Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Globe Tattoo: A Loyal Customer Gets Angry

A Globe subscriber reaches her limit. No replies from Customer service~ she's emailing bloggers for help on her case. Posting this ~ taken from the Globe Facebook page

Hi Globe, I've been a loyal customer of over 8 years -- I have 4 postpaid lines 2 mobile, two internet (1 ipad line + 1 tatoo plan 1299). I am saying all these to let you know that I deserve better service than what I am currently getting. My tatoo plan 24-month lock-up period expired last month, so I called the Retention Dept to request permanent disconnection. Unfortunately, I was advised that my lock-up period is extended to February 2013 because there were several months that my Tatoo was temporarily disconnected (DUE to VERY SLOW service of Globe MarketMarket!-- that they could not fix my unit). For several times I brought my unit to Globe Market Market because my internet was super slow, they tested it and confirmed that the speed was awful --and they were fixing my Tatoo for months! In short it was not my fault if the line was temporarily disconnected, as obviously it was Globe's fault! And now they have the liberty to extend my lock-up period? If I will proceed with disconnection now --I need to pay disconnection fees + admin fees, etc! Ridiculous!  Okay, here's my reference number as given by the Retention Dept --52007563. Can you guys let me know if I deserve this kind of service?


  1. Certainly m'am u don't deserve that specially ur with Globe for over 8 looooong years! U must be patient otherwise u couldn't stay that long with a crappy service!

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