Tuesday, November 27, 2012

George Anikow Murder Suspects Photos Released by Philippine Police

UPDATE on the George Anikow Murder Case as of November 27, 2012:

The 4 suspects have refused a drug test. Their lawyers were adamant about it. Makati Police have finally released photos of the suspects .

Crispin Dela Paz

Gino Datu III or Galicano Datu III

Osric Cabrera was the stylish one wearing a dinner jacket as seen on the CCTV footage

Osric Cabrera's Dad: Still in Denial about his son's involvement
George Anikow lies fighting for his life. Also on the photo is the security guard who was unable to stop the fight, but was quick enough to radio for help and a road block set up.


Alfonso Abastillas was the main assailant with the knife who stabbed Anikow in the back and neck.
Crispin Dela Paz and Alfonso Abastillas


  1. Five lives wasted. Was it worth it? Merry Christmas!

  2. These guys created their destinies, and that is, to suffer life in jail..