Monday, December 22, 2014

Veterans Golf Club Philippines: Stray Golf Ball Hits Motorist's Windshield

If you're a regular at TopGear Philippines, I'm sure you've seen this post as of late. A car's windshield got hit by a high-speed errant golf ball while it was passing by the Veterans Memorial Medical Center Golf Course.  Medjo kagigil ang mga ganitong incidents kasi preventable naman if proper safety measures are in place. 

Safety ng publiko sana muna, why put up a golf course na kulang sa proper catch-nets? Safety hazard naman sa motorists and pedestrians kung ganun.

It begs the question, if there was ever an incident of anyone getting hit on the head with a golf ball? Probably went unreported and settled out of court.

I guess they won't upgrade their golf course safety nets until something brutal happens- a child getting hit by a golf ball, a startled driver hitting other cars.

A golf ball at high speed can kill and maim. If hit on the head by an errant golf ball, injuries can range from smashed teeth, facial disfigurement, bruises and hearing loss.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Where to Buy Gourmet Cakes in Manila Philippines?

Have you heard of "Love Cakes by Ann and Gan" or at least tasted a bite of their heavenly gourmet cakes that local celebs are crazy about. They also have fancy frosted fruit cakes with actual fruit toppings- a great healthy alternative to even out your sugar cravings :D

Meet the dashing brother-sister tandem behind Love Cakes. Ann is a chef who is passionate about cooking and baking as well as a doting mom to 4 kids. Gan, on the other hand, is a creative entrepreneur with impeccable taste. Together, their gourmet creations are made with nothing but TLC, no wonder they just taste so good!

Try their strawberry shortcake or their creme brûlée cake. For orders call or text at 09989981726

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ara Mina Gives Birth to Mayor Patrick Meneses' Baby

Just in time for Christmas, Ara Mina just gave birth to a cute baby girl.

Ara Mina's baby girl was born on December 17 at 11:35 in the morning, weighing 7.4 pounds. They named their Christmas angel- Amanda Gabrielle Meneses. The baby's father is Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses.

Ara Mina’s sister, TV actress Cristine Reyes is also pregnant, she's having a baby with Ali Khatibi, an Iranian MMA fighter, their bundle is due around March of 2015.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kris Aquino Allergic Reaction: Nainom ang Gamot ni Joshua by Mistake, Not an Attempted Suicide

Kris Aquino experienced a personal horror when she supposedly mistook her son's Joshua medication which resulted to a severe allergic reaction, landing her in the hospital afterwards. The medication has ibuprofen, which the aging TV star is allergic to.

"I woke up with a severe allergic reaction. I took Kuya Josh's medicine by mistake last night for my headache and body aches and it had ibuprofen which I'm allergic to. Now in bed, groggy na from my Benadryl shot. Thank you for the house call Doc Aye. Bed rest today."

Her Metro Manila Film Festival horror film "Feng Shui" with Coco Martin is coming out soon.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Piolo Pascual's Peklat

Piolo Pascual peklat demands to be seen. Hot powhz by peklat standards ang peklat ni Piolo.

Piolo Pascual got the horrible keloid-type scar from a jump rope injury.

Why Papa P why??? Ingatan ang katawan.

“Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as a secrets to reveal.”
― Leonard Cohen, The Favorite Game

Jolina Magdangal Eye Surgery was Kuliti

Jolina Magdangal posted an Instagram pic that worried a number of fans. She had an outpatient eye surgery done at St. Luke's medical center, speculating she had a cataract removed.

Her right eye had a bandage that looked like something severe, Jolina didn't mentioned in her post what the surgery was for, but she noted she was nervous about it which prompted an angry fan to call her out on it.

But according to a fan blog, Jolina eventually addressed the medical issue, the outpatient surgery was to remove a common eye dilemma called a Stye or Kuliti as known in the Philippines. 

Pope Francis Sends Philippine Actress Rita Avila a Message of Thanks

Pope Francis wrote actress Rita Avila a message of thanks.

Through the Vatican assessor for general affairs Msgr. Peter Wells, here is the Pope's message to Rita Avila:

“Dear Rita Avila, His Holy Father wishes me to express his gratitude for the kind gift of inscribed copies of your books... He appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to share your writings with him... His Holiness will remember you and your husband in his prayers...He invokes upon you God's blessings of strength and peace.”

Rita Avila is a That's Entertainment alum who gained popularity points as the face of Tita Frita Banana Ketchup in the early 90s. She soon moved to sexy and mature roles as a vixen in Sumayaw ka Salome! and Machete: Istatwang buhay. But all that is in her past.

