Friday, January 24, 2014

Vhong Navarro Bugbog Sarado sa Isang Condo sa Fort Bonifacio Global City

Vhong Navarro was invited by a lady friend to her condo in BGC (possibly to hook-up) which ended up with the actor getting beaten, bound and extorted for money by the girl's boyfriend and thug friends.

Dahil raw may masamang intention ang mga thugs in the first place??? Another version going viral is that Vhong Navarro was caught by the 'boyfriend' of his lady friend and went crazy jealous beating the shit outta him. But all is just speculation po.

Vhong Navarro will be undergoing surgery for his injuries and won't be appearing on Showtime any time soon. Hope Vhong Navarro recovers from this unfortunate incident and the attackers get arrested :(

1 comment:

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