Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AMALAYER! Paula Jamie Salvosa

Laban ka sa Ingles ni ateh!? Best LRT Meltdown ever!!

Here's the complete transcript of the LRT outburst:

So loud you're making me look like a liar!
Amalayer! So you're telling me amalayer!!? Answer me amlayer!? 

Sorry po, sorry, sorry You really shouted at me!!! Ateh may pinag-aralan akong tao!
I'm just returning the favor...

No, no, no, alam mo ba kung paano mo ako tinanong? Paano mo ako tinanong?
Sabi mo 'Ate ano bang problem mo?' Did I Oh my gawd, she's a liar! Ohmygaaawd you're a frickin' liar Miss!

Manong Guard: Calm Down! Calm down! 

Miss Amlayer: Anu sabi mo 'ano bang problem ko?' Bullshit! 

Paula Jamie Salvosa should really be banned from taking the LRT for life. LOL. This little amlayer had it coming, the LRT ladyguard should get a lawyer. Jusme. Miss Amalayer has anger management issues.Kinabog mo na sa pagka-palengkera si Marian Rivera!

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