Monday, November 9, 2009

The Most Dangerous and Unsafe MRT Station Area in Metro Manila

I only go to Guadalupe via MRT when necessary because I know what I have to walk through in this area. I also make sure to only come here in broad daylight. Otherwise, I'll rather get off at the Buendia station and just take a Guadalupe bound jeep there.

Pedesterians going to the MRT station  'bottleneck' here on mornings.

Over the years, funeral wakes held at the Loyola Memorial Chapel has always dragged me back to visit this area. Nothing has changed. Maybe just the white walls. Pink fences or no fences, makitid pa rin, madilim pa rin. Amoy ihi at tae ang ilalim ng MRT stairway (the MRT stairway smells of urine and feces).

The Guadalupe path from the MRT station is long and narrow just meant for one person to pass through. If you cross paths with someone, one of you has to give way. You are at the mercy of strangers you come across with. Someone could stab you with an ice pick and you'll find yourself meters away from both ends, there is no quick exit,  your screams would probably drown in the noise of EDSA and the fast cars and buses would hardly stop or take notice.  

The San Carlos Seminary and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary has probably lotsa space inside, I think they could do the right thing for the Guadalupe community by easing this narrow path and donate a meter of their space for the public. Or the government should just purchase a meter of the land from them. Maybe it is easy for me to say these things because I wouldn't know the amount of paperwork and politics involved to make this a better and safer MRT stop.

I mean how many women probably got groped trying to go to work passing by here? Or people getting robbed at knife point? Who knows? I feel sorry for the call center agents living at this area. I can't imagine walking here at 11pm or 5am after their shifts.

Years ago on TV Patrol, there was a police report about a fast food worker raped and murdered at this station as she was just going home from work. I would understand the circumstances now why it happened, pedestrians are easy prey in Guadalupe. 

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