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Where to get the Morning after Pill in the Philippines?

Some basics girls, the Morning after pill is simply the contraceptive pills taken the morning after unprotected sex the night before and the woman is in her fertile period.

For a list of available Emergency Contraception in the Philippines found in local drugstores, please see this separate post

Since contraceptives are banned by the Catholic Church and the government has ceased free distribution of contraceptives in health centers (despite the population boom) most of the public remain clueless in family planning or from at least having kids years apart.

For most women, the Morning after Pill is still unheard of. You can consult any gynecologist or family doctor regarding contraception concerns. I highly recommend that for any pinay or woman, you have the right to good health care and proper information. A good women's health care clinic is FriendlyCare Clinic located in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong and Baclaran in Pasay City. An average doctor's visit will cost you P220, very affordable than hospital rates.

As for the Morning after Pill, Nordette is available at mercury drug. But I suggest you go see a gynecologist first, pills have side effects and nordette may not suit you and make you feel nauseous.

(levongestrel) is intended to prevent pregnancy when you have experienced known or suspected contraceptive failure (eg, broken condom, stupid boyfriend)

So How Many Pills Should One Take?

Please refer to this link. They have a chart on Nordette (1st Dose - Take within 72 hours of intercourse)

For more info on Nordette

A site on Morning After Pill

Okay to answer the barrage of posts by Anonymous users -

Is Nordette available in Manila? How much?
Yes in Mercury Drug, it is OTC (Over the Counter), anyone can buy it po. It costs around P150.

I'm afraid to buy it. I feel ashamed. I might get stared at. (Natatakot ako bumili)
Have your bestfriend accompany you at the store when you purchase it. Or have your boyfriend buy it for you. Or if you're very close to an aunt, sister, a legal guardian or even your mother than have her buy it for you over the counter. If you have no one to count on, be brave, this is about your health. Keep in mind, its not a crime to buy an ECP/nordette.

How to Use Nordette:

Take as soon as possible and within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected intercourse. It may be taken after 120 hours, but its effectiveness is much lower. But gosh 2 weeks is stretching it. The sooner you take it after intercourse the better for it to be effective.

DO NOT TAKE NORDETTE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT ALREADY. Its too late to take ECP now so talk to your parents or boyfriend on what you plan to do now that you are pregnant. Nordette is not safe for pregnant women. 

In 2006, this pack cost around P80 consider the inflation now it might cost P120-P150 pesos now.

How many pills should I take?

Based on this site, they have a table for each brand and for Nordette:

1st Dose - Take within 120 hours of intercourse - 4 round pills
2nd Dose - Take 12 hours after 1st dose - 4 round pills

Please note you are not to consume all those pills in the pack (banig). Unless you plan to be on the "pill". For now, you are simply using Nordette for emergency contraceptive reasons (ECP). If you want to take it regularly as a contraceptive, read the instruction label that goes with the packaging or see your gynecologist.

I want to ask my Gynecologist about Emergency contraceptives? How do I go about this?
Just ask your gyne, "Doc, what effective ECP can you recommend to a woman my age?" Be straightforward. If she looks a bit shocked, tell her "Yeah I had sex and you're in the business of poking vaginas for life." Big Deal. I'm human like the rest of the world. Well, unless you're 12 years old then your Gyne has every right to be in shock. If the doctor refuses to answer you for religious, ethical or personal biases then seek another doctor for consult.

What are the side effects in taking Nordette?

Nausea. Extreme Nausea (pagsusuka, duwal), bloating (laki tyan parang kabagin), PIMPLEs (OMG Tigidig Galore!)

How do I know if the Emergency contraceptive worked? Or if it failed?
You will get your period sooner than expected. If it failed, then most likely you are pregnant. I suggest doing a home kit pregnancy test or an OB visit for a urine sample pregnancy test.

I can't sleep, I'm so stressed - What do I do?
Emergency contraceptives can't guarantee you the peace of mind you need, what it can buy you is time- time to think about how to be more careful next time, time to learn about your body and how to be more attuned to it, time to be more aware about sex and all the things that come with it.

For now, you must wait and let the ECP do its job.

You can relax a bit, get on with your life, meditate, watch Gossip girl, Glee or True Blood. If your period does come the next day, I would suggest torturing your boyfriend a bit more, scare the shit out of him so he'd be responsible enough to be more careful next time - tell the douchebag your pregnant :P


  1. Is Nordetter a prescription drug or do you can you get it over the counter? How much does it usually run?

    Thanks for any info.

  2. you can buy it OTC at P80-P100 range. But I suggest you visit a doctor first especially if you have drug allergies

  3. sis, I thought the morning after pill is 2 pcs. The nordette i got from mercury is a pack like birth control pills. Is this it? thanks

  4. HI, I took this "morning after pill" last year for I have a european BF and I can recommend IT"S SAFE to use. actually in europe it's called "REGRET PILL" and in U.S. " I-PILL", here is the link to enlighten you more . I have still 4 remaining pills here and since my bf left, I dont think I can use this one, so if there is anyone like to buy this morning after pill, you can contact me through my email,

  5. Joy - yes it is a pack, it is what is commonly known as 'pildoras'or pills or banig. You can take 2 of the pills, but they pack a whopper of a nausea with it :D

    Bjork - interesting link, thanks for posting it! though I would love to have a euro baby :p

    stay safe!

  6. 2 pills at a time? i mean 2 pills in the morning aftr an unsafe sex last night? thats without following the arrows? i have read the instructions...its a bit so confusing since it says i have to take 1 pill daily in 21! :(

  7. i think you'll take the second pill after 12 hours after you took the first pill

  8. help! i get the 2 pills after unprotected sex then 2 pills after 12 hours of first intake but after the second intake do i still need to take it everyday?

  9. Hi guys about the dosage and intake info pls refer to this page

    Thanks and please consult your doctor :)

  10. Guys, i just wanna ask, with Nordette, after I took the 4 pills within 24hrs and then 4 more pills 12 hours later, what will I do with the rest of the pills? Should i continue drinking those like 1 pill a day? or shud i just keep it? Thank u:)

  11. you should not continue taking those like 1 pill a day. You may discard them or use them when your boyfriend does something stupid again.

    Again with the dosage please read or consult your doctor.

  12. how much ung nordette? at available pa ba sa mercury drug and is it still OTC?

  13. nordette here in the phil has a lower dosage as compared to the one indicated in the list. would the number of tabs be adjusted too?

  14. if nordette is available sa mercury drug...pwd kahit sino ang bibili?..

    tnx ...

  15. you can buy Nordette w/o prescription..i think it costs 140 pesos per pack..

  16. is there any alternative pill if in case i vomit after 3hours w/c is safe..or what will i do if that case happen...

  17. what if i had unpretected sex and i took nordette after 2weeks does nordette still work??? pls pls pls help
    i need answers ergent poh

  18. very useful info! i will try it tomorrow. thank you very much ladies. I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE THIS ENTRY.

  19. I will try this first thing tommorow.. Hope it'll work! How many pill per pack?

  20. Will the nordette still work on the 4th day? can anybody confirm the number of tabs based from the list if nordette in the phil has lower dosage? please help! thanks.

  21. vwhat if i had unprotected sex and i took nordette after 4 days, does nordette still work??? My period was supposed to arrive on the same day i took nordette, but now 5th day na wala parin my period. Somebody please help! I'm going crazy right now, i dont want to be pregnant..

  22. i had a unprotected sex this afternoon with my 13 yrs live in partner im so worried! not ready yet to get pregy so i went to the dr and i discussed her about this after pills (as i heard this before in the US) but this dr i wnet to she dont have clue...thanks the lord i found this site... im here in cebu and we have friendly care hope the nordette is available... anyone knows ???

  23. Okay so I found time to update this old post since there so many anonymous questions. Just a reminder, seeking medical advice from a professional is far better than reading some random stranger's blog about ECPs :) thanks

  24. Guys, emergency lang. Paano kung nung 2nd dosage ko naisuka ko agad yung pills? Do i need to repeat it again? 2:30 am kanina yung pang-12th hour. 12 pm na ngayon. What do you think? Please answer me.

  25. is tha Nordette available in Davao City Mercury Drugs??

  26. I've been using Nordette for a year as a morning after pill. It's the only morning after pill available in the philippines as far as I know. It usually makes your period come about a week after you take the pills (4 pills first then 4 pills again exactly 12 hours later).

