Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Filipino Forums: Pinoy Niche Communities

If you're new in the Philippines and wish to find like-minded enthusiasts of your sport, hobby or profession. Then you may try to visit one of these pinoy forums:

Pinoy Guns

For ammunition and gun ethusiasts in the Philippines. Here you can meet reloading experts, gun pros and people in the defense and protection industry. You'll also find out about gun shops, firing ranges and where to get your gun license. This is as close as you can get to Texas in the PI :p


A forum on weight training and bodybuilding in the Philippines. The forum has announcements and topics on bodybuilding events, coaching, diet, regimen, workout and gyms. Its the best place to ask on how to start bodybuilding and how to get those rock hard abs!

Reef Philippines Forum

For the softies with an intricate  aquatic hobby, this is the forum for you. If you are looking for custom built aquariums for your saltwater fish or how to keep that rare breed of fish you bought in Cartimar alive - well you can try this forum which has very extensive topics like macro algaes, coral care, aquarium supplies, filtration and disease treatments. There might even be a marine biologist on board to answer your questions.

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