Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bianca Manalo Makati kung Makati ang P

Bianca Manalo itchy with the yeastie? A photo of Bianca Manalo supposedly scratching her lady parts on the set of "Happy Yipee Yehey" is going viral on Facebook. Nothing scandalous about it, in fact, its just plain silly.

Freeze frame and you get a celeb in a compromising and awkward position, like Bianca Manalo in the photo where she could just be adjusting her shorts. She could have felt the discomfort of a panty wedgie, a panty floss- who knows maybe an ant even crawled way up there? Bianca Manalo makati raw ang pepe? Geez, I'm sure Bianca practices good feminine hygiene and keeps it fresh and for sure doesn't scratch and sniff in public. Anyways, girl's gotta do her biz wherever it's at!

Kuya does a Bianca Manalo!

On a side note, freeze frame and you got a still image of Katrina Halili farting her ass off at Mark Herras. Ututan time!

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