Friday, February 19, 2010

Web Hosting Provider in the Philippines: A Review

MSWEB Network Solutions informally known as Marvinsweb Solutions is a Web Hosting Provider in Manila, Philippines. For hosting services, they only accept full annual payments. They are not the cheapest around, but their hosting packages are reasonably price. Payment methods via Bank deposit and Western Union Money Transfer. They host a number of corporate websites and most notably the US Embassy local website. They are a popular hosting provider among local web designers and freelancers.

Things I liked about them:

*I like the fact that their site clearly indicates what you get in the hosting packages in detail and there are no hidden charges or missing services/features in the packages that would surprise you later on.

* They have a lot of hosting package options for you to choose from. So do your research and consult a professional about your website requirements before making a purchase. Buying the cheapest package available will not necessarily save you money, it might not be what your site needs. Consider your bandwidth needs, the files you will be uploading, etc.

* Their tech support is prompt and reliable in resolving issues.

*They are popular and have been in business for quite sometime.

Things I didn't like with their service: 

*Too many control panels to sign into, its overwhelming. You got one at the main site under the customers box, you got one for your domain like a helm/control panel and one separate login for tech or help support. So you have 3 passwords to juggle. 

* Their tech support is prompt and reliable in resolving issues. But blames you for the problem anyway. re: Activate DNS Settings button (doesn't really promise to automate things for you does it?). Guys its lame, just be honest if there is something wrong or some delay than to come up with some excuse (like DNS pointed to a different nameserver) just to pin the fault on your paying client. Most of your clients don't even know what a nameserver is, let alone redirect it somewhere with a specific address in mind. 

Well to users looking into purchasing web domains and hosting space, hope this helps you in making a decision. This post is a review, based on my opinion and my experience with the service. Hopefully the service would continue to live up to its name or make room for improvements.

Overall, Marvinsweb is a reliable hosting service. Yes, they can do without the quirks. But I think one should give the service a try :)

I'll be reviewing other hosting companies as well. So visit often!


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