Saturday, February 4, 2012

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine Cover and Baktong Photos

Nothing like a break-up to fuel ang unang pagwawala ni KC Concepcion! At sino ang WINNER sa isyung ito- Zino pah, e di BUONG BAYAN! Thank you Piolo Pascual for breaking her heart, isa kang tunay na lalaki! :p

KC Concepcion Bakat Utong shot: Classic/straightforward/leaves nothing to the imagination

Who went crazy with the bronzer?

Not so flattering shot: Kita ang Mega hips ni KC Concepcion

Ang motivation mo sa shot na ito ateh isdat u make love to the door, okay?

Doing a Miley Cyrus bah ateh? alam ba ni Annie Leibovitz yan? Well... anusabi ni Ateh Shawie teh?

KC and Coco the Python on that now iconic Rogue Magazine cover. This isyu is available in news stands and makes a good read while pooping. Aprub si Ka Kiko dito!


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