Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where to Buy, Sell or Exchange Sodexho Gift Checks in the Philippines?

Holidays bring about the best and possibly lame gift givers. The Gift Cheque givers being the most uncreative - so what does one do when you receive all these SM gift checks? Or a Sodexho gift cheque? Also known as GCs (GeeCees)

GCs or Sodexho gift cheques are popular  during the holidays. They are also given away as prizes to contests ranging from radio promos, raffles and pageants.

If you don't want to get something from the store at 'gift cheque value', an alternative would be to sell or trade the gift check for money. Most people do this after Christmas especially employees and clients who receive loads of gift checks as bonuses.

Your best bet to get money out of your Sodexho Gift Cheque is the local pawnshop and the neighborhood moneychanger. These traders will purchase your cheque for a certain percent (10%-20%) or P100 to P50 off its gift cheque value.

Let's say you have a P500 gift check, they will buy the check for P400 and the trader pockets P100 as profit. You may ask around the shops first who gives the best value for your check. If you don't like the trade off then consider spending the gift cheque at the mall at its full value. Or give it to your mother or girlfriend, she wouldn't mind :)

In Makati City, you may Sell or Exchange Sodexho Gift Cheques at the pawnshops and money changers in Makati Cinema Square or the PRC area (tail end of Pasong Tamo Makati near the Sta. Ana race track). You can also purchase gift checks from these shops.


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