Thursday, January 17, 2013

MMDA: Deceiving Road Signs on EDSA Santolan UTurn Slot

Taken from the FB page of Mr. Bel Sayson. Public Service lang po, drivers need to know about this and also FYI MMDA is doing something about already. Thank God for Social Media:

On your way to Greenhills/La Salle via northbound EDSA? If you plan to take the U-turn under B. Serrano Avenue (near Camp Crame), be careful. As you can see in the photos, the EDSA road signs leading to the U-turn say that ALL private vehicles are ALLOWED to take the U-turn that will take them to southbound EDSA leading to Greenhills and La Salle. 

But the truth is this is only allowed from 5:00PM to 6:00AM only. See the big blank green paint under “U Turn Allowed”? They painted the sign “Only from 5:00PM to 6:00AM” using a similar shade of GREEN color too to confuse the motorists! By the time you enter the lane, it’s too late and that’s the only time you can visibly read the allowed time period. By then, MMDA personnel are just waiting for you under the bridge to flag you down.

This has been going on for months with private vehicles as victims. The simple solution is just to replace the signs.

But MMDA has taken action via Twitter regarding the EDSA signage:

From MMDA Facebook page: Regarding the post going around about confusing signage at EDSA Santolan Uturn slot and MMDA enforcers allegedly preying on motorists in that area, the matter has been forwarded to both EDSA enforcement heads and to Traffic Engineering Center. The signages will be modified to relay a clearer message. 

Now at any time of the day you can make a u-turn goin' south bound.

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