Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Manila Mall Kidnapping Attempt Viral on Facebook

Now Viral on Facebook

Parents beware! There are kidnappers on the look out for targets at our malls. This is a post from a local doctor, there was an attempted kidnapping on his son at the mall's gaming area:

Yesterday afternoon, my wife, son and Yaya went to buy some groceries at Puregold, Sucat and while my wife was lining up to pay, Yaya and my son went to the “Funhouse” arcade near the food court. While my son was playing with a video game, a suspicious bald man, around 5’10”, with medium built and decent clothing approached yaya and was instructing her to give a piece of paper to my wife and leave my son with him. Yaya refused to follow his instruction so he insisted by bribing her with money. She continued to refuse with a louder voice which drew attention so the man walked away. She immediately told my wife what happened and when they were about to go home, they saw him exiting the supermarket. Before they could point him out, he got into his car and drove away.

We reported the incident and they allowed us to view their surveillance cams. There we clearly saw that from the time yaya and my son entered the arcade, the man kept following them at a certain distance. Before he approached them, he made a phone call and started to converse with yaya.

Please take extra caution when you’re out with your children. Always keep them close where you can see them…no matter where you are. Beware of kidnappers!


  1. OMG! nakakatakot naman..

  2. Well his face is pretty clear in the images, ID the guy and form an angry mob! its time for an old school lynching!

  3. hope it was reported to the police already so they can start searching the identity of the man.I shared it on my FB so it can go as widespread as possible

  4. there is also an incident in Rockwell. As much as we can,dont bring the kids in the mall and if we cant avoid,always let them be in our sides.

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