Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where to Hire Security Protection Services in the Philippines?

Where to Hire a Bodyguard or Security Guard in Manila?
Going around Manila for business transactions, high profile meetings and lugging around huge amounts of cash would be a safety risk for some and a cause for some level of protection.

Standard uniform for security guards in the Philippines
Photo by Soliman Security Agency

Philippine security agencies usually offer the following services:

• Home & Building Security Services or Perimeter Protection
Security agencies assign their trained and licensed security guards for your business office, residence, factories round the clock (24 hrs). These are armed guards that work in shifts for your security needs. Security guards are equipped with their duly licensed firearm either a caliber .38 revolver or .12 gauge shotgun and a utility belt that contains their flash light, nightstick, two-way radio, handcuffs and small first-aid pouch.

• Security Detail and Close Protection
You may also ask for a special arrangement such as bodyguards properly train to handle large crowds and close protection whenever you are out in public areas. Perfect for high profile people such as celebrities, politicians, diplomats, dignitaries, businessmen, VIPs, visiting families or for someone being stalked; it is understandable for you to acquire such protection. You may request for visibly armed escorts or plain-clothes security escorts.

Security and protective services training in the Philippines
Photo by Globalshield Security Services

Other Services provided by Philippine Security and Protection Agencies:
Whole Year Round (365 days) Protection, Daily & Nightly Inspection of Premises, Weekly Assestment and Monthly Client Coordination, K9 services for Bomb Sniffing and Tracking, Intelligence and Surveillance work, Detectives and Investigation Services.

How much does security service or a bodyguard cost in Manila?
You may call Security agencies for an estimate or bid based on the number of days or hours that you need protection and any of your security concerns (possible kidnapping threats, stalking threats, safety concerns, need for executive VIP style protection). Ask what is included in the cost and what you need to shoulder as an employer - transport, meals and lodgings. You may request for a full package rate or per day rate.

Training of armed escorts and security guards in the Philippines
Photo by Globalshield Security Services

If you need a security detail for a foreign guest, upcoming event or just 24-hour protection at your residence. You may contact the following agencies:

Soliman Security Services
Soliman Centre building 2182 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Phone: +63 (2)892-8881
Fax: +63 (2) 813-8228
E-mail: monitoring@solimansecurity.com

Globalshield Security Services Inc.
Corporate Address:
Unit 2B, Murphy Center, No. 187 Boni Serrano, Murphy, Quezon City
Telephone / Fax No.: +63 (2)439-4452
Email Address: globalshield_inc@yahoo.com

Fast Tech Security Management
Main Office: 508 LGS Building, Cagayan Valley Road, Guiguinto Bulacan
Manila Office: 141-E N.Domingo St., Cubao Quezon City
Tel numbers:
Bulacan: (+63)44-7944760
Smart: (+63)928-5069855
Sun Cell: (+63)922-8427246
Email: info@fasttechsecurity.com


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