Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tagbilaran Bohol Murder-Suicide: Businessman James Co Shoots Wife and Kids Then Burns Everything

Due to the bankruptcy of his lending business, a very distressed businessman shot his wife and children then proceeded to set them on fire. He then boarded the car and shot himself using his 9 mm pistol.

The burning car caught the attention of the residents, where they discovered the victims' charred remains which included Co's 10 and 5 year-old sons. The businessman left a suicide note and contacts to a funeral home where he had pre-arranged their burials.

"I am happy to die with my family," read a portion of his suicide note.

According to the Bohol Chronicle, the businessman was the owner of the company called Tagbilaran General Merchandise (TGM). He was also known as a patron of basketball teams in the Bohol. After his merchandising firm went broke, he ventured into lending which also failed.


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