Monday, March 29, 2010

Computer, Laptop and Printer Repair Service Center in the Philippines

Busted HP printer? Laptop won't reboot? Need repairs on your Desktop PC? Don't throw your stuff out the window just yet. 

Try PC Clinic for repairs.

This post answers the following questions for those who emailed:
• So where do I have my HP Deskjet printer repaired in Manila?
• Do you know of a Computer repair Center in the Philippines which handles laptops?
• I think my computer has a virus or some malware where do I take it for repairs?
• Where can I have my flatbed scanner fixed in Manila?

Here's a list of PC Clinic Computer Repair Services:

• On-site / Home Service 
• Pick-up / Delivery Service
• Carry-in / While-you-wait
• Preventive Maintenance
• Comprehensive Maintenance
• Out-source Services 
• Business Solutions Consultation

Call them at their offices
Tel. (632) 244-9517; 244-9549 
Tel. (049)534-5167; 5767011  
Tel. (632) 682-6751; 788-5244  
Tel. (632) 856-4143; 957-4302  
Tel. (632) 487-8148; 964-9251

Online Inquiries:

PC Clinic is a computer maintenance and computer repair service center in the Philippines. Their range of repairs include data recovery, hardware part and repair, laptop repair, Virus Removal, PC installation and setup services and other trouble shooting services. They can repair machines with the following brands: HP, Epson, Acer, Sony, Toshiba etc.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why you should not Swallow Santol Seeds in the Philippines

Santol (Wild Mangosteen) grows abundantly in the summer and it is one of the sweetest things that would remind you of growing up in the Philippines. Santol is a delicately sweet, yet sour fruit commonly used in Filipino dishes like Sinigang.

So when you visit the Philippines, you may try all the tropical fruits such as sampaloc and santol. Do keep in mind when eating santol: Just suck, don't swallow. Santol seeds are deadly.

Eating enough santol seeds can perforate your intestines and kill you. The perforation will let out your bowel wastes into your blood stream. Santol seeds can also cause intestinal obstruction and immediate surgery is required. 

If you accidently swallowed one, make sure to watch your bowels, make sure to poop out the seed. You may try a laxative. If it doesn't pass and you are experiencing pain in your abdomen, go see a doctor.

More Santol Facts:
Santol is known scientifically as Sandoricum koetjape and called wild mangosteen by English speaking countries. It has several other names: gratawn in Thai, kompem reach in Khmer, tong in Lao, donka in Sinhalese, and faux mangoustanier in French. Santol grows from sea level of elevation to a height of 3,000 feet above sea level. It grows better in deep and organic grounds, and with great distribution of rainfall throughout the year, although it tolerates long periods of dry season. The distance of planting from each other is 20 to 25 feet.
Source: This sweet and sour fruit called santol

Here is an offcial advisory from Manila Medical Center:

It's the season of santol. Santol abound in the fruit stands.

Recently, in Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC), we have patients being operated on for obstructions and perforations of the large intestines caused by swallowed santol seeds. Quite a number have died because of late presentation. The same situation is being encountered in other hospitals. 

We, the surgical staff of OMMC, feel the mortality and morbidity associated with santol seed swallowing have reached a magnitude to consider the practice of swallowing santol seeds a public health problem.

We feel this public health problem with its potential for premature death is totally preventable by simply NOT swallowing santol seeds.

Thus, this notice of concern and advisory.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How much is the Overstaying Fee for Tourists in the Philippines?

I think as a rule of thumb for any traveller staying in any country, don't show up at the airport with an expired visa. And don't throw a fit if they won't clear you for your flight. If you had time to overstay, you could at least endure a day in queue at the Bureau of Immigration.

Yes, they have a counter at the airport that deals with overstaying tourists. But NAIA doesn't want to encourage this among tourists. Overstaying shouldn't be taken lightly. In other countries, overstayers are detained then deported.

As of March 2010, a balikbayan friend of mine paid P2,500 for a 30 day overstay.

The penalty for overstaying is P500 per month plus extension fees which usually adds up to P2,520. The common figure I encountered when I ask overstayers, the ones who are drunk as shit in Boracay and the last thing they could care about are their passports.

Travellers can pay up at the immigration counter in NAIA on the day of their flight. A risky move and if you have insufficient funds they will not allow you to board your flight. Its a no pay, no flight policy.

So save yourself from the stress and get a proper extension at the Immigration office.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Filipino Forums: Pinoy Niche Communities

If you're new in the Philippines and wish to find like-minded enthusiasts of your sport, hobby or profession. Then you may try to visit one of these pinoy forums:

Pinoy Guns

For ammunition and gun ethusiasts in the Philippines. Here you can meet reloading experts, gun pros and people in the defense and protection industry. You'll also find out about gun shops, firing ranges and where to get your gun license. This is as close as you can get to Texas in the PI :p


A forum on weight training and bodybuilding in the Philippines. The forum has announcements and topics on bodybuilding events, coaching, diet, regimen, workout and gyms. Its the best place to ask on how to start bodybuilding and how to get those rock hard abs!

Reef Philippines Forum

For the softies with an intricate  aquatic hobby, this is the forum for you. If you are looking for custom built aquariums for your saltwater fish or how to keep that rare breed of fish you bought in Cartimar alive - well you can try this forum which has very extensive topics like macro algaes, coral care, aquarium supplies, filtration and disease treatments. There might even be a marine biologist on board to answer your questions.