Thursday, January 1, 2009

Housekeeper Rates in Manila? How much should one expect to pay someone to cook, clean and wash?

How Much does a Housekeeper cost in Manila? How much should one expect to pay someone to cook,clean and wash? What is the average salary? The person would come a few hours a day to Do the Cooking,some cleaning and laundry.

Average is P2,500-3k a month in Manila, in the province its P1,800-P2,000 per month. These are stay-in rates. The problem with these rates is the high turn around, they can easily leave you if someone offers them a better rate.

If you want your housekeeper to stay with you, pay her a good rate and provide for her jeepney fares. Give her incentives or bonuses if you can't afford giving her a constant pay raise when gas prices go up.

A good rate is P5-8k a month, she will stay with you for years. 6k would be- let's say a government clerk or an administrative office worker's salary. So this would be a good deal for her. This also depends on how experienced she is, like if she has been a housekeeper or nanny for 10-15 years.

If you decide to go with the P2,500-3k a month, please make sure you pay for her monthly social security and philhealth (health insurance). This is a good thing you can do as an employer and it is also required by the law.

As a tip, lay out all the ground rules before you hire her. Let your housekeeper know your house rules and what tasks you want done everyday or weekly. Like if you want your bathroom scrubbed weekly, the bedsheets change every two days, the ironing only to be done on Tuesdays, etc. Its better for you to let her know early what is expected of her. If you're an expat, you have to understand there's a huge cultural difference when it comes to cleaning houses. Filipinos like to do things hands-on, scrubbing and dusting manually with a dust-cloth as oppose to using a noisy vacuum cleaner that doesn't reach into really filthy corners. To avoid having issues keep the lines of communication open.

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