Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Perfect Party Venue to Host an Event in Manila, Philippines

55 Events Place brings celebration to the next level, may it be a grand event or an intimate get together.

The 55 Events Place facade at Scout Rallos, Quezon City. The party place is easy to find. Scout Rallos is the street parallel to Timog Avenue and 55 Events Place is just one block away from the Boy Scout Circle. 

It is the perfect venue in Manila for birthday parties, weddings, debutante balls, proms, reunions, homecomings and conferences. 

The Ballroom Area

Lobby Party Area

Outdoor Garden Party Area

Courtesy Room and Lounge Area for Guests

Venue Rates range from Philippine Peso- Php 10,000 (garden area)- 55,000 (ballroom area). You may inquire further for specific package and rental rates that can accomodate from 30 persons up to 250 persons at maximum capacity.

Amenities & Features:

• Fully Air-conditioned Ballrooms
• Basic Electricity with Standby Power generator
• Basic Sound System with Microphone Standby Technician
• Cozy Lounge
• Garden with Landscapes and Structured waterfalls
• Fully Air-conditioned Restrooms
• VIP Area
• Private Conference Room
• Courtesy & Dressing Room with Toilet and Bath
• Full Service Kitchen
• Available Projector and Widescreen
• Available Dance Floor and Stage with Backdrop

Contact Details:
55 Events Place
#55 Scout Rallos Street, Quezon, City
Telephone number: +63 (02) 371-44-35
Mobile number: 0922-899-4941

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gloo in Manila: Send SMS/MMS via Globe's New Application

Globe Telecoms, a Philippine mobile telecommunications company recently launched its own web and SMS application called Gloo.

Gloo is a web application that allows users to collaborate on virtual spaces by embedding and manipulating images, notes, videos and even creating doodles in real-time. In addition, Users that share a space have the ability to chat with other online users, as well as send SMS/MMS.

With Gloo, you can get to:• Chat with your online contacts. 
• Post reminders with your very own Gloo post-it pad. 
• Listen and share your favorite tunes with friends and family. 
• Doodle, stick, and decorate! 
• Personalize your space with customized themes.

You can find the Tutorial Video here: 

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Most Dangerous and Unsafe MRT Station Area in Metro Manila

I only go to Guadalupe via MRT when necessary because I know what I have to walk through in this area. I also make sure to only come here in broad daylight. Otherwise, I'll rather get off at the Buendia station and just take a Guadalupe bound jeep there.

Pedesterians going to the MRT station  'bottleneck' here on mornings.

Over the years, funeral wakes held at the Loyola Memorial Chapel has always dragged me back to visit this area. Nothing has changed. Maybe just the white walls. Pink fences or no fences, makitid pa rin, madilim pa rin. Amoy ihi at tae ang ilalim ng MRT stairway (the MRT stairway smells of urine and feces).

The Guadalupe path from the MRT station is long and narrow just meant for one person to pass through. If you cross paths with someone, one of you has to give way. You are at the mercy of strangers you come across with. Someone could stab you with an ice pick and you'll find yourself meters away from both ends, there is no quick exit,  your screams would probably drown in the noise of EDSA and the fast cars and buses would hardly stop or take notice.  

The San Carlos Seminary and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary has probably lotsa space inside, I think they could do the right thing for the Guadalupe community by easing this narrow path and donate a meter of their space for the public. Or the government should just purchase a meter of the land from them. Maybe it is easy for me to say these things because I wouldn't know the amount of paperwork and politics involved to make this a better and safer MRT stop.

I mean how many women probably got groped trying to go to work passing by here? Or people getting robbed at knife point? Who knows? I feel sorry for the call center agents living at this area. I can't imagine walking here at 11pm or 5am after their shifts.

Years ago on TV Patrol, there was a police report about a fast food worker raped and murdered at this station as she was just going home from work. I would understand the circumstances now why it happened, pedestrians are easy prey in Guadalupe. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where to Buy Doy Pack Bags or Zesto Bags in the Philippines?

You may purchase doy pack bags and doy label products in bulk at the source GK Sunshineville Show Room in Las Pinas City, Philippines.

Gawad Kalinga Sunshineville is a joint community project by HSBC, Alaska and the Zesto Corporation supporting and training impoverished women and their families in skills such as sewing, weaving and basic handicrafts.

Contact Mr. Bong Ragojos for pricing and bag orders:
Gawad Kalinga Sunshineville is located at Carnival Park Street,
BF Resort Village, Talon 2 Las Pinas City, PhilippinesTelephone+632 917-390-7861+632 919-612-0202 email:

Thess Barameda of GKonomics
4/F Pro-Friends Building, 55 Tinio Street, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Tel: (02) 718-1738

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where to Buy Drugs in the Philippines?

