Friday, July 22, 2011

Where to Buy Earthworms for Vermicomposting and Organic Gardening in the Philippines?

Biolant BM, a company in Marikina offers worms for home Vermicomposting. If you're into growing your own veggies and enriching your soil through organic methods, here's some basics into the Vermicomposting process. In fact, you can turn your kitchen food waste into rich fertilizer by using worms.

Biolant offers African Nightcrawler earthworms for sale in Manila and vermicomposting starter kits for school science projects or for home use by organic farming ethusiasts.

Pricelist for the worms/wrigglers:
Pick-up price of African Nightcrawler Earthworms
one kilo (1 kg)- Php800.00
one-fourth kilo (1/4 kg)- Php300.00 [minimum order]

For the vermicomposting starter kits, please send an email or SMS for inquiries:

mobile: 0922 236 0905

Bet yah with these red wrigglers your salad's gonna taste better and a lot greener :)


  1. How can be so sure these are really African night crawlers at di lang pinulot kung saan-saan

  2. Oo nga eh.Way too expensive. I purchased my worm kit from Urban Vermicomposting for 600. They have different sizes also. Message or text 09178900543. Ask for extra and they might add a little more for free.

  3. Learn vermicomposting with african nightcrawlers at