Monday, February 22, 2016

Poging Carrot Man from Bontoc Goes Viral: Gwapo Sightings sa Philippines

A tourist spotted a good looking Carrot Man at a vegetable farm in Bauko Mountain.Province .

The hardworking vegetable hauler has the hot looks, good enough for showbiz.

 His name is  Jeyrick Sigmaton. He studied at the University of the Cordilleras.

He works hard for his family. He's not married, but he loves his nieces and nephews!
 He does look a bit like Dao Ming Si from Meteor Garden. Pero wala ng tatalo pa sa poging masipag kumayod.

Kung may forever, dito ka na sa guapo na hard working pa!

Grabe talaga ang sipag! All in a day's work in a carrot farm.

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  1. correction po hindi po siya taga Bontoc.He is from Ogo-og(Kadaklan),Barlig ,Mountain Province.