Need to score some aspirin? Ibuprofen? Where can I get Drugs in Manila when I'm a foreigner new to the city?

Mercury Drugstore is a nationwide well-known pharmacy empire in the Philippines. They have stores in every Philippine city and major hospitals.

The pharmacy is also a convenience store which sells junk food, beverages, breads, candy, personal grooming items and toiletries.

This is their trademark logo, the Roman God Mercury carrying his staff with the two entwined snakes, a symbol widely used in the medical field. Underneath written in Tagalog are the words "Nakakasiguro ang gamot ay laging bago" which translates "Our Medicine is always brand new" or "Our Drugs are always Fresh". Its just a guarantee they won't sell you expired stuff.

Mercury Drugstore is the prime drugstore for patients in need of specialized and regulated medications. Just present your doctor's RX or Doctor's orders with the proper dosages stated at the counter. They also honor Senior Citizen discounts.

The following branches of Mercury Drugstores are open 24 hours:

People Support Center Makati Branch
(next to Makati Medical Center)
People Support Center Amorsolo Street, Makati City 1229 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 889--7820 / (02) 889--7821

Makati Evangelista Branch
# 1650 Evangelista corner Belarmino St. Makati City 1233 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 750--1646 / (02) 889--0236
A block away from EDSA in Evangelista Street, in front of ChowKing

Park Square One, Ayala Center
Quad carpark buidling. San Lorenzo, Makati City 1200 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 815--4846
This is the mall at the back of Glorietta and SM Makati

Makati Guadalupe Branch
Guadalupe Comercial Complex 8124 Sgt. F. Yabut Circle
Makati City 1200, Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 882--1429

Sampaloc Espana Branch
corner Espana Metrica Streets, Manila 1008, Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 740--7594 / (02) 742--8358 / (02) 781--2235

Quiapo-Plaza Miranda Branch
The Mercury Drug Billboard infront of Quiapo Church, Manila 1001 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 733--6630 / (02) 734--9314

Manila Gagalangin, Juan Luna Branch
(Tondo Area)

#2668 Juan Luna Street, Manila 1012 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 251--5650

Ermita Taft PGH Branch
#1332 Taft Avenue in front Philippine General Hospital,
Ermita, Manila 1000 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 523--2699 / (02) 536--0345

Blumentritt- Avenida Branch
#2414 Rizal Avenue Manila 1003 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 252--5836 / (02) 252--5837

Pasig City Meralco Commercial Strip
The Strip Commercial Complex Meralco Compund,
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig 1605 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 634--1728 / (02) 636--3525

Aurora Boulevard corner Pinatubo Street,
Quezon City, 1111 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 726--1746 / (02) 727--3027 / ( ) - / ( ) -

Edsa Balintawak
1142 Edsa Balintawak Quezon City 1106 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 362--4048 / (02) 362--4049

Citimall Diliman
#1 Ultimate Plaza Commonwealth Avenue,
Quezon City 1104, Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 435--4335 / (02) 92-4-8587 / (02) 92-4-8638

Manadaluyong EDSA Libertad
EDSA corner Libertad street, Mandaluyong 1501 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 531--0877 / (02) 531--0878

Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy (Tropical Storm Ketsana) Submerges Manila

It is Day Four since Tropical Storm Ketsana (Typhoon Ondoy) triggered the worst flooding in decades in the capital Manila and nearby provinces. Life has yet to return to normal for many residents as the city remains submerged and many Filipinos are still living on top of their roofs- some waiting to be rescued and some waiting for food or relief goods.

During the storm, some residents from Marikina manage to Twitter and get on Facebook, asking for people online for help and rescue. The rising floodwaters swept away people, cars and houses.

There was also a brave young man named Muelmar Magallanes who was able to rescue 30 people. But drowned in his attempt to save an infant and a mother adrift in the flood waters.

More than 250,000 have been driven from their homes, officials say. Some reports estimate that 80% of the capital is still under water.

If you're in the Philippines and wish to donate to flood relief, you may go to any of 7 Eleven branches which serve as drop-off points for relief supplies, such as ready to eat goods, mats, mosquito nets and water jugs.

To get a clear idea of the scope of this calamity, visit the sites of the local news bureaus- ABS-CBN news and The Inquirer. There are also a lot of videos circulating on youtube and facebook uploaded by those who experienced the typhoon firsthand. 

If you are based abroad, you may also donate cash or give aid via the Philippine Red Cross

Flooded Ayala Underpass by Kathy E. Zablan

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where to Buy a Boat in the Philippines? And Where to go Sailing?

