Thursday, March 31, 2016

Suntukan sa Ace Hardware, Saksakan sa Bilibid

Sorry Ace Hardware this could have been BIG! The biggest, outrageous free publicity of the year courtesy of social media. They should have just jumped on the bandwagon and organized a promo boxing event. Instead people still plan to go to the Suntukan sa Ace Hardware and hold a riot! lol

"We appreciate the excitement created by the April 15 'Suntukan sa Ace Hardware' Facebook. However, we do not encourage this type of digital publicity. No such event was organized by ACE Hardware in SM City Lucena or any of our branches."

If you're disappointed by the disavowed Suntukan sa Ace Hardware, there's always the Saksakan sa Bilibid event. BTW, never talk about the fight club guys!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pregnant Woman Abandoned with her Toddler at Marikina River Park During Holy Week

A pregnant woman was abandoned by relatives with her 1 year-old son at the Marikina River Park. They took her cellphone and her only cash around P300. She has been at the park since Black Saturday with the toddler.

Her name is Allain Diladia, 20 years old from Masbate. Her husband works as a dishwasher in Angeles City, Pampanga but she has no way of contacting her since the relatives took away her cellphone. She is 9 months pregnant and can give birth anytime soon.

A good Samaritan by the name of Jaypee Chua posted her photo on FB, hoping to get help for the poor woman and her child. Please visit the FB page, hope someone can reach out and send help.

Her relatives are just plain cruel, if they don't want her around this isn't a good way to send her off on her own. They basically treated her like a cat that they could just throw away. I can't imagine the horrible situation she's in, left in a city park on Holy Week, with no money or phone, pregnant and with a toddler in tow :(

As of today, the team of Mr. Chua (based on the FB post) are doing the best they can for her.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

James Cubelo: Bukas Pinto LRT Ride - Happy Students ng Technological University of the Philippines

Dahil Summer nagtitipid na ang Management ng LRT, may bago itong open door policy. Kahit siksikan at mainit, bukas naman ang LRT doors para presko at mahangin! Ride at your own risk nga lang! 

March 10, 2016 around 6 pm. Sumakay kami ng friend ko sa LRT1 from Central Station. Napansin namin na hindi nag-close ang door pero tumatakbo na, nagulat nalang kami nung sinabi ni manong guard na kumapit nalang kami ng mabuti, ano to! Star City lang ang peg, ganun! At first di ko naisipang i-video kasi sobrang kabado talaga ako! Pero, in fairness ahh! nag-enjoy kami! i know na sobrang delikado talaga sya, pero no choice na kami at that moment kasi nakaandar na sya ng matulin! best part is, sumakay kami ng puno na ang tren, pero nung nalaman na bukas ang door habang tumatakbo, biglang lumuwag nalang,,, haha. takot nalang namin lahat na mahulog noh, knowing na GRADUATING KAMI! ganun! Well, thanks God, buhay pa kami now at safe!!! HUY! KAYONG MGA STAFF SA LRT1, UMAYOS-AYOS KAYO HAH! p.s. alam na nilang di nagsasara ang door, pero di nagtapos sa U.N. station ang lahat dahil may part 2 pa ang ride, upload ko nalang later. May foreigners akong kasama that time 


Bet ko itong si Koya James Cubelo, isang student sa Technological University of the Philippines, contagious ang laughter ni kuya at pwedeng-pwede na siya mag-stint as travel show host!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Globe Spotify Premium 3 Months for P9.00 Promo: PLAN 1099 2MBPS W/ SPOTIFY - Mag Ingat sa Pag Click ng Banner Ad sa Facebook

 This ad appeared on my FB feed - Globe Spotify Premium 3 Months for P9.00 Promo

I clicked the banner ad, curious at the promo, but I did NOT sign up my FB account or email. Lo and behold the next day! I have a Globe account number and a billing date.

Wait!? What can they actually do this? Subscribe you without you agreeing to anything?

My fear is if I ignore this email, the bill under my email would keep piling up until it gets to a hefty sum, then I'm served up with some legal letter for a service I don't plan to use or even interested in subscribing to. In the end, I'll be paying for a huge bill for a service I did not use and for a disconnection fee pa if this is a contract for 24 months?

Anyone else received such an email? Were you billed the first month? Their hotline is always busy.

I would avail of this Spotify service if the auto-billing tactics weren't so underhanded :(


Welcome to a world of entertainment at home and on demand – Tattoo Home Broadband!

We are grateful that you have welcomed us into your home to provide you fiber-fast broadband, reliable landline voice service, and exclusive entertainment packs. Below are your subscription details for your reference:


Contract period: 24
Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF): 1099
Bill cut-off date: Every 5 of the Month


Lesson learned: Do not click banner ads using your personal FB account tied up to a personal email.