    I was stupid enough to use the pills twice in two weeks, as a result my period is NOT YET HERE. As a I mentioned, nordette usually makes the period come 1 week after you take the pills, so far it has been 10 days and no period yet. I am kinda stressed out. I'm hoping its just delayed because of the fact that I took it TWICE in two weeks.

    I really wish the Philippines would open up about women's issues such as birth control, etc. It's very unfair that we live in such a backwards country.

  27. Nordette is available in Mercury drugstore nationwide Davao included :)

    So for those who tried Nordette, did the ECP work for you? The results vary per women

    And ditto to Ms Anonymous, I hope the government would open up about women's health issues, approve the Reproductive Health Bill and control our population boom. Pinays deserve to be informed, nakakaawa mga babae sa ating lipunan. Women are not cattle, mothers should have a say about their health :(

  28. i took nordette after 12 hrs, unprotected sex. den after 12 hours of 1st dose i took again 4pills, but after 3hrs i vomit, does nordette lessen the effecT?

  29. so i dont need a prescription tlga for real???kc taga dvao ako..bka kailangan ng prescription

  30. is it safe for a 17 year old to take the pill?

  31. After using the pills twice in the same day.. I mean after 12 hour.. You don't need to take it again????? Does it will effect ba???

    4 pills then after 12 hour 4 pills again??? Am I right??? Please respond...

  32. is this also available in baguio?pls reply.what if you're 17 or under 17 do you need to present a prescription or an I.D?

  33. is it safe to take if im 14 years old?

  34. Nordette is Php 151.00 in mercury drug, i'm using YASMIN pills for 1 month now for my medication for 9months but i'm still worried so now I took 4 tablets of Noredette after 24hrs after intercourse and will take 4 again tom at 7 am then my yasmin pill at 1pm...what would be the effect? Nordette and Yasmin together for 2 days?Thanks

  35. i think yung banig na nordette pills na pills talaga yun,,yung contraceptive but i think ang morning after pill nito ay 2 pieces lang!!im confuse talaga,bumili ako kanina 21 tablets pala,i think mali yun ano?help!!pabili nlang ms bbjork,,

  36. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a week ago (Sep 16 to be exact). It was the kind of unprotected sex that was really risky (please read between the lines). After going home, I realized I was on my fertile period so afraid of getting an unplanned pregnancy, I took 4 pills of nordette within the day itself. I took another 4 after 12 hours of the first dosage as suggested. I was still scared until today (exactly 7 days after THE day), I got my period which is two weeks early from my predicted regular menstrual period.

    The nordette that I bought was the one with 21 tablets. I only consumed 8 pills in total.

    I experience no side effect like vomitting or severe headache though. But yeah, I guess the best way to answer all of our questions with this is to consult our gyne.

  37. help please. im going over the edge here.

    my last period was on sept 18. my boyfriend and i made love on 20, 21 (there was still blood), 25, and 28. He came inside me each time.

    Later on the 25th, i realized that i had clear stretchy discharge indicating that i was already fertile. It was only a week after my 1st menstrual day so i did not expect that. We used a condom on the 28th, but it BROKE in a MAJOR way.

    So after 1.5hrs i took ECP, nordette 4 pills then 4 pills 12 hrs after the first dose. i was so scared that it wasnt working, because i experienced NO side effects. at all! So after a few minutes, so i drank 2 more pills. i took a total of 10 pills.

    Im so worried. Yesterday, 3 days after taking nordette, i saw clear stretchy discharge again! What does this mean? Does it mean im NOT pregnant? Does it mean i ovulated TWICE? Or did I make a mistake marking the first one? But im sure that i already had stretchy discharge the first time. Please, HELP ASAP. im so so so worried. i have too many things that would be lost if i get pregnant now. na-trauma na ko...

  38. @Smoochietot - its available at Mercury drug over-the-counter nationwide

    Can a minor buy Nordette?
    Technically,its legal for anyone to buy it. However, if you are a minor, your age will raise some concern from the pharmacist. She may just say its not available. I suggest you ask your mom or legal guardian to buy it for you. Please consult a OBgyne as well since you are very young.

    To Anonymous (the poster above this comment) Please relax, do not overdo Nordette by taking so many pills as you have already. The effects of Nordette varies on girls. Just wait for your period to come. You may find sticky discharges as a sign you are fertile, an egg may fertilize, but implantation may not occur as you've taken Nordette, it will change the conditions of your womb to be unconducive for pregnancy resulting in menstruation. So please be patient and wait. Nordette are not candies to munch on, you have to give it time to work. Goodluck!

    And see an OBgyne since you are already sexually active, you need to have yearly papsmears to keep healthy and check out the vaccine against HPV too to prevent cervical cancer.

    May President Aquino finally approve the Reproductive Health Bill for the sake of Pinay women everywhere!

  39. to madhatter, i am the anonymous who posted last oct.1..

    thanks for the tip. i know i should just calm down but i am really going out of my head. the wait is just driving me CRAZY. it is now 5 days since i took nordette and still nothing. no changes. just some stretchy discharge. im starting to wonder if i was wrong marking the first discharge. or maybe the nordette just delayed my ovulation and now that the nordette's effect has worn off, maybe i just ovulated.

  40. nag do kami ng bf namin nung sept. 21..unprotected sya..pero i know that he did'nt cum inside..pero just to be sure 21 hours later i took 4 pcs of nordette pill and took another 4 after 12 hours...then nung umaga ng sept.29 nagka mens aq pero hindi sya kasing lakas ng mens ko last month..cguro a day will consume half of a sanitary last for about two days lang tapoz wala nah...bale naging dalawang beses ang mens q for mo. of september.napaaga ng 1 and a half week ang regla koh..dapat second week pa ko ng october magkakaroon..within oct.5 to oct. 10...worried aq kasi hindi masyado maraming blood ung lumabas sa kin after a week na ti nake ko yung nordette..due to pill lang ba yun at nag aadjust lang body ko...or is it to early to take a pregnancy test?..yung medic kaya maganda at accurate na home preg test yun...hopefully may sumagot sa questions ko..thanks!!

  41. is this effective??? how many of you took it and did NOT get pregnant? i am worried. i just took my 1st dose a while ago... i can't wait for the next 12 hours!

    @madhatter -- i agree with your statement.
    "May President Aquino finally approve the Reproductive Health Bill for the sake of Pinay women everywhere!"


  42. i took my 2nd dose 4:15am a while ago.. i vomitted 8:15am. should i take 4 more again or has it been already digested? how long will it take to digest the med? im in panic now.

  43. I need help mga sis!

    Me and my bf had sex awhile ago and his
    condom brokes.. he cum in me.. 22o bang walang levonelle 1500 here in philippines?? which is morning after pills..

    So no choice na ung "Nordette" and bibilin ko tommorow.. Ilan pieces per pack un?
    Salamat in advance.

  44. to anonymous commented october 6 2010 7:15 am-
    21 pcs per pack un..lahat un active pills.take ka na 4 pcs as soon as possible at take ka ulit ng 4 pills after 12 hours.

  45. Ok tnx ganun nga ginawa ko.. so total of 8 lng ung maco2nsume?? how about the 13 pieces remaining??

  46. Hi!! I would just like to ask. You said take your 4-round pills on the first 24hours after sex. Do you mean, you take the 4 pills all at the same time? I'm kinda confused. Tnx!

  47. take the 4 pills and 4 pills again 12 hours later..

    note: its better to take it before 12 hours after unprotected sex.

  48. @ anonymous oct.7 10 5:44 am- ung 13 pcs wag mu na i-take un...just wait nlang for ur menstruation to come

  49. @Anonymous Oct 6 7:15- You may inquire at Mercury drug for levonelle 1500 your preferred choice of ECP. If its not available just opt for Nordette

    To All ANONYMOUS commenters, its hard to address your questions when all of you have the same name. Use a pseudonym or nickname (like Greta, Juday, Jopay or Shalani) the effect is just the same, you will still remain anonymous :) Thanks!

    Let's be vocal about how important the RH Bill is! Mabuhay mga Pinay! :)

  50. im on birth control pills, i take them regularly. i stopped taking it or finished the pack by september 4. i had my period by september 8. then i resumed taking the pills on septemeber 18. (i forgot to buy thats why its late). then i hadsex by september 22. i still finished the pills. then up to now im not having my period. is this normal? can u help me? im desperate!!

  51. Can I take Nordette as an ECP even if I'm on a Depotrust Injectables? I'm not really sure if Depotrust has started its effectivity. We had coitus on my 13th day from the first day of my shot. Thanks.

