Monday, April 26, 2010

Architectural Glass and Flat Glass Supplier in the Philippines

Looking for a glass manufacturing company in the Philippines which specializes in glass-support methods, glazing products, flat glass with degrees of obscurity processed through tempering, bending and laminating.

Architectural glass products are use for functional reinforcement and aesthetics in the vertical construction industry.

In the Philippines, Asahi Glass Philippines (AGC) is  a major architectural glass product manufacturer. Formerly Republic Glass Corporation in the 1950s, the company went into a joint venture with Asahi Glass Company Japan.

They offer the following:
• Viewing partitions
• Translucent panels
• Reflective glass 
• Monolithic glass
• Glare-reducing glass
• Tempoint
• Flat Glass

Please note that Tempered glass use as a sturdy exterior and interior for buildings due to its impressive impact strength

AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc.
Bo. Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City
Philippines 1600 

Telephone Numbers: 
+63 (2) 641-1981
+63 (2) 641-6129
+63 (2) 642-0262
+63 (2) 641-9923

Fax Numbers: 
+63 (2) 641-1988
+63 (2) 641-9263
E-mail Addresses:

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