Saturday, August 27, 2016

DFA Appointment System: No Confirmation Email for Passport Schedule

If you've made an appointment for DFA passport application and completed the online application on the 2016 slot you want. But did not receive a DFA confirmation email or DFA appointment code on your target date - well, you're not alone. There seems to be a glitch in the current system or a backlog on the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmation emails.

But don't PANIC! 

The email will come in, hours after. So don't worry!
There seems to be a delay in the system, but the DFA appointment code does eventually come in. Also do check your spam folder and other email folders.

Well what if it doesn't? What if I still don't have my email after 3 days?

The 72 Hour Reset of your Passport Booking Application
According to several Pinoys who have experienced this firsthand, there is a reset window. 

Your appointment booking has a reset of 72 hours (a total of 3 days since the time you filed it) meaning you can try booking the appointment slot you wanted after 3 days (if its still there).

If it's still not there and still no email. You will have to wait another 72 hours for the reset and apply again.

Keep in mind that whenever we apply to a government facility for paperwork we have to be patient.They are handling requests for the whole country. Compared to the situation decades ago, the government system in handling paperwork now is a huge leap. I commend the online ordering system of Census/NSO and the NBI Clearance which is quite efficient and very out of the dark ages. I hope the same can happen for the DFA and the UMID systems.