  52. hi. you can call me jenny. i had my fist shot of Depotrust last month. My bf and I did the deed on day 13 after i got the shot. I'm not sure if the deposhot has started its effectivity. Can I take Nordette as an ECP, so that i can be sure that i won't get pregnant? Thanks.

  53. My period came exactly 7days after the 2nd dose! Hurray! Thank you everyone!

  54. I already used my 21 tablets of althea, its already my 7th day waiting for my period until now wala pa din, nangyari na ba to sainyo? I'm plannig to buy nordette tom. I also tried to use PT just now and its negativee, since i dont wanna get pregnant naniniguro lang ako. usually how many days bago kayo reglahin after ng 21 tablets ng pills? pls reply! (parang text lang hehe) thanks!


  55. would it be better to take yasmine instead or nordette? or are they both the same?

  56. please call me SASSY GIRL.

    ahmmm.. im planning to buy nordette today. after taking the 8 pills, what will i do with the remaining pills? PLEASE REPLY! and if i already take the pills, what will i expect to happen so that i know na its effective?

  57. NORDETTE IS AN ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE! IT'S NOT EMERGENCY OR MORNING AFTER PILL. A morning after of emergency pill is the one that you take after an unprotected sex (or within 72 hours) and you're not supposed to take it more than once in one cycle. I dont think any of these emergency pills are available in the Philippines. I get mine in India and they are sold OTC. It costs about 100 pesos a pill.

  58. HI Im kRisty,

    I just had sex OCt 15 but using withdrawal only. I also had sex last Oct 9 and 11.

    Is it still safe to use the morning after pill?

    My period is still due on the 24th but im already paranoid...i cant sleep and eat thinking about it.

    Just like to get your idea regarding my situation.

    Im planning to see my OB but im just afraid of hearing out the results in case im pregnant.

  59. Hi please call me sheila.
    How did you bought that morning after pill in India? How to order that pill in India? How much it will cost?

  60. hi MADHATTER





  61. it can also be a morning after pill,... expert say...

  62. pag pa nag take ng 4 pills within 120 hrs, sabay sabay yung apat?then after 120 hrs, 4 pills again within 12 hrs, sabay sabay ulit?


  63. HELP! SINONG pwede magbenta sakin niyan? ung friend ko kasi matindi na pangangailangan. hindi lang siya makabili nahihiya. baka kayo pwede niyo ko tulungan makabili niyan para sakanya.

  64. Hi there. I just had my period on oct 16 and had my last day on oct 19. My cycle is irregular. More like I have my period every other month. We did the deed on the 21st. If I take Nordette later today, will I get menstrual period again this month? how long should it take before I get my a period again? thanks


  65. JANINE said...





  66. Hi Sarah here. Had sex on the 7th day of my cycle. I pretty much have a regular cycle 30-32 days. Do you think I should still take nordette? Cause I read in the previous comments that your period will come 7 days after don't want to get my period so soon. But I don't want an" accident" also. Kindly enlighten me. Thanks.

  67. is it still effectve if i take it 4th day after our intercourse?

  68. Still no answer about my question? please please

    please kindly help me with my post.. the one in all CAPS.. going in sane here :(

  69. hi guys! i just want to share my experience when i took nordette. it was sept.24 when the accident happened and i took the pill right after. then exactly 7days(oct.1) after i took it, i got my period. but it's a little light compared to my normal ones. i was 2weeks ahead coz i'm expecting it oct.16 since i have a regular cycle. the next problem i have was, when will be my next period?since my whole cycle is already a mess. while m waiting for my next one, m having this white discharge that's why i felt at ease coz that's the sign that m goin to have it soon. then my sister said, white discharge is also a sign for early pregnancy! i panicked and read a lot of forum with the topic like mine. 5mins.before i write this comment, i got my period!so guys, nordette or other ECPs out there will really mess up you cycle. that's why just relax and dont overthink the situation. stress will not help things. =)

  70. @Janine - your period would have come or should come around right now after taking the ECP last Oct 15. Bt pls next time don't take 20, that's over doing it :( ECPs also have long term side effects and might affect ur fertility later on when you decide to have babies.

    @Sarah - personally I do not like the side effect of the ECP, I cannot stand the nausea so I don't take it unless I have doubts. Its really up to you girl, you know your body better than anyone.

    @Anonymous Oct 26 - thanks for sharing and for being really patient. congrats on ur period! I bet its the best period ever!

    @ Anonymous Oct 15 who loves Indian-made ECPs. Nordette is an ECP, you may check pharmacy sites or the links mentioned in the post.
    Unfortunately, due to the laws and behavior of the Church towards reproduction in our country, Nordette is not marketed or sold in its ECP form (the way it is marketed in India or in the US) in the Philippines. In fact, ECPs are not marketed at all, even if they exist in some form in our drug stores. You just have to seek them out through your OBGyne.

    @Sassy Girl - your period will suddenly come after a week or two. The first flow is usually heavy. Your period will then offset or change schedule because of this.

    @Jenny - I suggest you ask your OBgyne who gave you the Depotrust about its effectiveness, whether it takes a long time to build up or a few days.

  71. @ Madhatter

    Janine here again. I still don't have my period by now :( do you think it's because i overdone nordette? im going crazy. does this mean i'm pregnant? do is still need to wait? can i use pregnancy kit now?

  72. Hey guys. So yesterday, the 27th, I took the first initial 4 pills. And I thought,luckily for me I took it at night (8:00) and so I couldn't possible be able to feel the nausea. But I was wrong. It wouldn't let me sleep AT ALL through the night. And in the morning when I woke up, I was supposed to take the pills again. But I couldn't handle the nausea anymore. What happens if I just take the 4 pills? Alone? Will that help my condition? Which is to prevent ovulation? Or not..? Thanks

  73. halu.. after taking nordette as ECP pwde agad mgstart ng another oral pills d next day??
    please help me..

    as i was taking nordette(ECP) ngmense ako i continued taking it..wla nah rin nglabas sakin...
    for now gus2 ko mgtake ng oral pill regularly.. ok lng bah nah mgstart ako mgtake nah?? or hintayin ko pah tlga ang next mentruation ko??please help me

  74. Hi, I would like to ask. Possible ba na maging side effect din e frequent bleeding? I took pills kasi the day that we did it tapos a week after, I had menstruation. It lasted for 1 week. Oct 17-24 to be exact. Ngayon, may mens ulit ako. Why is that? It's confusing me.

  75. I want to share my experience too. I just had a C-section last Sept 15. I got my first period after delivery on Oct 16 and it was so heavy it lasted until Oct 27. On the same day (Oct 27) my hubby and I had unprotected sex. I was so stupid I didnt remember to count. I may be fertile at that time because it has been 12 days since the first day of my period.
    I searched the net for emergency contraception and saw this website :
    It is true that Ec pills are not available here in the phil. but you can use ordinary pills as EC. Pills like nordette, trust, and lady. I took 4 Trust pills 20 hours after sex and another 4 pills after 12 hours. I even talked to Dr. James Trussell of princeton university and he sent me an email saying that indeed ordinary pills can be an alternative and can reduce the chances of pregnancy significantly. I cant get pregnant right now, I just had surgery. Im so stupid. It has been 7 days since I took the pills, I dont have my period yet but Im scheduled to have it on Nov 12. Im hoping to have my period earlier. Wish me luck!

  76. hey guys..need some help here.. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend so I took 4tabs of nordette after..the problem is i took the 2nd dose 4hours it still effective?? answers please... thanks!!!

  77. Hey am lucy... 19 years old.. Am suspecting that am pregnant? Please help? Can I buy that nordette even without the prescription of doctor or what?

  78. @lucy..yeah you can buy it even without a doctors prescription..

  79. and my guy had sex yesterday (Nov.6 at around 5pm)...we consumed two condoms then we had our third round without any protection. he said he had withdrawn it before it erupted but i noticed that i have his fluids in my thigh and near my vagina. im not so sure if it's safe.

    right after that i immediately consumed two CORTAL (aspirin) and 250 ml Cortal also effective?

    is it still safe for me to drink nordette?

    thanks guys..Tal here

  80. @Janine I suggest you try a pregnancy test na, there's the homekit and a more accurate one, the urine pregnancy test done by a lab.

