Friday, September 25, 2009

Where to Buy a Boat in the Philippines? And Where to go Sailing?

The Philippine archipelago is perfect for sailing. The country has a long tradition in boatmaking or customizing boats for fishing. Today, there are all sorts of local boatmakers for all kinds of boats like the following:

Trimaran by Andy Smith Boatworks

• Multi- Purpose, all-weather Fishing Boat
• Bass Boats
• Deck Boats
• Sea Skimmers/ Sailboats
• Yachts
• Trawler Yachts
• Motor Yachts
• High Performance Boats
• Wooden Boats
• Multi-Hulls
• Utility Boats

If you are interested in investing in cost-efficient, carefully supervised customized boats, you may check out the following companies:

Boatshop Philippines, a Cebu-based Multihull Sailing Yacht and Catamarans Boat Builder
(+63)32 429 9429

Island Boats Inc
Office: 91 Roces Quezon City
Call Benny at 931-9893 or 91 for an appointment
Mobile Txt: Tina at 0919+2234936

The BoatShop Corporation
Phone: 904-866-3117
Office: 239 Marseillas St. Salinas Rosario, Cavite, Philippines

Andy Smith Boatworks A Bohol based boat builder, specializing in glass-epoxy – ply, strip-plank, diagonal ply catamarans.
Office:Tipolo, Bolod, Panglao Island Bohol 6340, Philippines

Emings Fine Custom Boat Builders Philippines
Extreme Care and extraordinary craftsmanship go into every boat they build
please call - 032-272-1196 or mobile – 0919-804-9048 ask for Emings

For those looking for sailing and boat enthusiasts, please visit the Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club, a community of boat builders, boat enthusiasts and sailors.


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  3. Just want to add guys that you can have Rayomarine: Motor boat for sale as your option of having your boats. Thanks.