Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rufa Mae Quinto: Peachy Suffers from Hematoma

Actress Rufa Mae Quinto has suffered hematomas as a result of a medical procedure done on her. She is suffering from a lot of pain. The hematomas span her back and tummy.

The actress has posted photos of her condition on Instagram. A hematoma is a collection of blood, or blod clots, outside of a blood vessel that may occur because of injury or trauma. Ang hematoma ay pasa or bugbog.

Rufa Mae scribbled notes for the medical team who treated her: Please do not contact me anymore. I don't trust have any more trust in your service. I was very disappointed and traumatized by what you did on me and complications. And I hope you will... this will not happen anymore... clinical judgement, decisions, no CBC, cardio, pre-surgery testing or clearance

Despite her pain, Rufa Mae Quinto managed to leave messages for her fans and friends:
"Thanks .. For the concern... And yes u made me smile guys.. Thanks and see you soon!"

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mae Constantino: Car Show Model at Driver Nag Sexy Stunts sa Car Show

Isang Metro Manila car show ay naging live show. Nakalimutan ata ng mga auto enthusiasts na ang car show ay para sa parada ng tsikot. Hindi ng tsiks.

Pero game na game ang isang driver na sweet lover, as in sa harap ng isang audience kung san lahat may dalang cam phones. Kayo na 'teh!

Foreigners Moving to the Philippines: A Must Read for AFAMs, Expats and Farangs

I think all foreigners moving to the Philippines should read this. Its so easy to get lured and fall in love with the Philippines, its not a paradise believe me. You have better options in Thailand where the food is cheaper and the infrastructure is better. Thailand is a lot more humid though and the language barrier maybe a problem, but the corruption is not as extreme as the Philippines.

Some mature junk right here worth reading:

Continue reading this here at Quora

 If there's one thing the Quora poster failed to mentioned is the crime rate in Manila is also quite alarming.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jujeath Nagaowa: Pinay Boxer Siningil ng P5,819 ng Bureau of Customs Para sa Championship Belt

Pinay boxer Jujeath Nagaowa had the shock of her life after the Bureau of Customs told her to pay almost P6,000 tax to claim her championship belt. Nagaowa fought 10 rounds to earn the championship belt, only now the champ has to shell out P5,819.00 tax money just to claim it. The tough 27-year-old lady is a mixed martial arts fighter, who won the international light flyweight title of the Women's International Boxing Association (WIBA) in June.

According to the Bureau of Customs' computation, Nagaowa's belt has a dutiable value of P20,147.15. She has to pay P3,022.00 for customs duty aside from the P2,782.00 value-added tax.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Balikbayan Box Philipines: Custom Tax and Inspection of OFW Padala

Bukod sa ipon na pera, ang Balikbayan Box ay isang paraan para mapadama ang pagmamahal sa pamilya na nasa Pinas. Pampalubag loob din ito, laban sa homesickness ng isang OFW. Tapos ganito? Bawat delata sa isang balikbayan box ay pinaghirapan yan tapos ipapadala na lang sa pamilya sa Pinas, bukod sa tax at inspection, anu pa ba restrictions ang gusto ng government? Our OFWs deserve better! #balikbayanbox

Padala ng OFW: Holdup sa Customs Duty Tax! Bag na Regalo ng OFW ang Tax ay P15,000 sa Philippine Postal System

Magandang araw! Hold-up po ito!

About time ma-spotlight itong customs tax ng postal service in the Philippines. They tax you for items sent to you by relatives. Sometimes they hold the parcel at the Post Office if they think its heavy enough to contain something of value. They check out the goods and tax you with a ridiculous amount, alam nila bibigay ka, importante yun padala eh, its something you're willing to pay for. And huwag kang umasa mangyayari ang return to sender protocol na yan!

