Friday, June 28, 2013

Michelle Acazzola: Name of James Yap Girlfriend

Go, go James Yap! James Yap posted a pic of his Italian flame Michelle Acazzola.

Fil-Italian raw itong si Michelle Acazzola. How sweet naman!

Mylene Morillo and Michael Brown: American English Skills Development Center Scandal

Now making the viral rounds on Facebook

Michael Brown is a great man. He's a caring father to my girlfriend and awesome grandfather to our daughter. When he retired from the U.S. Air Force and wanted to start a business in the Philippines that helped Filipinos succeed and open up more doors for them career-wise, it made me see just how selfless and benevolent he was. He could've got a good-paying job in the U.S. Instead, Michael--who is American-born, an Oklahoma native, and son of a retired U.S. military veteran as well, chose to stay in the Philippines after retirement with the goal of helping the people there. Usually, most Filipinos, with no ties to a higher social class, can't wait to leave the Philippines since they know that there are better opportunities abroad. In other words, most Filipinos know that they can only get so far in the Philippines--so they usually make every attempt to leave their country, pursue opportunities somewhere else, and then either send back money to their families that are still in the country or help them get out of the country as well. Despite that, Michael figured that he could contribute his experience, his knowledge, and his abilities to support Filipinos in their own country. Therefore, it is sad to see him struggling to maintain his business after having it snatched from him by a person he once called his friend and who did it purely based on greed. Please read his story here and support him
My name is Michael Brown. In 2006, I started American English Skills Development Center, Inc., with my friend and business partner, Mylene Morillo-Buijs, and at that time I believed she and I were equal partners. My goal was to teach English to Filipino jobseekers, in the hope of helping them find employment and a better life. What I didn't know was that my "friend and business partner" apparently intended to deceive me all along.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daiana Menezes Husband: Congressman Benjo Benaldo's Suicide Attempt

Daiana Menezes Husband and Cagayan de Oro Congressman Jose Benjamin Benjo Benaldo shot himself on the chest at the House of Representatives Thursday. He survived the gunshot wound. We can't say the same for his marriage.

The public should thank Marikina Congressman and Usisero Rep. Miro Quimbo for tweeting his colleague's despair for everyone to see~ Here we see  Congressman Benjo Benaldo inside the emergency van comforted by an obviously distressed Daiana Menezes. As House Deputy Majority Leader, Quimpo posted six instagram pics sans the dramatic vintage filters.

"Sabi ko sa kanya masama ka talagang damo at sabi nga niya, 'Pareho tayo."  Thumbs up na si Congressman, nabuhayan na ng loob.

So I guess Daiana Menezes is very much disappointed at husband Benjo Benaldo for making her look “stupid” again? After their domestic violence brouhaha aired on the Buzz. Daiana Menezes and hubby Benjo Benaldo can count on doing more interviews together when he finally recovers.

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr paid him a visit. Possible reasons for Congressman Benjo Benaldo's suicide attempt- losing to Klarex Uy of the Liberal Party and abuse allegations by Brazilian model Daiana Menezes. However, the Congressman has issued a statement that their wedding will push through. Really!?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Street Kid Sings Hulog ng Langit Philippines: Christian from Roxas City

Street kid Christian sings Hulog ng Langit in the Philippines.

He's a quail egg and chicharon vendor from Roxas City. This little boy Christian definitely has that sweet, angelic voice that would melt your heart. Mobile video taken by Shamz L. Barcebal RN.


This is how the nurse Shamz met the little singing wunderkind:  
While we were eating at seafood court Roxas city, we were entranced to hear Christian's voice. So we asked him to sing just one song. You would never expect what God has given us, right? He sells quail eggs, chicharon, fish crackers and peanuts that night just to earn something.

Hope he makes it BIG one day. The kid deserves a break and a better life. Fornow, he's singing his heart out just to sell chicharon and pugo.

BGC The Fort: Scaffolding Collapse at Shangrila Construction Site

A scaffolding collapsed at the Shangrila The Fort construction site- sending debris, metal rods and construction nets raining down on cars and pedestrians below. This happened right in front of the area of Starbucks and the Net Cube building.

A red Toyota Vios was caught under the net and metal rods, construction workers were quick to help the driver and passenger get out of the vehicle.

Padyak Driver Dies in front of DLSU-Taft: Facebook Viral Post by CJ Chanco

CJ Chanco maybe wracked by guilt or simply going through some form of PTSD. I mean who wouldn't? He raises a lot issues with his FB post and he's going against his school by calling them out on this! I don't know you man, but dude you tried to make sense of this 'collective hypocrisy'. Or masyado na tayong desensitized ng poverty not to feel anything anymore. Sad day for the Philippines :(

For Cj Chanco's full post, you may read it here

Sammy Lagmay Dead at 55


Comedian Sammy Lagmay has passed away, he is known for his roles in various ABS-CBN sitcoms as the sidekick, slapstick comic relief na bina-batukbatukan, the playboy husband of Winnie Cordero, etc. The actor died on Wednesday due to complications from diabetes, which were left untreated due to financial difficulties.

