Friday, April 10, 2015

Milk Tea Poisoning in 3 Minutes: Kills 2 in Sampaloc, Manila

Two people died at the ErgoCha Milk Tea shop in Bustillos St. Sampaloc, Manila after drinking milk tea. Apparently, the victims Suzaine Dagohoy, and her boyfriend Arnold Aydalla were the first customers for the day, ordering the first batch of milk tea that turned out to be poisonous.


After tasting their teas, the couple complained to the owner about the strange taste of the beverage, the owner Wiliam Abrigo then also tasted the tea prepared. Within minutes, both the customers and store owner fainted. All three were rushed to the Ospital ng Sampaloc, but only Aydalla survived. Abrigo and Dagohoy were dead on arrival.

According to Dr. Benjamin Yson, the head of the city health department of Manila that thhose who suffered from poor sanitation or poor food preparation usually experienced diarrhea, vomiting, chills and an upset stomac. These circumstances were absent in milk tea case. It happened too fast, too quick and too fatal.

The Manila Police District has a sample of the milk tea drink, which they sent to the Food and Drug Administration for testing. Dagohoy and Abrigo's bodies are also undergoing autopsy at the PNP Crime Laboratory.

The incident brings to mind a milk tea poisoning incident in Ilo-Ilo City.

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