The Philippine archipelago is perfect for sailing. The country has a long tradition in boatmaking or customizing boats for fishing. Today, there are all sorts of local boatmakers for all kinds of boats like the following:

Trimaran by Andy Smith Boatworks

• Multi- Purpose, all-weather Fishing Boat
• Bass Boats
• Deck Boats
• Sea Skimmers/ Sailboats
• Yachts
• Trawler Yachts
• Motor Yachts
• High Performance Boats
• Wooden Boats
• Multi-Hulls
• Utility Boats

If you are interested in investing in cost-efficient, carefully supervised customized boats, you may check out the following companies:

Boatshop Philippines, a Cebu-based Multihull Sailing Yacht and Catamarans Boat Builder
(+63)32 429 9429

Island Boats Inc
Office: 91 Roces Quezon City
Call Benny at 931-9893 or 91 for an appointment
Mobile Txt: Tina at 0919+2234936

The BoatShop Corporation
Phone: 904-866-3117
Office: 239 Marseillas St. Salinas Rosario, Cavite, Philippines

Andy Smith Boatworks A Bohol based boat builder, specializing in glass-epoxy – ply, strip-plank, diagonal ply catamarans.
Office:Tipolo, Bolod, Panglao Island Bohol 6340, Philippines

Emings Fine Custom Boat Builders Philippines
Extreme Care and extraordinary craftsmanship go into every boat they build
please call - 032-272-1196 or mobile – 0919-804-9048 ask for Emings

For those looking for sailing and boat enthusiasts, please visit the Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club, a community of boat builders, boat enthusiasts and sailors.

Where to Purchase Mounted Insect Specimens in the Philippines?

For insect specimen collectors or entomology enthusiasts looking for tropical specimens endemic to the Philippines, there are mounted and framed specimens made by Anthropoda Philippines available for sale at Wilcon Builders branches particularly the branch in Pasong Tamo Makati.

Availability varies per season, but usually they have the following insects: butterfly (Papillon), Beetles (Coleoptera), Dragonflies (Anisoptera), Mantis and Locusts (Mantodea), Spiders (Araneae).

Five years ago, Wilcon Builders had a shelf full of insects on display, now they only have a small corner for the framed insects. They are under the home and living wares section, next to the glass vases and home decor.

The prices range from P300-P3,000 according to variety and rarity. The main supplier of Anthropoda Philippines is Acclaim Butterfly Philippines. A Butterfly farm company and a main supplier of Wedding butterflies.

How to find Wilcon Builders Depot 5
2212 Pasong Tamo, Makati City in front of Don Bosco Chapel
Phone: 893-3108 / 893-3142
893-3127 / 844-7306 / 893-3120
Fax Number: 893-3172

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Philippine Employment Agencies for Housekeepers, Household Staff, Maids and Drivers

Getting your household in order can be overwhelming especially for expatriate families. In finding a housekeeper it would be a good idea to go hire one via an employment agency or through a trusted referral by a good family friend.

Never hire strangers. People who don't really have any social connection to you, other than that they just walked in right through your door via an ad placed in craigslist or a newspaper. Its important that someone you trust should vouch for their integrity or where they're from. In this case, they call it a referral. 

Manila is relatively safe, but like any other city in the world, it has its share of thugs, thieves and gangs. Syndicates exist and their modus operandi is mainly infiltrating your household through a helper/maid. One may work in the household a few months, prepping the place for an inside job. Sometimes even the most trusted maid can be coerced into a home invasion by being threatened with death by these scheming individuals. But that's another lengthy post. So its better to be vigilant over your family's safety. 

Hiring via an employment agency is your best bet because they can be held accountable for the hired help and the quality of the cleaning services rendered.

Here are two notable manpower agencies for cleaning services and hiring of your household help:

Housekeeping & management for the expat household. They also have workshops and trainings for the house staff according to specific household needs such as Cleaning, Fabric Care & Laundry Duties, Manners & Etiquette, Budgeting & Shopping, Table Setting & Service. They do background checks and work references too.

Ph-13, Tower B
Almanza Metropolis Condominium|
Manila Doctor's Village
Alabang, Zapote Road, Almanza Uno
1750 Las Pinas City Philippines

Roma Enterprises

Local agency engaged in recruitment, manpower and maintenance services which include stay-in and on-call housekeeping, ironing, laundry, cook, party-assistance, helpers and drivers.  They have On-call cleaning services for offices and condo units (area per square meter). They come in for a few hours and leave before the day ends. Rates available at their website

Roma Enterprises
LG-23 Alfaro Place Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City 
Tel. Nos.:566 5228 / 0922 889-ROMA

Monday, August 10, 2009

Where can I buy Food & Meat Preservatives in Manila?

Are you looking for Prague Powder? Specific food additives or a good selection of curing salts for your homemade meat products such as tocino, longganiza, and other sausages?

Specialized ingredients can be found at the Divisoria Public Market where they sell spices (beans, achuete, aniseeds) and rice.

