Friday, July 22, 2011

Where to Buy Earthworms for Vermicomposting and Organic Gardening in the Philippines?

Biolant BM, a company in Marikina offers worms for home Vermicomposting. If you're into growing your own veggies and enriching your soil through organic methods, here's some basics into the Vermicomposting process. In fact, you can turn your kitchen food waste into rich fertilizer by using worms.

Biolant offers African Nightcrawler earthworms for sale in Manila and vermicomposting starter kits for school science projects or for home use by organic farming ethusiasts.

Pricelist for the worms/wrigglers:
Pick-up price of African Nightcrawler Earthworms
one kilo (1 kg)- Php800.00
one-fourth kilo (1/4 kg)- Php300.00 [minimum order]

For the vermicomposting starter kits, please send an email or SMS for inquiries:

mobile: 0922 236 0905

Bet yah with these red wrigglers your salad's gonna taste better and a lot greener :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where to find an Ostomy Support Group in the Philippines?

I would like to share a helpful and informative website promoting awareness for Filipinos living with abdominal conditions that require them to live with colostomy bags or to have a stoma in place. These are pouching systems or holes place in the abdomen area to collect waste from the body (in place of orifices that have been damaged by disease).

Colostomy Friends of the Philippines is a blog for Pinoy ostomates. Through experiences of members of this support group, one can exchange information on how to better manage their pouch bags, how to deal with Stoma Skin Irritation,
irrigation techniques, etc.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why do Filipinos carry Umbrellas even when it’s Sunny outside?

Well, it’s hot to begin with and Pinoys love the shade. Most pinays don’t want their skins to get any darker. From a twisted cultural perspective, fair-skin and light colored skin is preferred or considered a marker of beauty. Hence, the umbrellas to shield the richly Gluthathione-fed skin of Pinays.

Some though, simply don’t want to get sunburned or suffer from heatstroke.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Where to buy a boom microphone, boom mic kits, mixers and other specialized audio equipment in the Philippines?

Specialized audio equipment used in professional and studio recordings, field and sound recordings, mixing (digital and analog) can be tough to find in Manila. You have to go to some specialty shops in Makati. Shotgun Microphone, mic stands, directional mic, microphone poles, boom mic kit, windscreen, cable kits, microphone windsocks, microphone fur, wind jammers, studio pop filters, velcro ties, and grilles; Other audio equipment which includes mixers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, turntables and recording units can be found in audio shops in Makati Cinema Square (some are at the basement level). Stores like Crystal Audio Productions and Audiophile are at the ground floor.

Crystal Audio Productions has a range of microphones and recording equipment on display.

Crystal Audio Productions
telephone: +63 909-4821714, +63 922 2784732

Crystal Audio Productions Store
Unit F6a Mezzanine Floor, Makati Cinema Square Commercial Complex, Don Chino Roces Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati City Philippines