Friday, February 19, 2010

Web Hosting Provider in the Philippines: A Review

MSWEB Network Solutions informally known as Marvinsweb Solutions is a Web Hosting Provider in Manila, Philippines. For hosting services, they only accept full annual payments. They are not the cheapest around, but their hosting packages are reasonably price. Payment methods via Bank deposit and Western Union Money Transfer. They host a number of corporate websites and most notably the US Embassy local website. They are a popular hosting provider among local web designers and freelancers.

Things I liked about them:

*I like the fact that their site clearly indicates what you get in the hosting packages in detail and there are no hidden charges or missing services/features in the packages that would surprise you later on.

* They have a lot of hosting package options for you to choose from. So do your research and consult a professional about your website requirements before making a purchase. Buying the cheapest package available will not necessarily save you money, it might not be what your site needs. Consider your bandwidth needs, the files you will be uploading, etc.

* Their tech support is prompt and reliable in resolving issues.

*They are popular and have been in business for quite sometime.

Things I didn't like with their service: 

*Too many control panels to sign into, its overwhelming. You got one at the main site under the customers box, you got one for your domain like a helm/control panel and one separate login for tech or help support. So you have 3 passwords to juggle. 

* Their tech support is prompt and reliable in resolving issues. But blames you for the problem anyway. re: Activate DNS Settings button (doesn't really promise to automate things for you does it?). Guys its lame, just be honest if there is something wrong or some delay than to come up with some excuse (like DNS pointed to a different nameserver) just to pin the fault on your paying client. Most of your clients don't even know what a nameserver is, let alone redirect it somewhere with a specific address in mind. 

Well to users looking into purchasing web domains and hosting space, hope this helps you in making a decision. This post is a review, based on my opinion and my experience with the service. Hopefully the service would continue to live up to its name or make room for improvements.

Overall, Marvinsweb is a reliable hosting service. Yes, they can do without the quirks. But I think one should give the service a try :)

I'll be reviewing other hosting companies as well. So visit often!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where to find Corporate Giveaways Supplier in the Philippines?

Looking for a reliable supplier for promo items and corporate giveaways? You may try to contact the following and check out their website for a comprehensive list of their promo products.

Dinsmor Promo Enterprises provides products for promotional and marketing campaigns, election campaign materials, corporate giveaways and personalized souvenirs.

• Customized Ref Magnets
• Restaurant Ref Magnets
• Souvenir Magnets
• Magnetic Calendars
• Magnetic Add-a-Pads
• Magnetic Picture Frames
• Foam Magnets
• Wall Clocks
• Acrylic Signage
• Flyer Standee
• Grocery Stopper
• Menu Holder L-Shape with Cut
• Menu Holder Triangle base
• Table Sign L-Shape
• Table Sign A-shape
• Perforated Static Cling (Printed Car Sun Shields)
• PVC Products (PVC Bag Tags, PVC Pins, PVC Cards)
• Decals (Outdoor Stickers)
• Temporary Tattoos
• Tarpaulins
• Mousepads
• Mousepad with Diecut
• Bottle Openers
• Car Utility Bags

Telephone : (+632) 400-8716
Facsimile : (+632) 400-3970
Sun Mobile : 0922-833-3289

Address : 138 San Juan St., cor. FB Harrison, Pasay City
Email :

Promoworx Corporate Giveaways
They specialize in the following promotional items and customized giveaways:
• Ceramic Mugs
• Stainless Mugs
• Rubber Keychains
• Acrylic Keychains
• Plastic Wares
• Pillows
• Towels
• Ballpens
• Jogging Pants
• Buntings
• ID Lace
• Bags
• T-Shirts
• Jackets
• Caps
• Comforter
• Plastic Identification Cards
• Umbrellas

Medical Promo Items:
• Tongue Depressor
• Baby Mat
• OB Mat
• Nursery Mat
• Slippers
• Patches
• Pill Holders

Contact this Corporate Giveaways supplier Philippines:
Office Address: #23 Jasmin St., Happy Site, Marulas, Valenzuela City.
Telephone: (632) 2916015
Telefax: (632) 4454227
Mobile: 09206342062

Monday, February 8, 2010

Where to Order Promotional Sticky Notes in Manila?