Here's the post going viral on Facebook from netizen Mhelody Olga:
OMG galing ako sa post office main mag claim ng padala from LONDON at eto ang ngyari.. binuksan nung babae ung box at ang laman nia BAG na GUCCI ngaun sabi nia mam ang ganda namn ng bag nio kaso may babayaran po kayong tax.. nagserach xia sa internet para tignan lng ang model ng bag na pinadala sakin.. hindi nia mahanap, ngaun sabi nia mam eto po ang kamukha ng bag nio na nakita ko sa internet eto po ang pinakamura na price so yan na lng po ang e declare ko sabi nia eto po ung price 1,200 Dollars ang amount daw nung bag,, so ngaun may tax daw xia 15,959 pesos mga kapatid.. naloka ako.. DIto pla sa PILIPINAS kung my pinadala ang kamag anak mo , na dapat kukunin mo na lng at wala ka ng babayaran.. Yun pala kailangan mong mgbayad ng TAX,mas MAHAL pa kesa pinagbili ng NAGPADALA SAYO..Parang binebenta nila sa yo yung pinadala para sa yo na kukunin mo lang dapat, kaloka!




Sa mga OFW na matagal na sa abroad, hwag po tayo magka-amnesia, hindi pa rin po nagbabago ang Pilipinas. So hwag po kayo magpapadala ng mga importante or mamahaling items via Philippine Post kung ayaw niyong ma-Tax ang loved ones niyo. Problematic din ang balikbayan boxes lately, pero ano ba ang alternative?


Friday, August 21, 2015

NBA Basketball Player Ricky Rubio in Manila

Ricky Rubio of the The Minnesota Timberwolves is in the Philippines for a three day tour.
NBA guard Ricky Rubio braves rains playing basketball at the national shrine of Jose Rizal.

 NBA Superstars right on schedule in Manila

August 19: Lebron James arrives
August 20-23: Ricky Rubio
August 28-30:Faried and Danny Green
September 4: Stephen Curry

Everyone's gaga for Ricky Rubio

Tax in the Philippines

Hola! Musta mg sweldo nyo? The Philippines has the highest top tax rate at 32 percent. 

 Don't expect to have anything saved over if you're starting out. 

Funny, but oh so true for working Pinoys!

And if you have a P17,000 salary? Here's a break down where your wages go. The Pinoy life nga naman!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Paninsingin Elementary School Students Return Missing iPhone

Ericson Fernandez lost his phone in Batangas and some kind-hearted and honest kids from Paninsingin Elementary School returned the iPhone they found. Young students like these deserve their day-out at Jollibee! Mga dapat tularan! :)

From the Facebook page of Ericson Fernandez

This happened yesterday when I accidentally lost my iPhone. I was on my way with a friend to SM Lipa when I realized that my phone is not in my pocket, at first I did not panic nor mind looking for my phone because I thought that I have left it at my dorm but when I tried calling my number a stranger answered and said that she found my phone so then I rushed back to my dorm and asked if I can have my phone back. She said that she's at the Paninsingin Elementary School so I went there. When I was waiting outside the school a young boy asked me "kuya kayo po yung nawawalan ng cellphone?" so I said yes and he accompanied me inside the school. 
We went to their classroom and as I entered there room I greeted politely then the teacher asked me if I am the legit owner of the phone, she asked me to enter the password, so I did. Then she returned my phone after I have proven that I am really the owner. I was thanking her for giving me back my iPhone but the teacher said that it is not she who found the phone but her students. I was astounded because I did not expect that, I was happy that time and amazed to the students because they brought the phone to their teacher right away and did not keep the phone instead.
That is not all, I heard another student saying "Ma'am diba masama magnakaw" and the teacher answered"Tama, pag hindi sa'yo ibalik dapat sa may ari" And also the teacher told me that her students were praying for me that hopefully I will call so that I can have my phone back.
I am just standing there and listening to them, I was really astonished and touched because they made me realize that their still good in this world. Because I was really happy for what they did, I said "ililibre ko na lang kayo" then the teacher talked to her class and said:
 "O! Ayan class pag may ginawa kayong maganda may babalik rin sa inyo na maganda". 
I am so happy to repay them for their good deed so then I excused them to class and we went to Jollibee and ate. I am very happy and I feel so blessed because if it was not for them maybe I will never have my phone back. I am very thankful to them not only because they returned my phone but also I learned a lot from them. I am so happy for them because at their very young age they know what is right and what is wrong. I am really inspired by them and also I want others to be inspired because they reminded me that whenever you do good things it will really pay off and as for me seeing them smile while they eat they're chicken joy it bring me joy to my heart. Thanks to them I have my phone back