If you are looking for Prague Powder for meat curing. Please note it has two kinds either in Sodium Nitrite form and Sodium Nitrate with parts salt.

If you plan to cure a lot of meat for your ham, tocino and sausage business, you may purchase curing salts or prague powder at the Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center located at the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines Bldg.

Contact Info:
#107 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City
Tel: 411-1349; 742-0826; 742-7866

You may also ask them for proper measurements in using these ingredients.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Quickest Way to Commute to ABSCBN or Panay Avenue

Commuting to the ABS-CBN building? Going to Mother Ignacia street? Or just visiting one of the buildings along Panay Avenue? Going to the Film Academy of the Philippines? Looking for the OctoArts Building in Panay Ave?

The quickest way to get to there would be via MRT (Metro Rail Transit) get down Quezon Avenue Station along EDSA, walk to the Mcdonalds & 711 side. Right beside, McDo is a tricycle terminal (this is the start of the stretch of Panay Avenue). You can ask the tricycle driver to take you to ABS-CBN or to take you to your specific destination on Panay Avenue.

You can also opt to walk to ABS-CBN if you don't want to take the trike. From McDo walk further down Panay Avenue, turn left at Sgt. Esguerra Avenue which is the first street you will encounter intersecting Panay Avenue. One block away from his intersection is the ABS CBN compound.

Refer to this wonderful google map!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Going to the Emergency Room of a Philippine Hospital

A lot of people I know dread hospitals or doctor visits! Even if they have an HMO card or a FREE health care plan from their companies, I just realized most don't really know what to do when they get to the hospital. OR they don't know when they should go to the hospital for emergency care unless they finally pass out!

Would you like to find yourself fainting in a public place at the mercy of strangers?

I guess not.

So for those proud enough to say I've never spent a day in a hospital since the day I was born- Do you know what they do to patients when they get to the ER?

or do you know what to do when you need to take someone you love to the ER

If your conscious, not bleeding or not critical case in any way - Upon arrival, a nurse or doctor on duty will talk to you, ask you questions - like what's wrong? where it hurts? what you ate the last few hours? if you're allergic to anything? diseases you have? A quick tour of your medical history.

The nurse will then get your blood pressure and do some quick check-ups. She will note all that on a clip board. She will make you sign some papers or who ever you're with (like a relative) who is of sound mind to sign these papers for you.

If you can't do any of these, they'll immediatedly transfer you to the ward via gurney or wheelchair to see the resident doctor on duty. Afterwards, maybe what you do fear most starts- the needles and all that poking.

But most of the time they just give you medicine, make you sleep there until you feel alright enough to go home. They will give you medical orders btw like what treatment to take and what specialist to see if they find anything wrong with you. You only get confined to the hospital if you're unfit to go home and you have to sign yourself in. They will explain all the details why you need to stay usually for a battery of tests or an emergency procedure.

If you are unconscious, dying, unable to speak - they will notify whoever's contact details they find on your wallet or cell phone. If you have no identification on you, they will ask the police for identity assistance or they will make public announcements through news bureaus like AM radio stations. If you are a foreigner, they will contact the embassies.

Don't hesitate to go to the ER if you're blacking out, your chest hurts and you can't breathe. Listen to your body, the gut feel is there when you know something bad is going down. Bad like your body parts are going numb, you can't feel your arm, fingers are tingling, your stomach hurts or there's sharp stabbing pain somewhere.

ER doctors will ask about your pain. They will ask you to measure it on a scale between 1-10. Stop tolerating the pain and listen to your body, if you think its an 8or a 10! then head for the ER!

How much will this cost? Bring money if you don't have HMO. If its a public hospital, you need a basic P800-P1,500. If its a private hospital, Makati Med or Medical City bring a basic of P2,500-P5,000. The bill will be based on the doctor's fee, the kind of tests and drugs administered to you at the ER.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to Audition as an Actor, Model, Talent or an Extra in the Philippines?

Want an opportunity in Philippine television, film or advertising as an onscreen talent?

If you think you got what it takes and have the acting skills for the job, then here are some tips to get you started on your dream career.

Go to casting calls for TVCs. Submit your head shots at casting agencies (most of them are in Makati) and get yourself in their talent pool.

Go to auditions of indie films. The independent film scene is very active, it may not be mainstream or popular cinema, but you can give your acting chops some good exercise. You can build your talent reel this way. Being in an indie production is also a good way to network with key production people who have day jobs in the local entertainment industry. If you get yourself in their radar, chances are they'll give you a heads-up on any acting gigs.

Find an Agent or Talent Manager.

If you get around lining up for hours in casting calls, you're bound to meet agents or talent managers who can represent you. Managers usually take in a fee or percentage commission per project you get.