    @jaybie I so can relate with the nausea; I only took 4 pills once and a week later i got my period; but its not always the case for everyone :(

    @Anonymous Oct 30 - you could be miscarrying na or you could have some uterine bleeding, maybe you have an underlying reproductive condition (myoma or ruptured cyst). If you are heavily bleeding, getting pale, weak - this is not a good sign, losing a lot of blood so please see an OBgyne ASAP.

    @Anonymous with the C-section - As far as I know there's a postpartum recovery period, but what did your OB say? You should open up to her. My OB has been very supportive after post-op CS and warned me not get pregnant too soon. I know as much as possible a CS-woman should have 3 year gap between pregnancies. Getting pregnant too soon after CS doesn't give your body enough time to heal (there's also possibility of uterine rupture during ur next delivery). You should breastfeed more, this is a natural form of contraception that supresses fertility.

    @TAL - Honey as far as I know the Cortal and pepsi mix is a myth. I know Aspirin can induce contractions but it is not a contraceptive, it might just give you a tummy ache. If you want a detailed discussion by local women on the cortal myth go to this link:

    Hope everyone can post nicknames instead of Anonymous, its difficult to address your questions if you all have the same names. Thanks!

  81. Hi there ladies,

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex last October 27th. For the past two days, I've been seeking for available morning after pills here in the Philippines. Searching for answers led me to this site. As soon as I read everything, I went to Mercury drug to buy "Nordette". I took my initial 4pills around 3pm today and still waiting for my second intake :) I do hope everything really works.

    I just want to express my gratitude to MADHATTER and to everyone who shared their own stories with regard to the usage of nordette as an ECP. I feel so overwhelmed na hindi lang pala ako ang may gantong experience :)) Thank so much everyone! God Bless :)

  82. Tal here again..ung side effects na bloating and acne breakout maffix ba xa asap??

  83. Hi! I just want to thank you for this blog. This is really helpful! My period came a week after I took the pills. Whew!
    That was a big lesson learned for me. :)

  84. hello madhatter , marcus here.

    i used this blog's ecp info on my girl. her last mens started oct. 18 and lasted for 4 days.. and then we made love on nov. 6. 1st round was safe, 2nd round was withdrawal method. after 36 hours since the deed, we bought her nordette from a local mercury. she consumed it and now consuming her 12th hour dose. here's my question, when should we expect her mens ?? she is irregular btw.

    thanks for everything madhatter !!
    hope to get an answer from you or anyone reading this blog :)
    bookmarked :)

  85. ASH here..

    hey im ash.. id like to ask.. me and my bf had sex today and i had a cycle of 28-35 days.. he had his 1st orgasm due to foreplay the after we do the deed we use the withdrawal method..last month 28 days cycle ako.. so its my ovulation day today..

    for the past 2months iba ung menstruation ko.. 2days lang sya from the usually 3-4 days.. is that normal?

    can u take nordette khit wala ka pang kaen? tnx so much!!!

  86. hi i'm Gerry, i know it looks ridiculous that i am here posting a comment but just want to ask a question as a responsible boyfriend, here's my story.

    last week me and my girlfriend were at a vacation at my province, and we were on the mood that time and when i have to do the deed i remembered that she was fertile(counted using calendar method), but sadly i don't have a condom with me that time (stupid of me forgot to bring one) and isn't available at our town.. so i have to stop and she understand that it's for her own good since we're not ready to have a baby. Luckily for her i did stop that time but i don't see that i can always be like that.. I want to buy some of this ECPs and put it in my med cabinet so that if this incident happens again and made mistake of doing it i have the pills to be used. here's my questions

    1. When you vomited after you took those first 4 pills should you take it again then have another 4 pills after 4 hours?

    2. Is it safe to take the 2nd dosage (4 pills after 12 hrs) early like after 10 or 11 hrs?

    3. When she got her period after 1st or 2nd week does that mean that its going to be her regular period for her cycle and have regular mens (26 to 30 days cycle)again or she will have something like an initial or irregular period then she will have another period which will come on her expected date of normal period?

    thanks and hope you'll answer..

  87. HI..tal here,,i have exactly the same concern like the others..naisuka ko ung seconds dose after 2 hours nung dosage..effective p ba un or shud i take it again?

  88. BLAIR HERE..

    i took nordette last nov. 2 4 pills then 4 more after 12 hours. 2 hours after than i vomited once and felt better. I took nordette again last nov. 9 but i couldnt take the second set after 12 hours because of nausea and terrible crams. today i still dont have my period and i am feeling lower back pain, chest pain whenever i inhale deeply, i feel cramps and some of my joints are weak. what seems to be the problem can anybody answer me asap? i would really appreciate it.

  89. Hi! Anne Here..

    Me and bf had unprotected sex last Nov 7.. I was able to take Nordette (1st dosage -4pills) on the 5th day (shortly before 120hrs). And took the 2nd dosage (4pills) after 12 hours. But well after 5hrs, we already had sex again.

    Should I take 1st and 2nd dosage of Nordette again? Looks like i'll be consuming a total of 16pills in 3 consecutive days if i'll take another set of dosage..

    Any answer will be greatly appreciated... Thanks a bunch everyone!!!

  90. hi this is agnes..will be pregnant if i and my bf had sex after 3 days after my period?is nordette still be effective if i take it after 4 days of unprotected sex?anyone can answer plzz.

  91. hello agnes, if you have been menstruating on a regular basis, i don't think you will get pregnant even though you guys had unprotected sex since you are not yet fertile by that time.

  92. hi i gave birth 8 weeks/2months not breastfeeding that's why i got my period this oct19,2010.then my bf and i had an unprotected sex on oct28, afraid im pregnant.can i still drink ecp?or nordette?pls help.thanks!

  93. hi im agnes again, me and my bf had sex on the day that i was in the peak of my ovulation period..but before that i took my 2nd dose of nordette 12hours before we had there a possibility that i would be pregnant coz im on my fertile day..anybody can answer plzz..

  94. hi! im angel, pls help me.. last october 27 is my first day of period.. and i am iregular. me x and i meet up last november 8.. we ended up doing the deed. between 9 to 10 pm maybe... and i took 4pills of nordette on november 10,7pm.. and the next morning 4 pills 7am... and now on my 7th day i still don't have my period... pls help me...

  95. hi,im angel again... wow after i post my comment last nov 16 10:26pm after 8 hrs i got my period, thanks so much! very helpful... im so relief... best period ever!

  96. hi im sheila,. nag DO kme ng bf ko last november 21. i had my last period oct 21. irregualar ako. so ang cycle ko is 28-33 days. dpat 18 meron nako sa 28 cycle but because of the irregularty, dpat 24 meron nako. nov 23 i took nordette and had my 2nd dosage 5am today. ang problem uminom ako kgabe after kong intake ung 1st dose, it dat okey? im expectng dat it will still work. okei lng ba na uminom ka kahit ngtake ka ng nordette? really need ur help guyz.tnx. :(


  98. hi! agnes here!
    thanks so much for this post! really helpful. my bf has been trying to get me preg for the longest time but im not yet ready for it. thanks so much for this info that i have a choice and control what to do with my body.

    just a question though, i have regular cycle will taking this mess that up for the rest of my life?

  99. i have an irregular cycle. the instruction says i should take it on the first day of my period. is that so?

  100. is the effectivity diminished if the second dose is taken 24 hours after the first?

    any other remedies? thanks!

  101. I used trust pills as an ecp is it effective as nordette because its cheaper

  102. what will happen if i don't take the 21st pill? i'm having unbearable kidney stone problems so i have to take bactrim, a sulfonamide that shouldn't be taken with nordette at the same time, as soon as possible. i will be at my 21st pill tomorrow but i really have to take bactrim already. please tell me what i should do.

  103. Mikee here~

    Dapat talaga may forums/discussions about this.
    Malaking tulong tong mga ganito for the women.
    Thanks #madhatter for this info.

    @anonymous December 4, 2010 2:05 AM
    ask your doctor kung pede pagsabayin.
    kung walang magiging side effects~

  104. precripted drug xa..

  105. hi,

    what body changes should i experience after taking nordette, aside from nausea and feeling of "impacho"? pre-intake, i have some notable discharges. until now, there are still some viscous discharges...

