Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy (Tropical Storm Ketsana) Submerges Manila

It is Day Four since Tropical Storm Ketsana (Typhoon Ondoy) triggered the worst flooding in decades in the capital Manila and nearby provinces. Life has yet to return to normal for many residents as the city remains submerged and many Filipinos are still living on top of their roofs- some waiting to be rescued and some waiting for food or relief goods.

During the storm, some residents from Marikina manage to Twitter and get on Facebook, asking for people online for help and rescue. The rising floodwaters swept away people, cars and houses.

There was also a brave young man named Muelmar Magallanes who was able to rescue 30 people. But drowned in his attempt to save an infant and a mother adrift in the flood waters.

More than 250,000 have been driven from their homes, officials say. Some reports estimate that 80% of the capital is still under water.

If you're in the Philippines and wish to donate to flood relief, you may go to any of 7 Eleven branches which serve as drop-off points for relief supplies, such as ready to eat goods, mats, mosquito nets and water jugs.

To get a clear idea of the scope of this calamity, visit the sites of the local news bureaus- ABS-CBN news and The Inquirer. There are also a lot of videos circulating on youtube and facebook uploaded by those who experienced the typhoon firsthand. 

If you are based abroad, you may also donate cash or give aid via the Philippine Red Cross

Flooded Ayala Underpass by Kathy E. Zablan

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where to Buy a Boat in the Philippines? And Where to go Sailing?

The Philippine archipelago is perfect for sailing. The country has a long tradition in boatmaking or customizing boats for fishing. Today, there are all sorts of local boatmakers for all kinds of boats like the following:

Trimaran by Andy Smith Boatworks

• Multi- Purpose, all-weather Fishing Boat
• Bass Boats
• Deck Boats
• Sea Skimmers/ Sailboats
• Yachts
• Trawler Yachts
• Motor Yachts
• High Performance Boats
• Wooden Boats
• Multi-Hulls
• Utility Boats

If you are interested in investing in cost-efficient, carefully supervised customized boats, you may check out the following companies:

Boatshop Philippines, a Cebu-based Multihull Sailing Yacht and Catamarans Boat Builder
(+63)32 429 9429

Island Boats Inc
Office: 91 Roces Quezon City
Call Benny at 931-9893 or 91 for an appointment
Mobile Txt: Tina at 0919+2234936

The BoatShop Corporation
Phone: 904-866-3117
Office: 239 Marseillas St. Salinas Rosario, Cavite, Philippines

Andy Smith Boatworks A Bohol based boat builder, specializing in glass-epoxy – ply, strip-plank, diagonal ply catamarans.
Office:Tipolo, Bolod, Panglao Island Bohol 6340, Philippines

Emings Fine Custom Boat Builders Philippines
Extreme Care and extraordinary craftsmanship go into every boat they build
please call - 032-272-1196 or mobile – 0919-804-9048 ask for Emings

For those looking for sailing and boat enthusiasts, please visit the Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club, a community of boat builders, boat enthusiasts and sailors.

Where to Purchase Mounted Insect Specimens in the Philippines?

For insect specimen collectors or entomology enthusiasts looking for tropical specimens endemic to the Philippines, there are mounted and framed specimens made by Anthropoda Philippines available for sale at Wilcon Builders branches particularly the branch in Pasong Tamo Makati.

Availability varies per season, but usually they have the following insects: butterfly (Papillon), Beetles (Coleoptera), Dragonflies (Anisoptera), Mantis and Locusts (Mantodea), Spiders (Araneae).

Five years ago, Wilcon Builders had a shelf full of insects on display, now they only have a small corner for the framed insects. They are under the home and living wares section, next to the glass vases and home decor.

The prices range from P300-P3,000 according to variety and rarity. The main supplier of Anthropoda Philippines is Acclaim Butterfly Philippines. A Butterfly farm company and a main supplier of Wedding butterflies.

How to find Wilcon Builders Depot 5
2212 Pasong Tamo, Makati City in front of Don Bosco Chapel
Phone: 893-3108 / 893-3142
893-3127 / 844-7306 / 893-3120
Fax Number: 893-3172