Thursday, January 17, 2013

Twitter Kabit Wars: Cousins Geneva Cruz and Sunshine Cruz Make Sugod Krista Miller

Cesar Montano has a new alleged mistress named Krista Miller according to his wifey Sunshine Cruz and her 'anak ng Pasig' cousin Geneva Cruz. Thank you to for breaking the news!

Since Filipinas love the age old tradition of publicly attacking and verbally abusing the mistress at the mall, MRT, palengke, etc. Its just a matter of time celebs get into a flaming Twitter war with their hub's latest hot fling.

Juicy Bits of the Cesar Montano-Krista Miller Scandal:

Cesar Montano is a having an affair with a nobody by the name of Krista Miller according Geneva Cruz via Twitter.

The affair was found out confirmed through the kids of Sunshine Cruz because Krista Miller was always hovering around Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz demands that Krista Miller return the brand new iPhone 5 given by Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz also uploaded pics of Krista Miller on her Instagram account.

Krista Miller VS. Geneva Cruz

Winner sa hirit si Geneva Cruz:

"You are so insensitive. What are you a non-living thing? Purchase your own husband! Get off my cousin's. It's never too late to change."
Grade 1 Science bah ang labanan? Malamang si Krista ay hindi lang kabit o non living thing kung di solid, liquid o gas? LOL

So ano sagot ni Krista Miller -"But he was the 1 that chased me!"
Chos! Palaban! Parang si Krista Ranillo ka lang 'teh!

Cesar Montano likes to recycle gifts. He gave Krista Miller an Abercombie and Fitch men's shirt which was gift from Sunshine Cruz, a box of chocolate from Sunshine's sister and Sunshine's iPhone 5. Uber kuripot loloh mo!

ABSCBN Talent Krista Miller whose real name Kristalyn Engle was part of Cesar Montano's last movie . 


  1. ang galing ni idol...ang tulis!!!
    o ayan sunshine...di bumalik sa iyo ang karma..

    1. ay siguro kabit ka din, agree na agree ka kasi sa pinangagawa nong guy!!!!karma pa, kawawa na nga yong asawa!!!!

  2. check it out..

  3. i just googled her name, and what a transformation! I was like OMG!!!

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