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pamana the Philippine Eagle Shot Dead in Davao Oriental

Pamana the Philippine Eagle, the symbol of Philippine Independence was shot dead in Davao Oriental.

The report said a small fragment of a gun pellet, possibly from an airgun, measuring approximately 5mm x 3mm, was removed from a 5mm puncture wound on Pamana's skin overlapping the right latero-ventral thoracic area on or near the breast/ keel bone.

Pamana's blue leg band (#40) was still attached to her left leg and her GPS and radio transmitters were still attached to her body.

Pamana was rescued 3 years ago as an eaglet surviving two gunshot wounds in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. She made an amazing recovery.

Pamana the Philippine Eagle that was released into the wild last June 12 by the PEF and the government of Davao Oriental province to commemorate the 117th celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

When Pamana's global positioning system (GPS) transmitter went into a "mortality mode"  on August 10 meaning the endangered animal ws no longer moving around. Immediately, the the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) readily went out to search for Pamana.

Pamana in Tagalog means 'Heritage' or something of great value that is passed down to generations. At this rate, future generations of Filipinos might not even see a Philippine Eagle anymore. There are only a handful remaining.

RIP Pamana! This just way too sad :(

Monday, August 17, 2015

Miguel Gabriel Ruiz: Miggy Ruiz Died of Stonefish Poisoning in Palawan

A tourist from Taguig city named Miguel Gabriel Ruiz was enjoying his vacation in Coron Palawan with his friend, when he tragically died, stepping on a poisonous coral (in some reports, he stepped on a Stonefish) and was not given proper emergency care. In this case, local medical personnel who responded didn't know what to do. The victim was coherent enough to explained what happened to him, but eventually died because of the neurotoxin from the corals have stopped him from breathing.

Here's the full post from Facebook:

Until this day, I couldn't believe a friend died by just stepping on a coral reef. There MUST be big medical facilities in tourist hot spots like Coron which is hailed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. No big hospitals?! Wow. How can we promote tourism and compete with Thailand if we can't guarantee the safety of tourists? It's always safety and preparedness that must come first!

Negligence and lack of proper first aid knowledge were major reasons of this demise. Time is gold and too bad time was not enough for him to reach the hospital alive. Boatmen and people of Coron didn't know how to do CPR and to revive patients who are in huge trouble. It was Travis, the boyfriend, who did the CPR procedures amid the vomit and all that. The boatmen didn't inform and warn them of the poisonous corals or whatever deadly piranha or stone fish. The BF said, the boatmen only warned them of poisonous jelly fish that you'll die within minutes after it stings/bites you. The boatmen even held it in their hand to show what hinayupak na dikya it was! Meaning, they had a clear gasp and knowledge of the place, the sea, and whatever were down there. They're not fishermen, boatmen for nothing.

That's just so ridiculous and freaking scary isn't it? Would you travel to places like that?! Accidents like this DO happen. Hence, we MUST always, in all times, foresee and anticipate such things! Because unfortunately it did happen already.

