Monday, June 3, 2013

Raymond Gutierrez Boyfriend: May Jowa ang Kakambal ni Richard Gutierrez

Thank you Charice for paving the way for other gay celebrities to come out. As you all know, the first few steps of Charice's coming out was when photos of her with her girlfriend came out.

Now it seems Raymond Gutierrez is going the same route. Photos of  Raymond Gutierrez boyfriend are circulating on social media, but these are just rumors and there's no truth to them yet (everything's open to speculation).

These photos from Fashionpulis, show Raymond Gutierrez with a handsome looking fella. Social media is quick to dub that this guy is allegedly Raymond Gutierrez boyfriend.

But what would Anabelle Rama say to rumors about  Raymond Gutierrez having a jowa. A pogi one at that!

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