Thursday, November 21, 2013

Grace Acojedo: Typhoon Yolanda Survivor Still Struggling with her Injuries

When Typhoon Yolanda struck Ormoc, Grace Acojedo was crushed by debris inside her home.

She was able to get medical attention, but spent the first four days after the typhoon in incredible pain.

Her fiance in Canada, Houssam came flew to the Philippines to find Grace and did everything he could to transfer Grace to a hospital in Cebu.

Grace suffered the following:

  • Critical Eye trauma
  • Lacerations on her face due to flying glass which causes swelling 
  • Broken ulna and wrist (bone surgery with metal implant was needed)
  • Very badly hit ribs
  • Big infection on the leg that was not properly stitched (now they are putting antibiotic directly to the wound to take out the swelling and therefore restitch the wound correctly). They want to avoid that the bacteria access the blood vessels. She is plugged with IV.
  • All her front teeth need to be replaced 

Friends have put up a Facebook page for Grace. Those willing to donate for her recovery please visit Operation Saving Grace

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