    - nina

    for history:
    Event happened on Dec 7 at about 10pm-11pm-12mn.
    1st day of last menstrual period: Nov 19
    (not sure when was the last day)
    Nordette intake: Dec 10 at 1pm (1st dosage of 4 pills - about 63hours post-unprotected sex), Dec 11 at 1am (2nd dosage of 2nd 4 pills), and Dec 11 at 1pm (3rd dosage of 4 pills). [Yes, i took three sets]

  106. Where can one buy a home pregnancy test kit here in the philippines?

  107. can i use trust pills as ecp? if yes, what is the dosage?

  108. hi.. this is kichi, iba iba ba klase ng nordette?? bat may nordette - 28?? iba ba un dun sa color yellow na tablet??? or parehas lang?? naconfused kasi ako

  109. 4 pills lang ang ininom ko.d ko sya nainom after 12 hours. gagana po ba yon? im going crazy here. ayoko pang mabuntis T_T

  110. Pano pag 4 pills lang ang ininom after 1 hour ng unprotected sex? tapos di nakainom ng 4 pills after 12 hours. ok pa ba yon? 3 days na ang nakakaraan nung nangyare samin ng bf ko. dapat bang ulitin ko ung routine? please reply kagad. im going insane here na. im currenlty 16 at nagsisisi ako sa gnwa ko. TY.

  111. hello guys,

    shin here.

    Wow, i never heard of this thing not until now, i also have same doubt as anybody here.

    I have few questions..

    1. Whats the difference between nordette generic and nordette 28? Which one should be taken?

    2. Will taking 4 pills at the same time and taking 4 pills after 12 hours can cause overdoze?

    3. Is it available at any mercury drug outlet OTC?

    4. Is it still effective even if it is taken 48 hours after we did the deed?

    5. What are the side effects?

    I need your input guys, it is actually 29hours after we did the deed.

    Please. Please. Thank you so much.

  112. hi im captainsweethear
    dec 4 nag start mens ko,dec 10 nag stop.dec 21 nag do kmi withrawal,my friend told me to use trust pills n pink.ininom ko sya nov 22 na consume ko ung 21 tablets sa loob ng 6 days,dec 28 another unprotected sex(di na nadala) im planning to buy expecting my mens on jan after ng nordette,kelan ako dpat mag kaka mens?salamat

  113. pwede n din ung trust pills n pink,

  114. hi im olive

    am i already sure that i wouldn't get pregnant if i got my period 9 days after taking nordette but it was fewer than my usual period?


  115. it's effective anonymous
    just take 4 pills all at the same time and then after 4 hours another four pills
    It does not cause drug overdoes.
    Itis available in ANY mercury drug outlet for 160 pesos
    it's still effective until 72 hours.
    side effects are nausea and vomiting mainly.
    nordette generic and nordette 28 are just the same.

  116. hi robbie here....
    i dont know kung ano ang effect ng nordette since today ko lang sya ginamit, i had sex last night 8 pm to be exact and uminiom ako ng nordette 12:30 afternoon.. yesterday was my first day of fertility, im a married person and have kids pero di pa ako handa ulit mag kaanak.. i hope this nordette help me, i buy it from manson drug.. nung una ayaw ako bentahan kasi di ko sinabi yung brand ECP (emergency contraceptives pill) ang una kong sinabi then they said wala daw, so guys its better to say the brand name para bentahan kayo (nordette) good luck to us.. :)

  117. hi im captainsweetheart,
    i used trust pills n pink kc same lng sila ng generic ng nordette,,,so i take the 1st 4 pills aftr 26hrs cmula nun nag do kmi,the aftr 12 hrs nman ung another 4,im waiting my mens n lng.

  118. Any feedback if this worked?

  119. hi martina here...

    i just recently bought nordette in mercury drug and it costs 160 pesos. I have taken my second doze and i will just wait for a week what will happen. wala naman ako naramdaman na side effects. di ako nagsuka. good luck sakin. :)

  120. @captainsweetheart: hi kalista here, i'm planning to use trust pills also.. just wanna know if you did experience vomitting or nausea? or what side effects did you encounter? please kindly answer...

  121. hi martina,

    Right now, are you feeling any other side effects?

    Like fatigue, cravings, stomach cramps, slight nausea?

  122. ask ko lang po.. kc we did it on dec.25 and i was fertile during that time, then i took nordette on dec 28.. tapos we did it again on jan 3 and again, i was on my fertile period and i took another proper dose of nordette.. will it still work? please help..

  123. @anonymous January 5, 2011 7:22 PM,

    If done properly, more or less its supposed to work. Right now, try to abstain, wait, and pray

  124. Sana mag ka regla na lahat kayu...Say yes to RH Bill!! Guy nga pla ako for fyi.

  125. captainsweetheart.
    hi martina.medyo n duduwal lng,pero ok lng nman.dumating ung mens ko on time.eksato jan 4 nag k mens ako,aftr 7 days stop n sya.medyo mahina sa simula pero ok lng nman...i used trust pills n pink

  126. hello im captainsweetheart
    ung comment ko is 4 kalista,nag kamali lng ako martina nalagay ko...

  127. has anyone tried this but got her period later than the usual 7-9 days after? Ive read the whole thread and no one has gone further than 9 days. Tom will be my 10th day since taking nordette and still no signs of getting my period. No other types of discharge at all!

  128. hi.. just call me praning. cuz im really am. haha.
    i just want to share my experience with nordette. this one serves as a testimonial.

    im not praning anymore, cuz i just had my period awhile ago, and thats 8 days after i took the 2nd dose of nordette. i was praning since i didnt had my period yesterday, the 7th day.

    me and my bf had sex on the 6th of january around 7 to 8pm. we had safe sex, used condom, but unfortunately.. the condom broke. i was goin hysterical so i searched for morning pills here in the phils. then i got here. the day after i bought nordette at mercury drug for P160 (just act normal dont be shy cuz its their job theyre used to it). i took the 1st dose, 4 pills 7:30pm. then took the 2nd dose after 12 hours, 4 pills 7:30am. i didnt feel nauseous, but after lunch around 1pm i vomited. my friends told me the pills would have been distributed to my bloodstream cuz its been 5 hrs since i took the last dose and the pills gets digested 2-3 hours according to them (theyre nurses btw). so yea i just waited for my menstruation to come.. on the 4th day my breasts were geting a little bit painful and my so as my abdomen (puson) and i thought of maybe ill be having my period soon. i waited for saturday, the 7th day but nothing happened. so i thought of maybe itll come tomorrow.. and yeah it came on the 8th day. what a relief! whew!

    so yea, i wont tell my bf yet. ill scare him a lil bit. goodluck girls and thank you so much madhatter for this blog. more useful blogs to come!

  129. hi!.. im KARA.. i took the 8 pills as an ECP..but i am planning to take it daily.. how am going to start?? do i need to buy a new pask of pills? or hinatyin ko nah muna nah mgmense ako..??

    another concern den po...ilang days po bah ang effect ng ECP??

  130. hi miss kara. siguro wait for your period na lang muna kasi baka madelay lang yan ng madelay if u take too much nordette. then if u want to take it daily, read mo nlng ung instructions sa label. ung effect ng ecp, usually after 7 days darating ung menstruation mo, it depends kung kelan mo tinake ung nordette. pag mas maaga, mga 7 days after ka magkakaron. pag mas late, mas madedelay..

  131. hi robbie again here.. im just wanna share my experience...
    i take nordette i bought it from manson drug. since i dont want to feel any side effects like nausea and everything bumili pa ako ng extrang gamot para sa hilo at suka, i take 2 tablets para hindi talaga ako makaramdam ng hilo. sinabay ko sa nordette ang pag inom ko sa anti nausea.. but unluckilly nakaramdam pa din ako ng sobrang pag kahilo pero natural lang siguro yun, my 2nd tablet of nordette i take it 12 hours and swerte kasi matutulog na ako nun so wala naman akong naramdaman na pag kahilo or anything.. the nxt day shempre wait ka kung kelan ka mag kakaron but expect na medyo delayed ang menstrual period na darating kasi dahil sa nordette pero mag hintay lang kayo specially sa mga girls na nag take ng nordette or trust pills within 12 hours of contact. this is very effective morning after pill since i already using it for my self, pero syempre dapat mas maging safe pa kayo lalo na sa mga bata pa dyan at ayaw talaga mag buntis. mag pa inject kayo para hassle free every 3 months or mag contraceptives.. yun lang.. if you guys have questions its better to contact me at my facebook account. ill help you as much as i can. god bless..

  132. Hello, its been 15 days since I last took the 2nd dose of Nordette and still nothing :(

    I experienced an increase in discharge after 2-5 days with the 4th and 5th having the most discharge. Experienced an increase in appetite and nothing more..

