Sunday, December 6, 2015

UP Diliman Student Survives itak Attack at AIT-CHK Footbridge

Asian Institute of Tourism and College of Human Kinetics foot bridge was attack by a mentally ill woman with an itak (large bolo or jungle cleaver). Luckily, she had the presence of mind to run away from her attacker. However, she suffered lacerations to her face and hands. Security personnel were quick to apprehend the crazed attacker.

Here's her full story from Facebook:

I almost died today.

At around 1:40 PM, I finished my last final exam for the semester. Apparently, I needed souvenirs. After I crossed the AIT-CHK footbridge from AIT, I called my dad and asked if he could pick me up along his way home. He told me that he'd be out by 3:30 and suggested I just come to his school, since it was closer. To do that, I'd have to cross the footbridge again. As I was ending the call, a mad woman (mad as in angry and mad as in mentally tipped off), shoved and hit me with something heavy and in a white plastic on the left side of my head. All I felt was pain exploding as the other hand clapped on my right ear. She was screaming, "KASALANAN NIYO TO!" and some other words I did not try to recognize. My mind quickly decided to run, instead because she was crazy and retaliating would only cause me more harm than good. She was double my size (in width), so I could outrun her. So I did. All the while I tried to feel my face and wonder where the blood in my hand had come from. I ran inside where there were people and when I realized she stopped, I sat down on the nearest chair I could find. If you're familiar with the CHK area, you'd know that she could definitely see me. One by one, people started to come and ask me what happened and saw me bleeding. They got me ice and into the physical therapy room where I got my wounds cleaned. When I decided to leave, I saw the guard who went after the woman and he informed me that what she had was an itak or large knife in a white plastic.

That was what I was hit with.

I thought it was only a can.

I almost died. What if it wasn't wrapped with plastic? What if she hit me anywhere that would have caused me to be out cold? Would I still be alive? Of course not. No one was there to save me had that happened. There were no SSBs where there should be. I got attacked and chased by a mad woman because no one could see. No one could help. I could have died today, but I didn't. I'm thankful.

I'm thankful that adrenaline kicked in and I ran and didn't fall. I'm thankful that I wasn't knocked out. I'm thankful for the life I was still allowed to have. I'm thankful there were people who helped with first aid and in catching the woman. Im thankful the only open wound was small and found on my left hand. I would especially like to thank UP and it's system and security. Thank you for the souvenirs. Thank you for NEVER being there when needed. Thank you for NEVER saving me and now, at least I could be proud I "saved myself" and never needed help. How's that for a ‪#‎StrongIndependentWoman‬ ? So thanks, UP SSB, for making my last day of this sem utterly horrible.

Oh yeah, thank you, crazy woman for giving me props for this cross-over movie I'm making. ‪#‎scarface‬ ‪#‎livelongandprosper‬

P.S. I'm blaming the security personnel that should have been by the footbridge, SSB. The guards at CHK were helpful in catching the psycho and taking me to PT for first aid.

EDIT: I wasn't on the footbridge itself, I was about to go up when she hit me. I was on the sidewalk (CHK side) that's why I ran to CHK when she attacked.

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