Monday, July 27, 2009

The Quickest Way to Commute to ABSCBN or Panay Avenue

Commuting to the ABS-CBN building? Going to Mother Ignacia street? Or just visiting one of the buildings along Panay Avenue? Going to the Film Academy of the Philippines? Looking for the OctoArts Building in Panay Ave?

The quickest way to get to there would be via MRT (Metro Rail Transit) get down Quezon Avenue Station along EDSA, walk to the Mcdonalds & 711 side. Right beside, McDo is a tricycle terminal (this is the start of the stretch of Panay Avenue). You can ask the tricycle driver to take you to ABS-CBN or to take you to your specific destination on Panay Avenue.

You can also opt to walk to ABS-CBN if you don't want to take the trike. From McDo walk further down Panay Avenue, turn left at Sgt. Esguerra Avenue which is the first street you will encounter intersecting Panay Avenue. One block away from his intersection is the ABS CBN compound.

Refer to this wonderful google map!


  1. This is very helpful, thanks!

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