Monday, January 19, 2009

Where to Buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciabatta, Baguettes, Rye and Wholegrain breads in the Philippines?

The French Baker at the Cash and Carry Supermarket in Buendia always has a steady supply of Ciabatta loaves at P78-P90 (which is the best one- crunchy and crusty!) It lasts 28 days in the freezer. They also have mini-Ciabatta breads. I also love their Wholegrain walnut breads and multigrains.

The French Baker at the Landmark in Ayala, Makati. Doesn't have Ciabattas (hey, I did a stakeout), but they constantly have Rye breads and wholegrain loaves.

Le Coeuer De France in Waltermart Mall in Pasong Tamo has Oatmeal bread, Baguettes, French breads, Pain de Mie, Sultana Loaf, Raisin Bread, Multi-grain loaves. They have a Buy 1-Take 1 promo on their breads on weekdays, but you have to buy it 2 hours before closing time because they usually run out of bread by then.

Le Coeuer De France however offers a special service where you can order your bread in advance at their branch and they will prepare it for you to pick up.

Overall, you can get such breads from these two stores, The French Baker and Le Coeuer De France which are scattered in malls all over the city.

Some specialty bakeshops and bakeries also have these kinds of bread like Amici De Don Bosco Cafeteria in Pasong Tamo and Breadtalk in Glorietta and Cubao Gateway. Other sources of breads are also Delis.

In supermarkets such as Shopwise, SM and Robinsons, you can find a bread brand called Village Gourmet founded by the Fandino Brothers, pinoy siblings who grew up in Arizona. The breads come in Black packaging with an elegant script olive typeface. Yummy and Bromate free, you have to consume the bread within 3 days or they start to mold. Village Gourmet offers sourdough breads, baguettes, pizza crusts, mini loaves, foccacia, bagels, multigrains and pita bread. I love their pizza crusts, I would highly recommend you try making your own pizza at home. They come in thin and thick crust varieties. Their breads cost around P60-P120.

There are also independent bread sellers and bakers at the Salcedo Market in Makati on weekends.


  1. The best, most authentically European crusty bread in Manila in my opinion is at L'Artizan, located within Mickey's Deli, Jupiter Street, Makati

    1. look for the nearest lucky supermarket near tondo church, or you can go to pritil look for safeway.

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