Sunday, April 22, 2012

Call Center Agent Steals Model's Identity on Facebook

A Call Center agent was arrested in a sting operation at Western Union, after she was caught receiving money from an Australian man she conned through the social networking site Facebook. The suspect, call center agent- Louella Tan, created a fake Facebook account using photographs of Fil-Norwegian model Janka Cederstam.

Si ateh feel na feel bah maging model... we can all look sexy on Facebook! :p

Cederstam filed a complaint with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) against the identity thief. Tan was arrested by the NBI Technical Investigation Division while she was collecting the money sent by the Australian.

“Nag-create siya ng new account, binago ang name pero pinalitaw na same person. Dahil maganda ang nasa picture, maraming nag-add as friends. Eventually had a relationship with this Australian national. ‘Yung Australian national naman, believing na may online relationship sila, was enticed to send money via Western Union dito sa Pilipinas,” said Palmer Mallari, chief of the NIB’s Technical Investigation Division.

More on the case on ABS-CBN news site and

Statement from Janka Cederstam's Facebook about the identity theft case:
Finally got some justice done! Finally caught the poser, played by the name of Jen Matheson (her real name is Louela Tan). Stealing pictures from people and using them to get money from men is a CRIME, it's called Identity Theft; It puts mine and my family's reputation at stake! I'll start deleting 'friends' on FB, will just keep those I'm actually close to as I see my photos on different websites even though it is set on private. To all the posers out there, stop doing what you're doing because you will get caught and brought to JAIL, just like this chick who we tracked for 3 and a half weeks now. Tomorrow we are going to court and finally getting this overwith..


  1. That was a very bad thing.I really really hate scam and that is good thing they already caught it.

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