released photos of the suspects .

Crispin Dela Paz

Gino Datu III or Galicano Datu III

Osric Cabrera was the stylish one wearing a dinner jacket as seen on the CCTV footage

Osric Cabrera's Dad: Still in Denial about his son's involvement
George Anikow lies fighting for his life. Also on the photo is the security guard who was unable to stop the fight, but was quick enough to radio for help and a road block set up.


Alfonso Abastillas was the main assailant with the knife who stabbed Anikow in the back and neck.
Crispin Dela Paz and Alfonso Abastillas

Monday, November 26, 2012

US Marine George Anikow Murder by DLSU Alums Caught on CCTV Cam

US Marine Major George Anikow of #9, Soler Street, Bel-Air Village was killed 4:20 a.m. Saturday at the Bel-Air guard house. 

As a sports utility vehicle tried to gain entry into the Bel-Air village, the guard on duty asked the men on board to present their ID which they refused.

The suspects ran after Anikow and proceeded to maul and stab him in front of the security guard. The group then threatened the guard not to report the incident.

The suspects then fled the scene and headed along Rockwell Drive toward Palm Village, where one of the suspects owns a house.
Evidence of the bloody senseless murder 
 But the Makati police were quick to set up a road block, the four suspects were arrested:

Osric Cabrera 
Osric Cabrera Malabanan

In the Philippines, crime suspects or persons of interest are allowed to cover their faces from the public.
Juan Alfonso Abastillas
As seen on the video, suspects Crispin dela Paz, 28 years old of Unit 2B, Luna Apartment, Buendia;  

Juan Alfonso Abastillas, 24 of Unit AB 130 Galeria de Magallanes, Lapu-Lapu ave. Makati; 

Unconfirmed Photo of Galicano Datu III
Osric Cabrera Malabanan, of Lot 19, Block 3, Bougainvillea Street, Barangay Pembo 

Galicano Datu III, 22 years old of P. Ocampo, Malate.

Bel-Air Incident Murder weapon
 The US Embassy condemns the attack that led to the murder of the US Marine.

Anikow, father of 3 kids and wife to a US embassy diplomat died at the Makati Medical Center around 7am.

Major Anikow with his US Diplomat wife, Laura Anikow and eldest son. (photo source Huffpo)

The suspects were quick to deactivate their Facebook and Twitter accounts when the early morning news and CCTV footage of their Bel-Air stabbing spree was finally leaked on Youtube.

The suspects have since lawyered up and are reportedly from rich Philippine families.

Watch the CCTV footage by ABS-CBN News, a Philippine Prime Time News Channel.

Jennifer Lopez Concert in the Philippines

Highlights of the Jennifer Lopez concert in Manila, Philippines.

This fab photo of JLO was taken by Miss Anne Curtis Smith who was seated at the VIP section with other local celebs like Kim Chiu.

The American Idol judge, dancer and pop singer performed at the
SM MOA’s The Arena last night November 26, 2012.

JLO's ripped hardcore abs!

The hot cougar mama JLO is joined by her sexy cub Casper Smart.

Kim Chiu inside the Arena with her VIP ticket that costs P25,000.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ampatuan Massacre: November 23, 2009 - A Day We Will Never Forget

58 people, including 32 of journalists, were brutally killed in the Ampatuan massacre 3 years ago.

The case can go on for years while relatives of the Ampatuan clan still go on on their political bid for power.

Video features:
CATHY NUNEZ -- mother of UNTV Reporter Victor Nunez
MYRNA REBLANDO -- wife of Manila Bulletin Reporter Bong Reblando
MARRIETTA TIAMZON -- daughter of Daniel Tiamzon, UNTV Media Worker
GRACE MORALES -- Sister OF MARITES CABLITAS (Wife of Rossel Morales) 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Higantes Festival 2012 in Angono Rizal

Brace yourselves the Higantes are coming!

Higantes Festival
Parada ng Bayan (Cultural Mask Parade)
Nov. 18

Angono Town Fiesta
Kapistahan ni San Clemente
Nov. 23

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


If you can't get enough of the LRT La Consolacion College student Paula Salvosa and her epic breakdown. Here some Memes found all over FB & Twitter!