She then wed TV Director Erick Reyes which she is still married to. But during the course of their marriage, the actress suffered a series of miscarriages, and faced unwarranted scrutiny with her doll
collection. When she went out in public with a realistic baby doll in a stroller. Insiders say she used to treat these dolls like her own children, from bathing them to even celebrating their birthdays. Rumor
has it, teleserye producers fired her for the onset behavior and care she showered the baby dolls during taping. The rumor eventually died out, as it was an obvious coping mechanism for the actress' great loss.

Rita Avila has bared her heart out on TV interviews, everyone knows she lost something dear, she is
a very brave woman for speaking out. For years, the press would always define her for her miscarriages and the crazy baby dolls issue. Give the woman a break. I'm glad she's fought through this fog of sadness. She even wrote a book about her experience when she lost the only son she was able to conceive to full term, Ellia Jesu. 8 Ways to Comfort with Grace is her book, a journey on her experience giving birth to her three-week old son born with a heart condition who eventually died a month later. I can't imagine how devastating that must be to finally give birth and not miscarry, and eventually lose the child in such a short span of time.

And if the Pope wants to send Rita Avila an official missive of thanks. Let the woman have that. Obviously, it means so much to her. I don't understand the haters and commenters in public sites bashing Rita Avila. I don't know her she seems wonderfully candid when she does TV interviews and she seems like a nice lady. Some people have been through enough in life and Rita Avila is one of them. So give her a break.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Secretary Mar Roxas Falls Off Motorbike Photo: No Safety Helmet

Sumemplang ngunit hindi nasaktan ang Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary na si Mar Roxas when he fell off his motorbike while on his way to inspect areas affected by Typhoon Hagupit.

The accident happened along Taft, in Eastern Samar as Secretary Mar Roxas was on his way to the town of Dolores.

Netizens quickly made a fuss of the faceplant photo. It made the viral rounds because Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II’ wasn't wearing a safety helmet. Mar Roxas was the former Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary which campaign for the implementation of the Helmet Law.

Republic Act 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 mandates motorcycle riders to wear the said protective gear.

Singer Aiza Seguerra and Beauty Queen Liza Diño Wedding in San Francisco

Singer Aiza Seguerra and Beauty Queen Liza Diño finally tied the knot. The cute couple officially exchanged vows in San Francisco, California last December 8. In an intimate ceremony forest-theme ceremony the couple wed before family and friends.

Liza Dino, is a film and theater actress. A beauty queen title holder, she won in the Mutya ng Pilipinas, securing a crown as Miss Tourism International.

Aiza Seguerra is a former child actor and popular Folk & Pop singer in the Philippines.

 A modern day family brought together by love! The happy couple with their daughter.

And the sweet pre-nup photos!
 An excited bride doing all the wedding souvenir prep herself. AWESOME!

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Agot Isidro Philippine Actress Loses P3 Million Over to Dugo Dugo Gang

Sa panahon ngayon, meron pa rin naloloko sa lumang modus na ito? parang 1970s pa itong criminal raket na ito pero epektib pa rin.

Sa mga amo, siguro maganda, we keep our maids informed about house security and what to do in case of emergencies. Phone numbers they could reach you, point persons and relatives they could reach if you are not available for some reason.

Consider din how much access the house help have around personal belongings. Could they just take off with your home cash and easily hand off to strangers?

In this case, the employer was an actress quite active on Twitter and Instagram, too bad the maid couldn't just check the internets or the news if her employer was indeed involved in an accident. If she wasn't part of the inside job, its quite sad that such a gullible person was left holding the bag.

Agot Isidro lost around P3 million worth of cash and jewelries because her housemaid Maenelyn Omapas was duped into giving cash to alleged members of the notorious “Dugo-Dugo gang” in Quezon City last Sunday.

Maenelyn Omapas received a call that Agot Isidro was involved in a vehicular accident and needed money to settle with a certain Ana Chua.

Without much sense, the maid followed the caller’s instructions, taking all the household cash and jewelry at a meet-up at the Wilcon Home Depot store in Balintawak. After the maid handed over the loot, she was instructed to return home to the actress home at Blue Ridge Subdivision in Quezon City.

It was only when she got back home that the made figured she was deceived by the caller as the actress was still busy at a shoot.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Martha Cecilia Philippine Romance Novelist Dies at 59

Martha Cecilia is a Pinoy author of bestselling Tagalog romance novels mainly for Precious Hearts Romances. She is known for the Kristine series and the author behind some ABS-CBN teleseryes.

She was born in 1955 as Maribeth dela Cruz but uses her daughter's name as a pen name, she is popularly known as Martha Cecilia. She hails from Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines. She is also a commerce graduate from the University of the East.

Martha Cecilia is survived by her husband and 4 children, Jose Paolo, Marta Cecilia, Juan Miguel and Nina Martinne (who is also a romance novelist).

She passed away late afternoon of December 8, 2014 due to complications of a lingering illness.