Be Seen at the Scene. Make yourself visible at malls, parties, hip clubs, events. If you hang around long enough and you really believe you have that IT factor, it wouldn't be so hard for a talent scout or Caster to spot you. There have been numerous celebrities, models and actors who have been approached this way.

Go to "GO SEEs"
local term for casting calls or casting parties where models are made to strut around in a room or a party to be seen by talent scouts, designers and TVC casters in an informal or casual setting.

Overall, just be patient, courteous and be on time (even when most productions start late). There's always a job for everyone. You don't have to be strikingly "beautiful" to land a role, most of the time it's how you fit the part. Bank on your personality or the the vibe you project on screen. Most casters, clients or directors have the finally say on who the faces on their projects should be for the season. They always keep the industry fresh with new talent. Its the survival that counts and for that you need real talent to last longer in the cutthroat industry.

Philippine Talent and Modeling Agencies:

Cosmopolitan Promotions & Casting Agency
Rm. 41, 4/F Matrinco Building,
2178 Pasong Tamo Makati City, Philippines
1200 Tel. Nos : (632) 817-2460 • 892-7921 • 812-8214

Don Management
2210 Suite cityland Pasong Tamo Tower
Pasong Tamo St., Pio del Pilar, Makati City
Tel. no. (02) 812-1976; 812-1970

Ad Management Team, Co.
2018 Cityland Herrera Tower
98 Herrera St. Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel. no. (02) 753-1698, 7531699/0920-9270767

7508 Santilian St., Barangay Pio Del Pilar
Makati City
(02) 894-0667

Elan Models International
Unit 230 Mile long Bldg., Amorsolo corner Herrera Sts.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. no. (02) 890-9025
Cel. no. 0917-300-ELAN
Fax (02) 840-2316

Unit 2018 Cityland Herrera Tower,
VA Rufino corner Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1200 Philippines
Telephone No: (632) 753-1698; (632)753-1699
Tele-Fax No: (632) 817-1293 Mobile No: (63) 920-9270767 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to get to Libis or Eastwood City Cyberpark?

How to Commute to Libis

From Makati
Take MRT / Metro Transit ride to Ortigas Station and walk towards Robinson's Galleria mall. There is a shuttle service going directly to Eastwood Cyberpark between 7am to 9:30am. Or ride the jeepney going to IPI, get down at IPI then take the Cubao Jeep northbound and then get down at Eastwood City. You are at Eastwood City when you see the Citibank building.

From North Edsa or Quezon City
Take MRT / Metro Transit ride to Cubao Station. Walk towards the street in between McDonalds & Fiesta Carnival past Gateway Mall. Ride the jeep going to Rosario, St. Joseph or De Castro. Or ride the FX going to St. Joseph, the FX terminal is near Cinema 21. Get Down at Eastwood City.

From Shaw Boulevard
From Shaw Blvd, ride a jeepney going to Antipolo or Binangonan, make sure it will pass by IPI. Tell the driver to drop you off at IPI then ride a jeepney going to Cubao (northbound). Go down to Eastwood City (Citibank).

From Antipolo, Cainta, Angono
Ride jeep/FX and get down at Ever Ortigas then take the Cubao Jeep/FX route, get down at Eastwood City.

How do you know you're near Eastwood City?
When the traffic starts to bottle neck.

Also in riding the jeepney at this particular route, do not tap on the jeepney's ceiling or scream at the driver. Be courteous and pull the string in front of you. This is to signal to the driver that this is your stop. (This is only for jeepneys in this side of town, some jeepneys do not have this bell installed).

For a very-detailed map of Libis, you may visit this site. They also have good directions for those driving or going via car to Libis.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where Can I Find a Tailor in the Philippines to make me a Barong, Tux or Suit?

Tailors in the Philippines are superb so you can easily find one that can make a suit or formal wear for you.

A Barong can look good on Expats who want to attend pinoy formal events and local business functions. A good example would be Hollywoood's resident auteur Quentin Tarantino, he looks very dashing in a hand-embroidered piña Barong by Tesoros.

In fact, every true-blooded pinoy male should have one ready in his closet with the white comfy undershirt.

Wearing a white undershirt or sando is a must to avoid "bactung" or bakat utung which means your nipples are erect and showing through the barong - a common fashion faux pas when wearing the barong.

You may try known tailoring masters like Arthur's.

Arthur's Tailoring & Cut-Rite

• Diamond Finance Building 603 Edsa Cubao 1100 Quezon City Metro Manila |Phone: +63(2)7264837

• G/F Arthurs Building 2203 Taft Avenue Malate 1000 Manila Metro Manila | Phone: +63(2)5835343

• Arthurs Building 850 J.P. Rizal Avenue 1200 Makati Metro Manila | Phone: +63(2)8997937

• 816 Pres Quirino Avenue 1000 Manila Metro Manila | Phone: +63(2)5230053

For Barongs (customary Filipino formal wear or suit) you can have one custom made by any Filipino tailor, haberdashery or wedding couturier. There are such tailor shops at the malls that cater for the Barong demand such as King Philip Tailors and Kingsmen.