Her school refused to give a statement to the media as of today- so does that mean she got kicked out because her meltdown went viral? Or is the statement 'May Pinag-aralan akong Tao!" really bordered on frickin' insane PMS and rudeness!

AMALAYER! Paula Jamie Salvosa

Laban ka sa Ingles ni ateh!? Best LRT Meltdown ever!!

Here's the complete transcript of the LRT outburst:

So loud you're making me look like a liar!
Amalayer! So you're telling me amalayer!!? Answer me amlayer!? 

Sorry po, sorry, sorry You really shouted at me!!! Ateh may pinag-aralan akong tao!
I'm just returning the favor...

No, no, no, alam mo ba kung paano mo ako tinanong? Paano mo ako tinanong?
Sabi mo 'Ate ano bang problem mo?' Did I Oh my gawd, she's a liar! Ohmygaaawd you're a frickin' liar Miss!

Manong Guard: Calm Down! Calm down! 

Miss Amlayer: Anu sabi mo 'ano bang problem ko?' Bullshit! 

Paula Jamie Salvosa should really be banned from taking the LRT for life. LOL. This little amlayer had it coming, the LRT ladyguard should get a lawyer. Jusme. Miss Amalayer has anger management issues.Kinabog mo na sa pagka-palengkera si Marian Rivera!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Althea Altamirano: The FHM Killer

Althea Altamirano is the model with the killer body and killer mindset. She is Miss FHM September 2010.

Hot and deadly si Ateh! Mahirap maging bestfriend si ateh kung gossipgirl ka dahil ibang magalit si Althea! Dahil ang last supper mo ay cheeseburger takeout sa McDO.

So why did she have her bestfriend Julie Ann Rodelas killed raped tortured brutally shot in the head 5 times abducted?

Because her BFF Jaja couldn't keep her mouth shut, she was spreading lies facts that Althea already had 2 kids (which was causing her to lose modeling gigs). I dunno why being a mom should be minus points for a model even if she looks great, but maybe because she had them out of wedlock. It pressured this FHM model to keep them a secret. Again, this is the Philippines, conservative etetch, moral etetch- women don't have it easy here where the rest of the country is still grappling with the Maria-Clara-Madonna-Whore complex. 

Sad thing, Althea's kids would grow up and learn the truth- their mother was ashamed of them.

Rejoice na lang si ateh sa kulungan, maganda naman hair niya. Vanity done this cat in.

How could things go so wrong for Althea Altamirano?  How could she even cook up something like this against her bestfriend? Is it because they both wanted fame so badly? Now they're both famous, but all for the wrong reasons.

Cigs & bubble bath time: Julie Ann Rodelas (victim) and Althea Altamirano (mastermind) - Who knew what was coming?
What was she even thinking when she sat down watching that last movie in MOA with Julie? Knowing when they got out Jaja would be abducted by no less than her boyfriend. A GMA news report showed Althea sitting on the sidewalk at the abduction site looking very conflicted. Maybe the whole weight of what was going to happen to Julie just dawned on her.

So really is the gangsta boyfriend to be blamed? This thug from Apalit Pampanga who calls himself JrQ seems to really want to get some gangsta cred and wouldn't mind some scares kills to go with his ink?

Fernando Quiambao Jr: A true Mafioso with Ink 'fo sho

What a waste of your youth if you're just gonna spend the best years of your life in jail.

On the other end, Julie Ann Rodelas deserved better. She didn't deserved to be left dead in some filthy street in Cubao clutching a Mcdo Cheeseburger. Hope she gets the Justice that she deserves.

But in cracking the case this early, kudos to the QCPD Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, I think our Philippine Policemen are stepping up their game. Or they're really getting enough crime scene training or really watching a lot of CSI. I hope the authorities see through Julie Ann Rodelas' murder case til the end.

Though I am NOT thrilled that one of the kidnappers Jaymar Waradge is going to be a state witness. Gaaawd just look at this criminal scum, the minute he gets a free jail card, he gets ample airtime and enjoys the attention sa mga GMA interviews nya. But let's see if Althea Altamirano, the FHM killer does end up behind bars with her Gangsta boyfriend 'Junior Q' and his lowlife thugs.