Friday, September 25, 2009

Where to Purchase Mounted Insect Specimens in the Philippines?

For insect specimen collectors or entomology enthusiasts looking for tropical specimens endemic to the Philippines, there are mounted and framed specimens made by Anthropoda Philippines available for sale at Wilcon Builders branches particularly the branch in Pasong Tamo Makati.

Availability varies per season, but usually they have the following insects: butterfly (Papillon), Beetles (Coleoptera), Dragonflies (Anisoptera), Mantis and Locusts (Mantodea), Spiders (Araneae).

Five years ago, Wilcon Builders had a shelf full of insects on display, now they only have a small corner for the framed insects. They are under the home and living wares section, next to the glass vases and home decor.

The prices range from P300-P3,000 according to variety and rarity. The main supplier of Anthropoda Philippines is Acclaim Butterfly Philippines. A Butterfly farm company and a main supplier of Wedding butterflies.

How to find Wilcon Builders Depot 5
2212 Pasong Tamo, Makati City in front of Don Bosco Chapel
Phone: 893-3108 / 893-3142
893-3127 / 844-7306 / 893-3120
Fax Number: 893-3172


  1. existing pa bo itong anthropoda philippines? i really need insects for my entomology class.

  2. meron din sa Filipiniana section ng Landmark department store makati, they have mounted insects in photo frames