Where to find the Tailors in Manila:
King Philip Tailors
Ayala Avenue, Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Makati City, Manila, 1224

Kingsmen Custom Tailors
Address: Century Plaza Bldg., 120 Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines

King George Men's Boutique & Custom Tailor
1008-D Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Daneche Tailor Shop
Robinson's Galleria, 112 Park Ave., Edsa cor. Ortigas Ave., Pasig City, Philippines

Other Tailors throughout Manila:

Rich & Famous Men's Clothing
Rm. 204 2/F Pension Virginia Building Pasay Road, San Lorenzo Village 1200 Makati Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)8436990

Manila Barong Center
Plaza Nuestra Senora De Guia 410 Plaza Ferguson Ermita 1000 Manila Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)5257543

Lord Jeson Originals
800 Quirino Avenue 1004 Manila Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)5210834

Van Rowin Tailoring & Haberdashery
Consolacion Building 1 Gen. Santos Street Cubao 1100 Quezon City Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)9110892

RM Manlapat Tailoring
85 Timog Avenue South Triangle 1100 Quezon City Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)9251461

Prince Albert Tailoring
17-A Gilmore Avenue Quezon City Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)7213397
Barong Tagalog-Retail, Boutique, Designers-Apparel

Or buy one ready-made at the department stores like SM or Robinsons.

Where can I have my Pants or Clothes repaired or adjusted in the Philippines?

Are your pant's zippers jammed?

Need to have something sewn? Need to have that sleeve adjusted to a half an inch? Is that dress shirt too big? Denims too long?

The Philippines has a lot of tailors, colloquially we call them sastre, 'sewers' (saw- wehrs) or modistas within the little barangays or neighborhoods. You can ask for referrals where to find the local tailoring shops.

An average repair service would cost P30-P75 ($1-$3) in a residential area. This service would include zipper repair, pants alterations, size adjustments, getting some rip seams done. Just walk around the area and I'm sure you will find one. If you're such a cheapskate, bring your own new zipper or buttons for the replacement and that can be deducted from your final bill. You may opt to pay up front or later when you finally pick up your garment.

If you want a sure bet, the malls have many like Alterations Plus with thirteen branches located at:
• Rockwell
• Glorietta 4
• Trinoma
• Shangrila Mall
• Gateway, Mall of Asia
• Podium
• Alabang Town Center
• Greenbelt
• Gateway
• Alabang Town Center
• Robinsons Place Ermita
• Rustan’s Makati

They charge around the P180-P400 range. Check out their extensive price list here.

Another shop is AlterStation which services include:
• Pants Length adjustments
• Re-size Waist / Hips
• Fix Zipper, Buttons, Snaps
• Adjust Sleeve Width / Length
• Regular Cut, Blind Hem, even Back to Original look!
• Repair Coats, Barongs, Jackets
You may also find them in major malls like Mall of Asia, Rockwell and SM MegaMall.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where to find IKEA furniture in the Philippines?

Every city is filled with secret places with the best bargains or rare gems. Well hidden and surrounded by a quiet residential area in Makati is an Ikea reseller store popular among Manila's bargain hunters.

Just to make things clear - this is an Ikea reseller store. Its not an official mindblowing Ikea warehouse made of sweet Swedish dreams. The nearest official Ikea store in Asia is at the Tampines in Singapore.

Still, if you want all that clever Swedish DYI stuff to fill your condo or some semblance of it, this is the place to go and the prices are reasonably within the Ikea price range. Its hard not to fall for Ikea's very stylish and functional designs when it comes to home wares and furnishings. Ikea is a definite hip forerunner and a must-have in my list.

At this Ikea shop, there are lotsa things to marvel at besides the regular Ikea offerings like the ottomans and kitchen knick-knacks. They have sofas, beds, separators, dividers, shelves, coffee tables, rugs, etc. Besides ogling and mentally planning your next purchase on payday, I would suggest buying the item on the spot as these may no longer be available the next time you come back. Stocks are limited and smart shoppers are keen to snap up one-of-kind products especially the large space savers.

How to get to the IKEA showroom in Makati:

3/F Eastman Building
4977 Enrique St. Palanan, Makati City (near Bautista Street)
Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 2pm-7pm

They also have another branch in Quezon city.

23a Calvary Hills St. New Rolling Hills Subdivision 9th Street
New Manila, Quezon City

Visit their online shop

In Kamias Road, you can find another IKEA reseller shop frequented by collectors, DIY hobbyist and interior designers.

