Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pamana the Philippine Eagle Shot Dead in Davao Oriental

Pamana the Philippine Eagle, the symbol of Philippine Independence was shot dead in Davao Oriental.

The report said a small fragment of a gun pellet, possibly from an airgun, measuring approximately 5mm x 3mm, was removed from a 5mm puncture wound on Pamana's skin overlapping the right latero-ventral thoracic area on or near the breast/ keel bone.

Pamana's blue leg band (#40) was still attached to her left leg and her GPS and radio transmitters were still attached to her body.

Pamana was rescued 3 years ago as an eaglet surviving two gunshot wounds in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. She made an amazing recovery.

Pamana the Philippine Eagle that was released into the wild last June 12 by the PEF and the government of Davao Oriental province to commemorate the 117th celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

When Pamana's global positioning system (GPS) transmitter went into a "mortality mode"  on August 10 meaning the endangered animal ws no longer moving around. Immediately, the the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) readily went out to search for Pamana.

Pamana in Tagalog means 'Heritage' or something of great value that is passed down to generations. At this rate, future generations of Filipinos might not even see a Philippine Eagle anymore. There are only a handful remaining.

RIP Pamana! This just way too sad :(

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