Monday, March 14, 2011

Where to Research for Investigatory Science Projects or Thesis in the Philippines?

If you're in high school or in college in the Philippines, the whole researching for a topic on a scientific investigatory project is not far from your list. Students usually need to accomplish a thesis in order to graduate or complete a grade.

How you plan to research for the possible topics would depend on the scope provided by your teacher or thesis adviser. Some teachers would prefer something with a unique spin on it, they would be thrilled if its interesting enough to qualify in any national or international science tilt. But this would require shelling out some money to have someone test your product for an independent verification that will go into your paper. For example, hiring a chemist to test certain components of your material- whether it is effective or viable for production; Hiring a microbiologist or food technician to analyze your samples and cross check your data whether your findings are correct. These lab tests add credibility to your research, the effort takes it a step further than from just being a mere student project. But you don't really need to do this- only if you want to be the exceptional nerd in class :p

If you want to go beyond the usual and boring investigatory projects that involves making yams, jams, paper or soap out of some fruit or leaves, I would like to suggest doing some legwork and going out of your comfort zone to do research in science facilities and local libraries. You may also try digging further into online science catalogs for abstracts.

The Research Facilities for Investigatory Projects:
STII maintains and continuously upgrades its facilities and equipment that include:
• ScINET Data Center equipped with the appropriate equipment and software applications
• Audio visual center
• Library containing 20,000+ titles of multimedia S&T materials (books, serials, theses, non-prints, investigatory projects, R&D technical reports, etc.)

Gen. Santos Ave.
Upper Bicutan
Taguig City
Telephone number: 837-21-91
Libray Services dial local 2133

Take PNR train to the DOST III libray in Bicutan, its the quickest way to get there.

There are online hubs where you can research for abstracts. If you want the whole study/complete paper for your reference then you have to pay for the document with a credit card or paypal purchase.

A List of Investigatory Science Projects can be found at Philippine Journals Online
These are scientific studies that have made their mark locally and internationally. They are worth the read and are thoroughly researched. Some are funded by NGOs, scientific organizations and supported by universities. Just the same, they might spark ideas on how to start your own investigatory project. Please note the techniques they used such as the way they compiled data, compared data from previous known lists and their lab results.

How do I know this is what I want to do?
After doing your research, decide on a material or a species of plant or animal you think is abundant, endemic or accessible enough for you to study. If its growing in your backyard then its a good start.

Then research further into the potential of this plant, animal or method- the common uses for it; the possible uses for it; how to extract fluids, oils or whatever from it. How can the community living around this type of species benefit from it? Without driving the species to extinction, of course.

The structure of an investigatory project in the Philippines:
About the Project
Findings /Course Work

If you guys have suggestions or other research hubs to further improve this post, do leave a comment.


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