Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pag-ibig OFW Member's Contribution Verification: How to Access your HDMF Pag-ibig Contributions from Abroad

If you're an OFW and you want to know how much your Pag-ibig contributions are, go to then choose the green box below that says OFW

When filling out the form make sure you have your Pag-ibig membership card/HDMF transaction card with you.

You will login you Pag-ibig membership number here and access your contributions.

When your contribution page loads, make sure to save a copy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Apply for Pag-ibig Membership Online

Pag-ibig is finally online! Thank God! No more looooong lines at a government office...If you need to register for Pag-ibig and get a membership number, you can now apply online for it at this url -

Do ready your other important details such as TIN number and SSS number. GSIS number if you have one. You will be logging these on the online form.

You can also check your Pag-ibig membership contributions to your Housing fund and OFWs can verify contributions too.

After successfully filling out the form for registration which includes naming your beneficiaries, work history, employer, salary, TIN, SSS, etc. A PDF version of the form will be made available for you to save or print. So remember to keep a copy.

You will also receive a text with your Pag-ibig registration confirmation and temporary Pag-ibig tracking number that you can use to remit contributions while waiting for your permanent Pag-ibig ID number.

You can go back to the Pag-ibig Fund Service website after 3 working days and check under view registration to get your permanent Pag-ibig number.

Congrats Pag-ibig for showing your LOVE to hardworking Pinoys everywhere!