Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tipping in Manila: SC is King!

Any establishment whose bill includes a Service Charge (they mark it as SC), which is 10%, you do not need to tip anymore.

But if there isn't any SC, leave the tip inside the folder or with the receipt. P20 is okay, P100 is being generous enough already. You do not need to tip more than you should, but if you have a big heart- go ahead.

Most pinoys will often help you without expecting anything in return (this is mostly true in the provinces).

For sales people, hairdressers, stylists - they will initially decline your offer if the the shop has a strict no-tip policy. But tips are certainly welcome by the individuals themselves, money is hard to come by, so just do it discreetly and hand over the tip when no one's paying attention to the two of you.

Some shops have tip jars, you may tip between the P20-P50 range. I think P10 bucks is way too low nowadays.


  1. To us dollar earners, a $5 tip is nothing. To me, it's sharing my blessings!

  2. To tip in $$ can invite trouble, but not all the time, from what I heard. One or two observers can go after you. It's adviceable and practical not to tip in Pesos and declare you are a dollar man in this time of economic woes and downturn.

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