Promotional sticky notes are like "Post-It" notes only they are customized using your corporate logo. They are a type of corporate giveaway or promo item given as souvenirs to clients.

My Touchtab Sticky Notes is a Philippine manufacturer of promotional sticky notes and personalized paper related products such as calendars, desk cubes, paper cubes and notepads. Their office is located at:

429 Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, 1006
Manila, Philippines

Click to Enlarge Map (Follow route from Carriedo LRT Station to Quintin Paredes Street)

(632) 244.6110
(632) 244.6111
(632) 244.6150 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where to Buy, Sell or Exchange Sodexho Gift Checks in the Philippines?

Holidays bring about the best and possibly lame gift givers. The Gift Cheque givers being the most uncreative - so what does one do when you receive all these SM gift checks? Or a Sodexho gift cheque? Also known as GCs (GeeCees)

GCs or Sodexho gift cheques are popular  during the holidays. They are also given away as prizes to contests ranging from radio promos, raffles and pageants.

If you don't want to get something from the store at 'gift cheque value', an alternative would be to sell or trade the gift check for money. Most people do this after Christmas especially employees and clients who receive loads of gift checks as bonuses.

Your best bet to get money out of your Sodexho Gift Cheque is the local pawnshop and the neighborhood moneychanger. These traders will purchase your cheque for a certain percent (10%-20%) or P100 to P50 off its gift cheque value.

Let's say you have a P500 gift check, they will buy the check for P400 and the trader pockets P100 as profit. You may ask around the shops first who gives the best value for your check. If you don't like the trade off then consider spending the gift cheque at the mall at its full value. Or give it to your mother or girlfriend, she wouldn't mind :)

In Makati City, you may Sell or Exchange Sodexho Gift Cheques at the pawnshops and money changers in Makati Cinema Square or the PRC area (tail end of Pasong Tamo Makati near the Sta. Ana race track). You can also purchase gift checks from these shops.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where to Buy Tickets for the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Airbase Pampanga Philippines?

Want to attend a sporting event with lotsa hot air? Treat your family to a weekend of everything that flies!

The 2010 Hot Air Balloon Festival is a highly anticipated yearly event to be held in Feb 11-14 in Clark Freeport, Philippines (formerly the Clark US Airbase in Angeles City). What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's day!

Tickets are available at the entrance for PhP 150 per person. You may also pre-order tickets from these offices. Call +63 2 384-0085, or through mobile number: +63 927 340-4994. Tickets are also available via TicketNet and from Recreational Outdoor exchange at Bonifacio High Street.

You may book into one of these resort venues in Angeles City:

Clearwater Resort & Country Club
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo, Clark Freeport, Pampanga Philippines 2023
(632) 6375019 (045)599-5949 0917-520-4403 0922-870-5177 Joanne or Loydha

Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar
Mimosa Drive past Holiday Inn, Mimosa, Clark Freeport, Pampanga, Philippines 2023
(045) 599-5600 0922-870-5178 0917-520-4401 (632) 584-4085 Bastiaan

London Pub
(045) 499-1177 0922-870-5176

Clark Wine Center
MA Roxas Ave corner A Bonifacio Ave, Clark Freeport, Pampanga, Philippines 2023
(632) 6375019 0922-870-5173 0916-542-6602 Ana Fe

Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Rd Ortigas Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
(632) 637-5019 0917-520-4393 Rea or Chay

Contact the Official Event Promoter:
15th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Clark Travel Leisure Marketing
Chay Tanglao
(632) 637-5019 0917-520-4401 Manila Sales Office 
3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center, 
Exchange Rd Ortigas Metro Manila, Philippines
(632) 637-5019 0917-520-4393 Rea or Chay