Well, I'm not really surprised. Because even Boracay Island has no well-equipped hospitals. I remember running to an ER of a freaking hospital in Boracay and everything was substandard. Nurses and doctors were inattentive. I told myself, THIS IS NOT WHERE I'LL DIE! ( I'm a major hypochondriac )

What more Coron?! A very secluded and beleaguered island. The Palawan Tourism Board should be held accountable for not informing the tourists well about the poisonous coral reef, stone fish or whatever it is that is found in Coron. Shame on that hospital/clinic they arrived at. According to his boyfriend, doctors and nurses were unprepared and unrehearsed. I am also not shocked with this. Doctors and nurses see patients come and go everyday and they think just because they always see emergency cases everyday, so they're used to it. For them, ayyyy ok lang yan, mabubuhay yan, don't worry. The complacency of doctors and nurses.... Eh Kung kayo kaya yung nasa death bed? Time is everything! That's why when Travis told us so, I wasn't not shocked anymore because it happened to me lots of times as well in the E.R. I could just imagine what was happening that time during and after the incident.

He started vomiting and was in extreme discomfort, delirious.Travis said he didn't get stung eh. Because Miggy's finals words were:

 " I stepped on the corals and I couldn't breathe. "

I think, it is indeed anaphylactic shock.
He died within 10 minutes after......... In his BF, Travis' arms. Possibly, the sweetest way to die.

If his death could and would bring awareness to everyone who frequents and loves the beach, then his death meant for bigger things indeed. You know, sometimes kasi when we are having fun, we tend to take safety and prevention for granted. Don't we?

I'm not shading or starting the blame game. But really, it is safety first. First aid kit man lang? Better facilities? At least complete medicine pangkontra sa poison? Because you'll never know what might hit you. And when it does, it's too late.

May the family of Miggy and Travis find comfort and solace knowing he is in heaven already. That is according to him cuz they got to talk to him last night through a famed experienced psychic. And 5 days before he died, he had an inkling and premonition already. I guess that's why he tweeted:

" Heaven. " hence, there's no doubt that he really will go to heaven. But Miggy, you were gone too soon. 25 years of age was too young to go. I know God has His purpose even if we don't always understand why things have to happen. It had to.

I'm so happy to have seen you again for the very last time. At least, I got to see you in your handsome tuxedo. Naks! I wanna die looking like you. Hindi man lang pumanget at na haggard at all! But whoever your make up artist is, make sure to haunt him/her. Hahahaha. Natawa din ako sa bangs. Naka full side bangs ka talaga ha. Straight na straight to the right. Unat na unat.

See you one day in heaven and no, not at all, not too very soon. Hindi pa. Hehe. Rest in peace Miggy. Love you.

For the safety of the public- children and tourists visiting Philippine beaches:

Certain venomous species are hard to spot since they are perfectly camouflaged, what looks like a rock above water may actually be a stone fish. A stone fish is one of the most venomous fishes in the world. And yes, we have them in the Philippines (along with other notorious venomous species of box jellyfishes and sea urchins).

What is a Stonefish?

The stonefish, or Synanceia, is a venomous fish that secretes neurotoxins at the base of its needle-like spine which sticks up when disturbed or threatened. It rarely attacks humans when unprovoked, poisonings occur when people unknowingly step on the fish.

Many describe the stonefish sting as the worst pain they've ever experienced. It's so severe that some victims have demanded that their stung limbs be amputated. Aside from excruciating pain, a sting can cause a great dealing of swelling on and around the affected area. Other symptoms include muscle weakness, temporary paralysis, and shock, which ultimately lead to death if left untreated due to damage to the heart, respiratory system, and nervous system.

Philippine Beaches should have Medical Vinegar First-Aid Stations
Emergency Treatment for Stonefish Injury
Extreme cases of stonefish injuries requires the application of a stonefish antivenom (common and available in Australia). But if there's no anti-venom, treat a stonefish sting by applying heat to the injured area with the use of hot water. This destroys the stonefish venom while causing minimal discomfort to the victim. Vinegar can also be used to lessen the pain until medical help arrives.