    Altho I'm expecting my regular cycle this weekend. Does this mean the ECP didn't work?

  133. Hi im JANNE,

    uhmm how about this scene:
    january 16 -(12.30pm) i've taken nordette 1st dose
    then after 24 hrs (january 17) ko sia natake..pagkakaintindi ko kasi 24 hrs.. un pala 12 hours..

    and now,
    january 18 10.30 pm-after reading the blog, i've realized mali ang pagtatake ko..

    wala pa namang 72 hours since 'THAT'.. kaya i decided to take 4 pills AGAIN...then 4 pills again after 12 HOURS na talga..

    waaaaah! nakakapraning..

  134. i made a research sa formulation ng nordette, it contains 30 mcg ETHINYL ESTRADIOL, 150 mcg LEVONORGESTREL and I found out na it has the same formulation with LADY PILLs ( byTRUST). Is the lady pills has the same efficacy with nordette? LADY PILLS is only 30+php while nordette is 100+php. ~DIMHE~

  135. Trixia here..

    Question lang po..

    My regular period starts from Jan 8-11..then nag unprotected love make kami ng husband ko from Jan 16,17,18,19.. Kung iinom pa ba ako ng nordette today bale 4 pills before ako sleep tonight and then 4 pills 12 hours after..effective pa po ba yun?


  136. do i need to buy PT first??? before taking nordette??

  137. Stephanie here.. :)

    how bout if more than 5 days since nag sex kami ng bf ko den pwde pang mag take ng Nordette??? can i intake this kahit di pa nakain

    Aside 8 tablets lang tlaga ang icoconsume sa 21 tablets na un???

    If walang nangyaring effect do i need to take more???

  138. Nordette is just like other pills you buy in the drugstore. The only difference is the manner of taking it.

    You can use whatever birth control pills that suits you.

    In my case i use diane 35, no pimples and no bloating.

  139. Hi, just call me ech.
    I had my sex last January 22 around 2-4 am.
    Then at this morning around 4-6 am sex again.
    Sabi ng BF ko pinalabas daw nya 2nd round but the first round parang hindi daw.
    I was so paranoid kaya nag research ako ng EC & I found this site and nalaman ko ang tungkol sa Nordette. I immediately bought Nordette and natawa pa ako sa sarili ko kasi ang pag pronounce ko ng Nordette is "Nodette", ask ang pharmacist ung pill bah?? sabi ko oo hahaha.. natawa ako sa isip ko.. Tapos agad ko syang ininom at exactly 4pm pero isang pill lang ang nainom ko kasi hindi ko gaano na gets ang mga instructions dito.. Ang tanong q lang: If isusunod q bah ang 3 pills ngaung 7 pm, magging effective parin bah un? or uulitin q parin iaapat ko nalang? so, back to uno.. Isang pill pa nga na take q pero parang pinagsakluban na aq ng langit at lupa sa sobrang hilo at masakit din ang ulo q.. Is it effective to take 4 pills at the same time? hindi ba tayo nyan ma ooverdose? Natatakot kasi akong ma overdose... Pls. somebody can answers my queries? Thank you so much for this site, nakakahanap ako ng kakampi..

  140. Last question: Ech here:
    Is it still effective to take even you drink alcohol 15 hours later then you'll take the Nordette Pills? I hope it won't reverses the effectiveness of the pill..

  141. @Ech - Basic rule in taking any kind of medication is not to take it with alcohol or make sure there is no alcohol in your system. You're going to give your kidneys a hard time anubeh :(

    How to take the ECP:
    Nordette - 1st Dose of 4 pills take within 120 hours of intercourse then the 2nd Dose of 4 orange pills take 12 hours after 1st dose.
    After that you should NOT take anymore nordette (hindi po niyo uubusin ang banig or pill pack)

    Salamat sa mga nag share, since most have the same questions, ill try to answer some of them...

    Panu pagnasuka ka should you take nordette? If you threw up the pills and buo pa sige take it ulit obviously they were not digested. If you just threw up liquid, siguro hwag na, you're most likely throwing up because of the nausea effect of Nordette.

    Wala pa period ko and I took the Nordette doses on schedule, should I take it again?... wait it out Sis if you've read the posts here from different women, their periods eventually came. Do NOT overdose yourself with Nordette.

    I can't stand the Nausea what should I do? A trick in taking Nordette is to take bonamine or a paracetamol once you start experiencing nausea or sleep it off by the time you wake up the nausea is gone.

    For extra info on available ECPs sa Pinas, pls refer to this post -

  142. ano po ba ang ppinaka effective, femenal, nordiol or nordette?

  143. Hello. I would just need some sort of assurance. My boyfriend and I had sex with a protection on. But being the paranoid people that we are, we decided to drink Nordette a few hours after the deed just to make sure. But I only drank 2 pills for the first dosage and another 2 pills after 12 hours. Would that work to prevent pregnancy?

  144. Hi everybody! We had our first sex last January 22 and Jan 24. I took Nordette last Jan.24 around 4pm, and I follow the ideal procedure of taking it. My problem is when I took the first dosage, I am also taking alcohol 15 hours ago. I'm a bit scared that it wont take any effects but after taking the pills I am manifesting those common side effects naman such us dizziness, headache and nausea. Then now, 5 days ago I took Nordette, I noticed that I had lot of discharges, & sometimes I'm having a cramps sa may puson. I noticed also that my breasts were a bit painful & itchy but not all the time naman. Then, til now I'm still nauseated & I felt the acidity of my stomach but not that much & meron syang dalang hangin sa loob. Is this normal guys? I am also "matakaw" with food now. My mens would fall this coming Feb.6.

  145. lala..
    i am about to take nordette... i had sex about 3 hrs ago.. im quite curious if this will really work and quite anxious about the side effects of it,,, please answer if this will be effective or not... fyi.. its my 15th day in my calendar and im irregular,,, thanks!

  146. hi pogingpogi here,

    actually ako ang ang suggest nitos a gf ko. then ang gusto ko lang malaman after 7-9 days nagkaroon daw sya. so yun na ba yun>? ibig sabihin ma'am di sya nabuntis? i mean para daw may spotting nung umpisa tapos lumakas tapos mejo spotting na lang ulit? tumama po ba ma'am? medyo ako pa kinakabahan..
    note: nung tinake nya un is 5 days after nung mens nya.. safe period ba yun. nagkamali aksi akos a loob ko na ano. please answer po. thank you very much and more power.

  147. ma'am just to shorten my question kelan ko malalaman kung effective nga yung gamot? ty.

  148. Thanks for this site...

    I had my period on Jan 22-27.

    Had sex Feb 2. So mejo delikado na if ever.

    Will be taking Nordette in a few minutes. Let's see how this goes. Praying :)

  149. After ko po ba magkaroon after following the right procedure magiging normal na po ba yung mens ko ulit or magiging irreg na ako? Thanks po.


  150. hello! i just wanna ask if it is advisable if i just use EC for the moment and not a regular pill since my husband now is always out of town and we don't have a "regular intercourse" i mean he was home for only a week and then will be leaving again for a month or two. for practicality sake. can i just take EC after each intercourse whenever he comes home, which takes only for a week.


  151. a follow up question pls! liz here again. if we had an intercourse last feb 1 & 2 then i took the pill last feb 3. am i still safe? thanks!

  152. Hello, ech here! i hope somebody could answer my questions. i took nordette pills 9 tablets last january 24. then,after 5 days, i noticed that i had a vaginal itching but not that intense with whitish cheesy discharge-like & is odorless. According to my researched, it is called yeast infection and not STD,it is a side-effect of taking a pill or any antibiotics. somebody here having a case like mine? i also noticed 2 weeks after taking the pill, i'm having many pimples already. then up to now, 15 days later i took the pill, i didn't yet have my period but got some discharges. di ba 1 week after taking the pill, you should have your period na? & also my breasts were painful but bearable naman. about naman sa vaginal itching ko, nice naman yung prognosis nya, hindi na xa ganun ka tindi kasi kahit na wala akong gamot, na alalagaan ko namang mabuti ito. thanks & more power to all! sana mag mens na tau ahahahah! aja!

