Monday, March 22, 2010

Why you should not Swallow Santol Seeds in the Philippines

Santol (Wild Mangosteen) grows abundantly in the summer and it is one of the sweetest things that would remind you of growing up in the Philippines. Santol is a delicately sweet, yet sour fruit commonly used in Filipino dishes like Sinigang.

So when you visit the Philippines, you may try all the tropical fruits such as sampaloc and santol. Do keep in mind when eating santol: Just suck, don't swallow. Santol seeds are deadly.

Eating enough santol seeds can perforate your intestines and kill you. The perforation will let out your bowel wastes into your blood stream. Santol seeds can also cause intestinal obstruction and immediate surgery is required. 

If you accidently swallowed one, make sure to watch your bowels, make sure to poop out the seed. You may try a laxative. If it doesn't pass and you are experiencing pain in your abdomen, go see a doctor.

More Santol Facts:
Santol is known scientifically as Sandoricum koetjape and called wild mangosteen by English speaking countries. It has several other names: gratawn in Thai, kompem reach in Khmer, tong in Lao, donka in Sinhalese, and faux mangoustanier in French. Santol grows from sea level of elevation to a height of 3,000 feet above sea level. It grows better in deep and organic grounds, and with great distribution of rainfall throughout the year, although it tolerates long periods of dry season. The distance of planting from each other is 20 to 25 feet.
Source: This sweet and sour fruit called santol

Here is an offcial advisory from Manila Medical Center:

It's the season of santol. Santol abound in the fruit stands.

Recently, in Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC), we have patients being operated on for obstructions and perforations of the large intestines caused by swallowed santol seeds. Quite a number have died because of late presentation. The same situation is being encountered in other hospitals. 

We, the surgical staff of OMMC, feel the mortality and morbidity associated with santol seed swallowing have reached a magnitude to consider the practice of swallowing santol seeds a public health problem.

We feel this public health problem with its potential for premature death is totally preventable by simply NOT swallowing santol seeds.

Thus, this notice of concern and advisory.

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