Monday, February 1, 2016

Cyrill Tan, CN Tan - Charlie Sparks: A Sorcerer's Tale Author Has Passed Away

Facebook has a way of reaching people, for now its all rumors, there's no official confirmation on the author's social media sites.  

CN Tan, real name Cyrill Tan, the beloved Young Adult fiction author from the Philippines has supposedly passed from Pneumonia. He is the Charlie Sparks: A Sorcerer's Tale Author, this YA book is a popular read among Filipino teens. He does book tours and talks at local schools. So can anyone confirm is this true? Because this is TRULY SAD to hear :( Way too young and way too talented. I hope this is a hoax.

Unfortunately, it is true. 

Hope we could all share a prayer or keep his work going, let young readers know it is worth reading, by sharing word about his book, Charlie Sparks: A Sorcerer's Tale.

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