  153. Hello Ech, Nicole here. I still don't have my period or whatever that was supposed to come out but I have similar effects like yours. I didn't realize the itching was because of the pill but probably kasi once in a while nagugulat ako super itchy. then may discharge din and parang swollen breasts but no mens yet. Super nagpimple din back ko, buti hindi sa face, hehe. So yun, similar tayo I guess. Sana magmens na tayo:)

  154. @madhatter,everyone
    hello.. just wanted to share this. first madhatter salamat sa blog na ito..

    hello i have a girlfriend and we DO around 5:00pm yesterday(feb 10)..
    we had to make sure so i bought up nordette in mercury outlet near our residence venue.. its almost 19hrs now and she did not intake it yet because she had schooling. so we plan to take it at exactly 6pm(feb11). so a total of 25hrs today before she take it.. my questions is, Is it will be effective to take it even though we had exceeded for 24hrs for the first dose..?? thanks in advance to those person who will answer this..^^

  155. Thanks for the helpful post.
    I followed the guidelines and after taking 4 nordette, then 4 again after 12 hours, I had my period after 1 week! Thanks! :)

  156. i'm crossing my fingers on trust pills. 4 pills on the first dosage, and another 4 after 12 hours. however, it's been about 72 hours since intercourse. i hope this works.
    i wish everyone luck! :)

  157. Hi there guys,

    uhmm my boyfriend and I had sex about 5 day after my period(valentines day) and we sort of had an unprotected sex coz he's not sure whether a small amount of his love juice was erupted inside me, so yeah i searched about the morning after pill and saw this blog. Do u think that i should still take nordette coz its just just 5 days after my period??? And one more thing, i will be having aa urinalysis this coming friday for my allergy, do u think the doctor will find out that i have used the pill???

    hoping that you can reply asap..

    Thank you and God bless

    -valentines girl



  159. the first time i took nordette as ecp i got delayed for 5 days, then the next month my period came exactly after 30 days. example, i was to have my period dec 19, i got my period dec 24. then cam january, i got my period on the 24th din.

    second time i took this pill was feb 1, which is 8 days lang after my period. Ayun, I got my period last feb 9. It came early. Kinda depressing kasi feeling mo nauubos na dugo mo. Pero at least you know you're not pregnant.

    everytime na nagtake ako nito, walang side effects except bloating...yung tipong mukha ka 2 or 3 months preggy. hehe.

    hope this helps. be safe everyone.


  161. @Anonymous Feb.19

    It's not possible na mabubuntis ka when you had your mens kahit pang ilang days pa iyan kasi nga hindi ka fertile noh, nahinog na ang itlog mo at nag slough off ang endometrium mo that causes you to menstruate.. Pero ikaw bahala, mas mabuti ng nakakasiguro ka..

    From: RN_dec2010

  162. Nicole here - nagmens na ako after 2 weeks magtake ng Nordette. But it's also the 28th day since my last mens, so baka yun na lang din yun. Though hindi naman ako 28days. Either way, I'm jsut happy it's here already! I thank God and magbebehave na ako! haha :D

  163. Hello

    Ech here..

    I had sex 3 consecutive days..
    ang 1st night unprotected talaga sya but in just 1 round. Now, sa sobrang ka praningan ko, what I did is I took 8 pills of Nordette for each day that we had sex, 1st dose is 4 pills then the second dose after 12 hours is 4 pills.. 3 days X 8 pills = 24 pills.. ano na po mangyari sa akin ngaun? huhuhu.. gusto ko lang po kasi makasiguro.. baka hindi na aq mag mens.. pls help..

  164. ieffective po ba kahit ndi orang un nbili kung nordette?pls i need ur reply asap

  165. thanks for this post..
    great help indeed..
    how can i consult a gyne when i am just 17 yrs. young??????
    too shy to ask :((

  166. guiys im peanut..

    we had our 1st sex last wednesday.
    but. i ejacualte and i used withdrawal.
    peru . halos simillya lg lahat lumbas..
    anu po ba mssbe nyu sa nangyre?
    and actually i masturbate 5 hrs. b4 we sex..
    tnx sa magrereply :]

  167. hello this is gina again... as i posted earlier, my bf and i had an accident during intercourse, and it was really hard to get info about morning after pills. i saw this site more that 72 hours after the incident.

    i just want to share that i used trust pills (4 tabs for the first dose, another 4 tabs after 12 hours - second dose, and no more tabs after)... my period came after 5 days. it worked. and, no, i haven't used pills ever.

    patience everyone. and be safe. :)

  168. hello guys, i need help!!!
    i had unprotected sex during the 3rd day of my period.
    im very paranoid because im not sure if he came inside of me or not.
    so to be "safe", i took nordette (and yes, it's still available OTC in the Philippines..i recently purchased one for Php160 at mercury drug store)

    I took the 1st dose (4 pills) around 4:30pm
    im still waiting for the 12hours to pass so that i could take the 2nd dose. btw visit this website if you're unsure about nordette or other ECP's

    I still have my period right now.
    do you think there's a chance of me getting pregnant?

    or im just really paranoid??
    someone, please help! :(


  170. worried.

    I'm very worried right now after reading the post in this forum

    ahhh. did any of you ladies experience these?
    right now i'm experience bloating, breasts tenderness/sore, tiredness

  171. i knew about nordette thru ur site juz today coz i dnt know if there is any morning after pill in the phils.. m freakin out here coz last nyt my parner n i did the thing then crazily we did not have any protection, i remembered na there are morning after pills.but i just dont know the dosage so last nyt after we bought pills ug trust and i took one..should i just buy nordette then take 4 pills then 4 pills nanaman after? need help nah plzzz..m so freakin confused now...

  172. Hi i'm ela! My first day of my last menstruation period was last feb 18, me and my husband had contact last sunday ( february 27 at exactly 6;00am). I jusdt took nordette today March 3 at 7:30 am- 4 pills and after 12 hours another 4 pills.. I'm so worried i already have three kids and its my first time to take pills. Would there be a chance for me to get pregnant?

  173. chiq here..

    i also have the same problem as others do..
    we had sex feb25 and supposed my period should be feb27 but unfortunately nde ako nagkaron so i get so paranoid..i took nordette is march4 and i still didnt have my period..
    im gettin so worried..
    and im aready loosing my mind..
    im so stress that i cant eat and sleep because of thinking if i am pregnant..
    hope to hear anything soon..

  174. chikie here..

    please help..

    me and my boyfriend had sex feb25 and he came inside me..i took nordette feb28 early in the morning..i was supposed to have my period the same day but it didnt come out so i took nordette, its already march6 now and i still dint have my period..
    what's making me more crazy is im having an abdominal cramps everyday exactly for 5days..
    can anybody tell what's goin on in me??
    does anyone here expiriencing the same?
    im loosing my head.. :((

  175. my gynecologist prescribed nordial 250mcg and i'll be taking it 3tabs in my 1st dose and 3tabs in my 2nd dose as my ecp but then there's no available in the pharmacy so i need to buy nordette as they have the same generic name..but i just take 1st dose-3tabs and 2nd dose-3tabs of nordette. Is this still effective? i'm bit worried, i wasn't able to confirm my gynecologist again because she's out on her clinic. And i really had to take nordette that time to cover up within 72hours..please have an advice or comment on this..thanks

  176. I took the pill 17hours or 137 hours (I don't know which was the first) after some penile penetration. I know its unlikely effective past 120 hours but who knows? My boyfriend said he wasn't sure if he really got inside me and I'm not sure either. All I know is that his penis is near my vagina and that sperms can swim. And all my bf knows is that didn't explode in me and that he withdraw-ed when he felt the tingling. I can't take the risk, I was stupid to ever tried playing with fire when I am so ignorant about this stuff so after work I immediately went to the net and landed with this blog about Nordette. I took the pill and felt like throwing up on the 2nd dose but who knows if its my body's reaction or its just me thinking that I am throwing up because thats what people are saying and I constantly read so I think my mind is just playing a trick on me. Other than that, I didn't feel anything uncomfortable since, the changes I can think of is I ate more the regular amount of food I eat. My breast are tender now which is normal as all of you mentioned that it will come to that. I'm still on the 6th day and by tummy is now so huge. Its like I'm three months pregnant. It couldn't happen that fast right? Is this just an effect of the pill? Did some of you experience bloatedness too? I'm worried cause I did not feel any pain in my abdomen which I should be experiencing if I am nearing my cycle coz I am those unlucky people who experience primary dysmenorrhea. :( -> Sarah

  177. ghuys i need help.

    i took nordette last feb 22 and 23' 4pills in 1st dose then 4pills again after 12hrs. of the 1st dose. fter 8 days i had my period but im worried because in the 2nd day of my period i had pain urine every time i take a pee i experience pain and until now 7days of my period i stil experience that kind of pain every time i taked pee.

    theres anyone have the same problem of mine? please help and answer this post.thanks

  178. hello please answer.

