Thursday, January 1, 2009

Do native born filipinos still prefer light skin?

I'm just wondering. I'm an American born pinay and growing up I noticed in our culture that filipinos (native born ones anyway) always avoided getting in the sun, getting tanned, etc. But within the past 10-20 yrs with the internet and global media outlets, has that changed Philippine society's views on skin color? Meaning-now that we're a more global society and since Filipinos (in my opinion) want SO much to be like American society (as evidenced by watching TFC, ABS-CBN, and tagalog movies in general), has that changed their own views on their skin color as well?

Echoes of colonization, whites being masters over us indios, the brown skin ones. That pro-white sensibility and high regard for the mestiza lingers on as we can see with the choice of celebrities, reyna elenas, etc. If you are light skin, it shows you belong to the lineage of the illustrados, or simply it says you are rich enough or famous enough to overdose on gluta pills. Notice the artificiality of skin tone and uneven neckline tones with some pinays just to achieve this light skin.

Its also the media campaigns that promote this, if you check the local supermarket there is a lack of tanning lotions and a ton of whitening creams. Plus the mushrooming cosmetic industry that promises peels and demelanization.

It takes a certain amount of confidence to love your skin tone nowadays, but I like it that most ilocanas can pull it off. Their natural tans are simply gorgeous!

Not all pinays care about skin tone, some focus more on hygiene and clear skin or zero acne. But if you want a general answer- its yes, the average pinay has a whitening cream on the go in her purse and night stand. Not to mentioned stocks of papaya soaps. Plus gluta pills along with her vitamin A.

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  1. This is very accurate. Even myself buys a lot of whitening products. Having a fair or whiter skin looks clean, attractive or something like that. But thats not it. Lot of filipinas have very good beauty with their tan skin.

    It's true that lots of celebrities transform from not so clear skin into very clear skin. Lots of different medicines, pills, or even soaps that are made to whiten are sold in every shops.