Not enough love from ABS-CBN, I guess? No Actors Union to support any medical care for retired TV talents? 

Sammy Lagmay was left at the care of his sister Mylene Lagmay-Mariano, she supported him throughout his illness. Sammy Lagmay was estranged from his wife and children, who are all based in the United States. His wake will be held at St. Peter Chapels Novaliches in Quezon City.

The comedian said in a na interview his greatest regret was not being able to express his love for his children.

"Ang pinanhihinayang ko lang sa ngayon, 'yung parang hindi ko naipadama sa kanila 'yung pagmamahal. Kasi 'yung sa akin noon, akala ko okay na 'yung suporta at supply kung ano 'yung kailangan niyo."

"Sana magkita pa tayo ulit. Mahawakan ko kayo, mayakap, masabi ko sa inyong mahal ko kayo. I mean, 'yung pagkukulang ko sa pagmamahal, siguro pipilitin kong ibigay kahit sa ilang saglit ng buhay ko," he said.

Rest in Peace, Sammy. At least, your sister never left your side til the end.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pink Mosque in the Philippines

How beautiful this Pink Mosque is :

Photo by Omar Mangorsi

According to GMA News, workers are rushing the completion of the Masjid Dimaukom Mosque or the 'pink mosque' in Datu Saudi town in Maguindanao on Monday, June 24, in time for the Ramadan in July. Muslims in the country are currently celebrating the Nisfu Sha'ban, the eighth month in the Hijrah calendar.

UP-Ayala TechnoHub Bomb Threat

Police say bomb threat at UP-Ayala Technohub a false alarm.

Evacuation at UP Ayala Technohub

IBM Building E, F and G employees as the Quezon City Bomb Squad were now at the UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub.

Monday, June 24, 2013

James Yap Girlfriend: Italian Blonde Hotter than Kris Aquino is now in the Philippines

What do we know about James Yap girlfriend?
  • Her name hasn't been publicly revealed yet.
  • She works at a bank in Italy.
  • Wala siyang STD.
  • Nasa Pinas siya ngayon with James.

James Yap deserves to be happy after all the shit he went through with Kris Aquino. Hope he finds happiness with this mystery blonde.

According to a Ricky Lo insider the rumored James Yap girlfriend ay - "Hindi siya maarte. She’s very simple. She’s supportive of James. She even goes with James when he has his car washed.”

In other words, maaasahan si ateh from the land of spaghetti at hindi ito mag-iinarte gaya ng ex wifey ni James.Si Kris as expected gumawa ng isyu about Bimby on Father’s Day kesyo ala si James. Oh well, that's Kris Aquino for ya.

Last May 21, Judge Liza Marie Pecardal-Tecson of Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 144 restored James Yap’s right to see Bimby after denying the permanent protection order sought by Kris Aquino against him in behalf of their son.

Good for James Yap.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Raymond Gutierrez Boyfriend: May Jowa ang Kakambal ni Richard Gutierrez

Thank you Charice for paving the way for other gay celebrities to come out. As you all know, the first few steps of Charice's coming out was when photos of her with her girlfriend came out.

Now it seems Raymond Gutierrez is going the same route. Photos of  Raymond Gutierrez boyfriend are circulating on social media, but these are just rumors and there's no truth to them yet (everything's open to speculation).

These photos from Fashionpulis, show Raymond Gutierrez with a handsome looking fella. Social media is quick to dub that this guy is allegedly Raymond Gutierrez boyfriend.

But what would Anabelle Rama say to rumors about  Raymond Gutierrez having a jowa. A pogi one at that!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bernadette Hernandez: Pinay Mom of Bruno Mars Dies of Brain Aneurysm

Bernadette San Pedro Bayot-Hernandez, the Filipina mother of music sensation Bruno Mars has died of an aneurysm.

 Ang aneurysm ay ugat na pumutok sa utak o buo-buong dugo na kumakalat palabas mula sa arterya. 55-year-old Bernadette was taken to a Honolulu hospital after she complained of chest pains, but never recovered.

 Bernadette an exotic hula dancer married percussionist Peter Hernandez. They had 6 children Jamie, Tiara, Tahiti, Presly, Eric and Peter Gene (Bruno Mars).

She passed away on June 1 at the Queens Medical Center in Hawaii.

In a post Grammy interview in 2011, Bernadette had this to day about her son's success “Bruno I am so so proud of you. I knew this was going to happen but not this extent,” she said. “I still think of him as my baby and keep forgetting he is a man.”

Love and prayers go out to Bruno Mars and his family