    I forgot to take the 2nd dose of nordette on the 12th hour, but I took it as soon as I remembered it. 1 hour and 30 mins late. is it okay? please reply. THANKYOU -ana

  179. queen here,
    had unsafe sex last valentines day, took 4 pills Nordette at once, then 4 pills again after 12 hours. It's been 23 days after, and I still don't have my period. what could have caused this? is it normal? dapat nagkaron na ako last March 7 eh// help!!

  180. what if i took the second dose 13 hours (not 12) after the 1st dose? will it still work?



  182. I've read this from way back then but I didn't know I'll be posting a question here. Okay, so here's the catch.. I took nordette on March 3 in the evening and 12 hours after. My period is due on the 17th but on March 6, my 19th day, I had some sort of bleeding. I was worried it is an implantation bleeding so I searched the net. They said that implantation bleeding is supposed to be light and it's not fresh blood. In my case, it lasted for 3 days, it's fresh and it's moderate in quantity.

    Is it the effect of the drug? anybody experienced the same thing? Could I still be pregnant? Help!

    Thanks! --- Farah

  183. my gf take the 2nd dose of nordette after 6 hrs. we had unprotected sex again is the nordette still effective?please answer me with s sure answer.....plsssssss

  184. my gf took the 2nd dose of nordette after 6 hrs we had unprotected sex is the nordette still effective? please i need your answer plsssss

  185. Ma'am Madhatter please help me.

    I have the same problem as Farah. I'm having some sort of bleeding. need to know kung effect lng po ba yun nung Nordette that I took last Mar.7 Actually I took Nordette during my menstruation, had an unprotected sex during my period so to be sure I took the med. My menstruation ended Mar.8 tas ngayon, yun nga po my bleeding ako (mejo mrami po ung amount at red in color). I'm so worried right now,.I dont know if it is the effect of Nordette or possible na Implantation :((( please help me. Please! :(

  186. good day, I'm Mika. This post is very helful. But I just want to ask if there are cases that nordette failed?

  187. im on the same situation with u Ana C nd Farah, it's actually my 3rd time to ingest nordette but the last time i took it it was my last day of period na, to be exact last march 11 and now I noticed im bleeding brown-red in color with mild cramps.. planning to do a PT tom.. i've read that it's a side effect to have a breakthrough bleeding pero im not sure kapag used as an ECP.. good luck satin!!

  188. Anne here!

    My concern is about the dosing of the pills. I have taken the first 4 pills after the deed and after 12 hours I take only 3 pills(naubusan na kc ako)Is 7 pills enough? Is it still effective? Please respond to my question madhatter, I badly need you :(

    PS. LADY pills ( by TRUST) yung gamit ko.

  189. jelly to.

    nag sex kami ng gf ko nasira yung condom and i cum inside and natkot kami.ask ko lang yung expekted period nya is this sunday(di naman siya fertile na kita ko sa calendar method and regular xa)may tendency ba na mabuntis sya?ans me ASAP:(

  190. may chance ba na di magka-mens 7-9 days after taking nordette? kase i took nordette last wed march 9 and up to know wala pa rin pong period... pero all the symptoms naman naranasan ko... such as pagsusuka, sobrang hilo tapos ung dibdib ko sumakit up know masakit pa din. tanong ko lang may case ba na effective ung gamot kahit di nya sisirain ung cycle mo or di ka magkakaruon 7-9 days after taking the pill? thanks po^_^

  191. -ALLYN- ask q lng poh kung magiging irregular ka poh ba pagkatpos mung uminom ng nordette ... hindi na b mggng normal ung mens mu hindi na ba bblek sa pagiging regular? thankz in advance GODBLESS to all...

  192. hi, j here,
    my gf and i had sex last march 14 (1st day after her menses) and on march 15, and its unprotected, we didn't use withdrawal method at all, is there any chance she could get pregnant???

    one more thing, we also do last march 24, and its more likely unprotected sex, then she took trust pill (4 tabs) and another 4 tabs after 12 hrs...could she become pregnant???
    we're now waiting for her menses

  193. jayjay

    halu binasa ko lhat ng coment nyu..... me and my gf had sex march 26 around 1pm at unprotected at mrun xang mens.... advisable ba na mgtake prin xa ng nordette sa march 27 khit my mens xa?? mabubuntis prin b xa kc nbasa ko may posibility khit my mens....

    please help!!!!!!!!!!

  194. miho here:
    i took nordette ecp as prescribed above, ( thats after 2weeks of my period) then exactly 7 days later I got LIGHT MENS kahit di pako due for mens dapat 2weeks later pa. I thought its spotting due to pregnancy but I bravely took a home pregnancy test that same day and its negative naman. so meaning the bleeding/spotting is bec of nordette. my next problem is kahit light mens yun considered na din ba yun as NORMAL MENS? so I need to adjust my calendar method to that date(days of light mens) so i can predict my next ovulation? thankyou this has been a lifesaver ^^V

    BTW i bought my nordette otc from SAVEMORE DRUGSTORE its quite cheaper. yes i experienced nausea and vomitting but I drank Bonamine also so it really lessened my headache. Be sure to also EAT a lot before drinking nordette ^^V lets be safe everyone!

  195. hi! i just went through all the comments. i am an RH advocate and i've given sessions on RH and family planning to adults ang young people. We do not have the emergency contraception pill in the Philippines but then, we can substitute.
    tama ang sinabi ng iba to use nordette or trust pill or lady. the last two are the cheapest pills you can get from any drugstore.
    within 72hours after unsafe sex, take pills 1-4 (see the back of the blister pack for the numbers). 12hours after taking pills 1-4, take pills 5-8. you'll get your period in less than a week.
    please don't engage in unsafe sex again. kung laging ginagawa ang emergency contraception, nasasanay ang katawan, hindi na rin magiging effective eventually. if you plan to have more sex, then make it safe sex.

  196. I used nordette last month, i'm a regular 32 day cycled. Last month I was at 28th, probably because of Nordette though hindi dumating mens at the 7th day of taking it.

    Anyway, this month, na-delay ako ng 6 days. So it's about... 38 days since my last mens, I'm not sure kung effect pa rin ng Nordette since nadisturb ang regular cycle ko but just sharing.

  197. who answers our questions dito?

    wla pa rin yun mens ko. i was expecting it sa 25 huhuhu
    im gonna buy a PT tomorrow, para i.check ko na lng if positive or neg.
    pls pray for me na negative :(((

    good luck na lng sa lahat. be safe everyone!

  198. Hi, this is Alexa, I have a boyfriend but he's abroad, and I met this super nice and sweet guy but the catch,he has a gf. But despite that,we started dating, and eventually, something happened betweenus. He came inside me, unprotected sex. Said it was safe coz it's after my menses..I went to mercury drug to buy nordette, and took 4 pills already, I'll be taking the next dose tomorrow at 7 am.. I know my period will come a month away pa, but for good measure, I took nordette. Please pray for me..I feel so afraid and guilty.. I hope this nordette works

  199. @miming Thanks for posting! Do u have an RH advocacy site I could link to? I think the info from a local perspective will help a lot.

    @Alexa sorry off topic. obviously the long distance thing is not working for u, the local guy though hot is taken and wouldn't pull thru for you. You didn't have to go thru this alone
    :( let go of the guilt, life is short.

    @Anonymous As u can see nangangapa tayung lahat sa effectivity ng nordette. It works different for everyone, not every girl has the same plumbing eh, may konti tayung pinagkakaiba at iba't-iba ang cycles natin.

    Sa mga sexually active po, maganda makabisado niyo na ang date ng first day and last day ng menses niyo- mark it every month. let ur menses be ur guide, matuto ka rin magbilang kung kelan ka fertile, this is another back-up besides nordette. Please note kung 15-20 days na, wala ka pang mens, most likely you are pregnant- mag PT ka na. best of luck!

  200. @madhatter
    Alexa here:
    Yeah, it's off topic but thanks..The "hot" guy was somehow mad at me coz i was acting all paranoid and I guess, what u said that he wouldn't pull for me is right.. I hope nordette works. I'll be in deep trouble if I get pregnant..though I am not ovulating during the time we had unprotected sex since it's right after my period. sigh! :(