Monday, June 24, 2013

James Yap Girlfriend: Italian Blonde Hotter than Kris Aquino is now in the Philippines

What do we know about James Yap girlfriend?
  • Her name hasn't been publicly revealed yet.
  • She works at a bank in Italy.
  • Wala siyang STD.
  • Nasa Pinas siya ngayon with James.

James Yap deserves to be happy after all the shit he went through with Kris Aquino. Hope he finds happiness with this mystery blonde.

According to a Ricky Lo insider the rumored James Yap girlfriend ay - "Hindi siya maarte. She’s very simple. She’s supportive of James. She even goes with James when he has his car washed.”

In other words, maaasahan si ateh from the land of spaghetti at hindi ito mag-iinarte gaya ng ex wifey ni James.Si Kris as expected gumawa ng isyu about Bimby on Father’s Day kesyo ala si James. Oh well, that's Kris Aquino for ya.

Last May 21, Judge Liza Marie Pecardal-Tecson of Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 144 restored James Yap’s right to see Bimby after denying the permanent protection order sought by Kris Aquino against him in behalf of their son.

Good for James Yap.

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