KAMIAS SHOP: 120 Kamias Road, QC
800am to 5pm WEEKDAYS, 1030am to 730pm WEEKENDS

WHITEPLAINS SHOP: 129 Katipunan Avenue, QC
1030am to 730pm DAILY

You may visit their online site

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where to find VHS, DVD, MINIDV transfer services in the Philippines

Got tapes? Have PAL to NTSC problems? Or your home videos are piling up? Have your video transfers done by these professionals:

Super King Photography
Transfer Services include Beta, V8, VHS, MINIDV to VCD, DVD, MINIDV
Student Rate
Contact them at 3030561, 2550880
Mobile number 0922-8811803, 0922-8811814
Business Address: University Mall, 2nd Floor Taft Avenue (beside LaSalle University)
Ideal for students or those wanting family home videos for transfer, reasonably price.

Pixel Art Media Production Company
Caters to students and independent films
Transfer Services include VHS, MINIDV to VCD, DVD, MINIDV
Unit 929 South Star Plaza, South Super Highway, Bangkal, Makati City, Philippines Tel. No. (632) 845-2659 Mobile No. +6390626937


Keep Me Posted Inc.
Professional Dubbing and Transfer Services
KEEP ME POSTED, INC. (KMP) is located at Rm. 602, 6thFloor, Greenbelt Mansion, Perea St., Makati City. Telephone nos. 813‐6583, 892‐9675
and facsimile number 813‐2440 with
E‐mail address
Or visit our website:
Prices are on the high-end range, professional rates. They offer broadcast-quality service for TVCs and AVPs.

Transfer Services include:

DAT – Betacam/Umatic
Data source – Digi or SP (mpeg.etc)
Digital Betacam – Betacam SP
Digital Betacam – Mini DV
Digital Betacam – DVD
Betacam SP – DVD

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Embroidery Services in Manila, Philippines

These are Actual samples from the supplier - Buckingham Embroidery services

For quality Custom Embroidery services for your business or personal items such as towels, caps, company logos, badges - I would like to recommend Buckingham Embroidery services located in the heart of Quiapo, Manila.

For inquiries, you may reach them:

Buckingham Embroidery Services
123 Carlos Palanca Street
Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

telephone: +632 7339108 or +632 7365240
fax: +632 7355227

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What channel can I watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama in the Philippines?

Cable channels CNN and HBO will have live telecasts. Local channel GMA TV 7 also have their own coverage.

It is a historic event not to miss and the world awaits and obviously loves Obama.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Where to Buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciabatta, Baguettes, Rye and Wholegrain breads in the Philippines?

The French Baker at the Cash and Carry Supermarket in Buendia always has a steady supply of Ciabatta loaves at P78-P90 (which is the best one- crunchy and crusty!) It lasts 28 days in the freezer. They also have mini-Ciabatta breads. I also love their Wholegrain walnut breads and multigrains.

The French Baker at the Landmark in Ayala, Makati. Doesn't have Ciabattas (hey, I did a stakeout), but they constantly have Rye breads and wholegrain loaves.

Le Coeuer De France in Waltermart Mall in Pasong Tamo has Oatmeal bread, Baguettes, French breads, Pain de Mie, Sultana Loaf, Raisin Bread, Multi-grain loaves. They have a Buy 1-Take 1 promo on their breads on weekdays, but you have to buy it 2 hours before closing time because they usually run out of bread by then.

Le Coeuer De France however offers a special service where you can order your bread in advance at their branch and they will prepare it for you to pick up.

Overall, you can get such breads from these two stores, The French Baker and Le Coeuer De France which are scattered in malls all over the city.

Some specialty bakeshops and bakeries also have these kinds of bread like Amici De Don Bosco Cafeteria in Pasong Tamo and Breadtalk in Glorietta and Cubao Gateway. Other sources of breads are also Delis.

In supermarkets such as Shopwise, SM and Robinsons, you can find a bread brand called Village Gourmet founded by the Fandino Brothers, pinoy siblings who grew up in Arizona. The breads come in Black packaging with an elegant script olive typeface. Yummy and Bromate free, you have to consume the bread within 3 days or they start to mold. Village Gourmet offers sourdough breads, baguettes, pizza crusts, mini loaves, foccacia, bagels, multigrains and pita bread. I love their pizza crusts, I would highly recommend you try making your own pizza at home. They come in thin and thick crust varieties. Their breads cost around P60-P120.

There are also independent bread sellers and bakers at the Salcedo Market in Makati on weekends.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where can I buy a Mannequin in Manila? Dress Form for Sale

Though there are specialized mannequin and wig shops in Abad Santos and Divisoria. The popular supplier in Manila is Mannequin Incorporated.

