Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda Photos: The Situation in Tacloban as Posted on Facebook by Filipino Survivors

These are Typhoon Yolanda photos - the aftermath of the typhoon. The first thing relatives uploaded once they found any signal working on their phones. These photos are unconfirmed, but they have been making the rounds of local FB feeds. I'm also sharing whatever I've gathered through friends and relatives and how they are coping out there. Hope it gets better :(

From Michael Figueroa Arteche FB Page:
Situation in Tacloban for the past 2-3 days as related to my brother. Hope this ends as PNoy has declared a State of Emergency in Tacloban this morning.

Dearest family

I received very sad news about the situation in Tacloban as told to me by cousin Jojo Remigio, who lives in Catbalogan City. Here is a second-hand story:

They left Catbalogan at 9am yesterday & reached San Juanico bridge by 2pm. Along the road were littered trees & some bodies, traffic was so slow because of toppled power lines & literally, debris from wrecked houses. From the bridge, they reached Tacloban City proper at 11pm, a full nine hours on an 8 km highway! This time, more bodies, human corpses, animal carcasses littered the side streets. The stench is so gut-wrenchingly smell na 'mabahobahuan' hin duro, even sitting with an double-face mask inside the air-conditioned pick-up, the smell permeated. ...

At times, they had to stop & get off....the moment they stepped out, they vomit because the super obnoxious smell of flesh decay. Sadly, there are no government teams picking up the dead corpses from the sidewalks. Because it was so dark, he believed he even stepped on a half human body run over by vehicles & sent him back to his pick-up.

Looters are having their night & day as there are literally no policeman or law enforcement in the downtown or anywhere. Stores are being emptied. His wife, who manages Mercury Drug, saw their store emptied of all goods, even the vault, was not spared! Atm machines and vendos are being destroyed. They think syndicated looters are on the loose as some 'establishment are being marked in their gates & doors, that they have food & can be forcibly taken. Anarchy & chaos is rising, especially at night, where it is so dark.

Your money has no value. there is nothing to buy. No stores, not even a biscuit to buy, No candles, no extra batteries, no petrol, no when darkness comes, feeling is so awful. It seems Tacloban has turned to zombie land. God help us.

It will take months before Tacloban can 'tindog' properly. Power restoration will be very slow. The petrol depot in Tacloban sustained damage & the supply is already gone. There are long lines already in Catbalogan, yet, they also depend from Tacloban's depot. I hope the USA Navy relief team (as told in the news) comes soon as well as food supplies from the government.

It is suggested that if you have relatives in Tacloban, especially the old people & the children, please pull them out of the city, transfer them to Manila, Cebu or neighboring cities, because it will be unhealthy to live in the city for the next few months. I am so sorry for this news, but this is reality. When I asked Jojo about our Arteche relatives, he said, he had no way of knowing as it was midnight when he got there. He's now back in Catbalogan, arrived 8am.

God help Tacloban. Sr. Sto Nino ayaw kami bulagi, kalooyi kami! Let us keep on praying for them.

love to all,

Friends and relatives of officemates have taken the first flight out to Cebu just to find a way back to Tacloban, Leyte (mostly likely on foot if the roads are not passable) They are bringing in food and clothes for their loved ones. Problem is on the way there, people who are hungry and on survival mode will try to take whatever food you have with you. This is as bad as any situation gets.

And even in these unbelievably sad times, there are heroes like this young man who never left his mom's side til the end. And a young girl impaled by wood splinters during the height of the storm who told her mother to let go.

Uploaded by residents from Tanauan Leyte

What was once a house in Bislig, Tanauan Leyte


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