They specialized in Visual display products for boutiques such as dress form fitting form mannequins, hangers, paper bags and wigs. Amazingly, the company also accepts orders to customize labels and tags- I think this is essential for any entrepreneur starting her own brand or clothing line.

They sell Mannequins of all kinds & body parts: dress/fitting forms, clothes hangers (wood, plastic, metal), display racks (metal, acrylic), accessory holders (for jewelry pieces), shopping bags (paper , plastic & fabric), labels & tags, boxes & wrapping materials (wedding & other gowns, cakes, gift boxes), personalized costume line, prosthetic & synthetic wigs.

Address: LS 02 Tutuban Primeblock Center, CM Recto, Manila Philippines
Telephone: 252-2122 / 255-5679
For a sketch on how to get there

Where to get Beads and Craft supplies in Manila?

The BeadSnob has a very detailed post on Manila Beads and Craft suppliers in Quiapo, Manila.

A guide for hobbyists, cross-stitchers, jewelry designers. Those who are into crafts and designs in need of appliques, embellishments, beads, yarns, threads and even fabrics.

International Schools in the Provinces of the Philippines

Here's a list of International Schools located outside the capital city of Manila.

Cebu International School
Cebu International School in 1973. It is a co-educational day school, non-profit, non-sectarian institution, governed by a ten-member Board of Trustees. The school provides a broad-based educational experience, which focuses on creating well-rounded individuals.

PO Box 735, Pit-os, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines
Tel: (+63) 32 417 6390
Fax: (+63) 32 417 6394

Brent International School, Baguio
PO Box 35, Baguio City, 2600, Philippines
Tel: (+63) 74 442 2260
Fax: (+63) 74 442 3638

Brent International School Boracay
Sitio Manggayad, Bgy. Manoc-manoc, Boracay,
Malay, Aklan Philippines

Brent International Subic
Admissions Office
Brent International School Subic
Bldg. 6601 Binictican Drive,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
2222 Philippines
+63 (47) 252 6871 to 72
+63 (47) 252 3240

Indang British School
Indang British School was established on 8th June 1999 as part of the Indang British Village Project to offer parents living in or travelling to the Philippines the opportunity to give their children all the benefits of a British-based education within a professional and cost-effective structure.

The Indang British School is firmly based on the British National Curriculum of England and Wales and offers education for pupils aged between 4 and 11 years.

The Registrar
Indang British School

Calumpang Lejos
Indang, Cavite

Tel: 046 471-4397 or 046 515-5593 (Tel/Fax)
Cellphone: 0919 643-8127

International Schools in the Philippines - Part 2

A follow-up post on International Schools in the Philippines. Please check out the original post International Schools in the Philippines- Part I

The British School Manila
provides outstanding education for English speaking children of all nationalities aged 3-18, based on an adapted form of the National Curriculum of England, and the I.B. Diploma.

This is achieved in a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures a community feeling where the emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual needs of all children will be met within an international environment.

As of 2008, Nursery annual fee is at 1,641.16 (PHP 76,260)
while the older set, Year 12-13 annual fee is
$4,328.88 (PHP 201,150). There is also a one time entrance or slot fee per child $2,303.14 (PHP 107,000)

36th Street, University Park,
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila,
Telephone No: +63 2 860-4800
Fax No: +63 2 860-4900

Brent International School Manila
Brent School Manila was established in 1984 at the University of Life Complex in Pasig. The new School assumed the traditions, the style, and the educational system of its mother school and graduated its first twelve students in 1986.

Mamplasan, Biñan, Laguna Campus

For admissions, you would need to pay $110 for the application and test fee. Following notification of acceptance, a slot is offered and confirms thru payment of non–refundable Slot Reservation Deposit of $600 and completed Admissions Agreements within three (3) working days from notice of acceptance. Tuition fees are around U$5,000 to $12,000, Nursery to Upper school.

Brentville Subdivision, Barangay Mamplasan, Biñan, Laguna
4024 Philippines
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
7:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
+63 (49) 511 4330 to 39
+63 (02) 600 10300 to 09
+63 (49) 511 4345
Mobile Number:
+63 (918) 9407778
+63 (49) 511 4343
+63 (49) 511 4356

Reedley International School
The first and the only institution here in the Philippines that approaches LEARNING uniquely by combining SINGAPORE's excellence in Math and Science and AMERICA's high standards in English and the Humanities

Josol Building E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis Quezon City, Philippines
Telefax: (+63) 2 631 2262 - 69

Manila Japanese School

Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
Contact Information
Mailing Address University Park, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Nos. (632) 840-1424 to 27
Fax No. (632) 840-1601
Contact Persons Ken Tsuboi, Secretary-General
Tetsuyo Arboleda, Finance Officer